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Monkey Meaning and Symbolism – Totem Animal

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monkey symbolism imageWhat is the symbol of the monkey totem?

Fun, charm, high spirit, energetic, curiosity, unpredictability.

Monkey Meaning – Symbolism of the Monkey Totem

What is the meaning of monkey symbolism? Find out what symbol the monkey spirit animal is trying to teach you.

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Dragonfly Symbolism – Totem Meaning

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Symbolsim of the dragonflyDragonfly Totem Animal Symbolism:

Carefree, imagination, higher aspirations, avoidance, dreams, illusions, transformation, emotion, maneuverability, whimsical, perception, elusiveness

Dragonfly Symbolism Meanings:

Emotion/Whimsy: Have you found yourself being carried by the currents of your emotions? Are you changing your mind frequently and having difficulty being consistent? The dragonfly spirit is symbolism of both water and air. This symbolizes a great influence of emotion and capriciousness. If you’ve encountered a dragonfly the meaning is that you may need to reign in your emotions, get some fresh air, spend some time in the sun near a body of water, and look for a new perspective.

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Dolphin Meaning and Symbolism | Spirit Animal

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dolphin symbolism and meaningDolphin Spirit Animal Symbolism

Communication, intelligence, emotion, harmony, spirit.


Dolphin Totem Animal Meaning

Dolphin symbolism is filled with positivity and joyful spirit.  If the this totem animal has recently entered your life, you must discover its meaning.

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Spider Spirit Totem Animal | Symbolism and Meaning

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Spider Spirit Symbols:

Creativity, Fate, Destiny, Balance, Wisdom, Communication, Interconnectedness, Responsibility, Infinity, Possibilities, Inspiration, the past and future, Caution, Planning, Industriousness, Design, Artistry

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Horse Spirit Totem Animal

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image of the horse totem animalHorse Spirit Animal Symbols:

Travel, power, freedom, wisdom, spirit, change.

Horse Totem Animal Meaning:

Read this section if the horse totem or spirit has recently entered your life in a meaningful way.

Have you embarked on a new journey or made big changes in your life? Horse totem symbolizes change, and if the spirit of the horse has entered your heart, it may be there to help you on your new adventures. This totem animal reminds us to keep moving ahead in our lives and reaching our goals.

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Shark Spirit Totem Animal

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shark totem and meaningShark Spirit Animal Symbols:

Energy, motion, primal instinct, survival, power, mystery, truth, confidence, spirit.


Shark Totem Animal Meaning:

Shark spirit is a very mysterious and powerful animal totem. Its symbolism urges us to search deep within the core of our being in order to find our true selves and true motivations. Consider the following if shark spirit has entered your life.

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