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Frog Spirit and Toad Totem, Symbolism, Meaning

Written by : Posted on November 25, 2012 : 3 Comments

Frog totem and meaningFrog Spirit Symbols:

Transformation, Cleansing, Healing, New Life, Hidden Beauty, Adaptability, Luck, Power, Peace, spirit, totem, animal


Frog Totem and Toad Spirit Meaning:

Because the frog lives in water, it is linked closely with the element of water and rain. However, toads spend the majority of their lives outside of water, and have less of a connection to water and emotions. Frog and Toad people feel the best during Spring and Summer when their energy is highest. If frog or toad totem has recently entered your life, consider the following points:

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Cat Symbolism, Meaning, and Totem

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Symbolism of the Cat - Animal TotemsCat Spirit Symbol:

Independence, Spiritual Power, Freedom, Mystery, Magic, Guardianship, Sensuality, Secrets, Curiosity, spirit, totem, animal, symbol


Cat Totem Message and Meaning:

Cat is one of the most mysterious and magical totem animals. If your totem is a cat spirit or if you have seen a cat cross your path recently, you will want to ask yourself these questions:

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Tiger Spirit Animal Meaning, Symbol, and Totem

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tiger totem

Tiger Spirit Animal Symbols:

Passion, Power, Devotion, Independence, Strength, Focus, Perseverance, Courage, Willpower, Sensuality, Ferocity, Confidence, Camouflage, Silence, Solitude, Determination, Energy, Spirit, Totem

Tiger Spirit Totem Meaning:

The spirit of tiger brings with it many different meanings and symbols. If the tiger spirit totem has stalked into your life take a moment to stop and reflect on some of the following tiger spirit animal messages.

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Rabbit, Bunny, and Hare Symbolism, Totem, and Meaning

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Symbolism and totem information of the rabbitRabbit Spirit Symbols:

Fear, reproduction, abundance, fertility, humility, quick-thinking, rebirth, releasing of fears, luck.

Rabbit Message/Meaning/Medicine:

Ask yourself the following questions if rabbit has suddenly appeared in your life:

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