Alligator Spirit Meaning, Symbols, and Totem

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Alligator/Crocodile Spirit Symbols:

wisdom, survival, subtly, instinct, primal energy, patience, determination


These powerful predators and power animals slumber in the shade and wait patiently in the shallows, they hold within them a wisdom borne through millennia. This totem teaches those who observe its strength and symbols: patience, perception, subtlety, meditative restoration, and ferocity. This spirit animal is an ancient keeper of knowledge, and a gentle mother who breathes both life and death into the world.


This totem often slumbers in a meditative trance for days, weeks, or even months at a time, consider the wisdom inherent in deep meditation and introspection. Also, consider how spiritually intact you are, these powerful spirit animals can go months, even up to a year, without a meal! This communicates a wholeness of spirit and body that is very important. When a Crocodile or Alligator shows up look for an opportunity connect with a deeper part of yourself, to remember the instinctual energy and primal force from which we are all born. Also, as these totems are keepers of knowledge and wisdom, remain open to new thoughts, insights, and ideas.


Alligator/Crocodile People:


People with  these powerful spirit animals as their totems are often assertive, calm, and confident. This confidence however does not translate into brazen displays, unnecessary force, or boastfulness. Instead, it is more of a quiet reservation, a subtle and patient energy that communicates strength and knowing. These power animals are often feared and with good reason, they are the hardest biters on the planet. But when unprovoked, these reptiles are usually indifferent to human presence even at a close distance, and even when provoked this spirit often remains calm. It is important for people with these totems to remain active, do not stagnate or laze about too long after satisfying experiences. Do take your time to ruminate and consider the implications of your thoughts and actions and extract wisdom from both success and failures. Even in you’re feeling good, don’t ignore that juicy opportunity just waiting for you a short swim away.

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  1. I just had an alligator move into the lake right out side of the balcony of my home. I believe in the significance of spirit animals. I enjoyed this article explaining the symbolism of an alligator. Thanks!

  2. Lillium on said:

    You can’t tell a person the way they should “Be” If they are already this way. It’s like trying to get a donkey to water when it isn’t thirsty.

  3. I was scrying and was asked to visualize going into a cave and finding an animal that was going to be your guide. I went into the cave and there was an alligator standing on his back two legs smiling at me. I went back outside the cave and reentered thinking that something else would be there but he was still there smiling at me. Ok I told myself go with it. It was a very interesting experience.