Double Rainbow Meaning Spiritually


A rainbow is a beautiful phenomenon that we, as children, love to appreciate. Everybody would admire when they see a rainbow in the middle of a hectic day.

A rainbow does not occur often. It occurs only in specific conditions, and that makes it unique. Usually, when we spot a rainbow, we are filled with warmth, and our day is filled with colors and splendor. Along with a treat to watch, it is the symbol of the Gay Pride.

A double rainbow is a beautiful phenomenon that is auspicious. It is believed to be a symbol or sign of transformation and a promising future in Eastern countries.

Also, there are two rainbows seen one above another. The 1st arc that is visible is meant to represent the world of material objects, and the 2nd arc is intended to signify the more subtle and spiritual world.


How Does A Double Rainbow Form?

Unlike the regular rainbow we see, a double rainbow is the result of an optical illusion. The light from the rays of the sun enters into a drop of rain. The light forms 2 reflections internally and then exit the drop.


Spiritual Importance of the Double Rainbow


Double Rainbow


Most of the wonders happening in and around the world are associated with mythology. Every aspect symbolizes mythological and spiritual shreds of evidence.

Here are some of the associations of the double rainbow to the beliefs and mythology.


Chinese Mythology and The Double Rainbow

It is believed in Chinese mythology that the head is represented by the color violet and the feet by the color red. Therefore, a single rainbow looks like and symbolizes a human being descending from heaven to the Earth.

But in a double rainbow, as the colors are reversed, it represents man's movement from the Earth to heaven. This is believed to signify success in the future.


Biblical Symbolism of The Double Rainbow

Books like Exodus, Genesis, Revelation, and Ezekiel have referred to Double rainbows. It has been cited in the Holy Bible as a symbol or sign. It justifies that, in the end, all material things are His glory and not ours.

Hence, we are urged to keep faith in Him and search for our true purpose.


The Story of Noah’s Ark and The Double Rainbow

In the Holy Bible, there is a story about the Great flood. During this flood, it was raining for 40 days, and the whole Earth was flooded. Therefore, Noah built an ark in which he took pairs of each kind of animal with his own family to protect them from the flood.

After the flood, everyone returned outside Ark. This was when Noah witnessed the rainbow. It was believed to be a promise from God himself. The confirmation from God that everything will be well after that, and there will be no more flooding. Hence the double rainbow is believed to be a sign of relief.


Buddhism and The Double Rainbow

It is believed in Buddhism that the body's energy rises when a person ascends in his spiritual journey. As this spiritual progression continues to occur, there comes the point when the physical entity or body transcends to form a rainbow.

This can occur when the person is in a deeply spiritual state. The enlightened soul can manifest into any form they want.

In addition to this, it is said that the Buddha acquired the ‘rainbow body of the ascension.'


Double Rainbow Significance in Love

The famous singer Katy Perry talks about how a double rainbow is extremely hard to find and witness. According to a native American saying, it is a sign you will meet your soulmate soon if you witness a Double Rainbow.

In the search for love, the Double Rainbow is an assurance from the Universe that you are on the right path.


Irish Pot of Gold

According to an old myth, there is a Leprechaun’s pot of gold at the rainbow’s end. According to this myth, fairies have hidden a pot of gold in every rainbow's end and have asked Leprechauns to guard it.


Feng Shui And the Double Rainbow

According to Feng Shui, when you view a double rainbow, it signifies that everything on its way to you has immense meaning and good things are about to happen. The double rainbow is believed to be a sign from above that great life-changing things are about to happen to you.

It is also believed in Asian cultures that a double rainbow signifies that prosperity is on the way.


The Norse Mythology and The Double Rainbow

According to Norse mythology, a double rainbow signifies the bridge present between the Earth and heaven.


A Spiritual Take on The Double Rainbow



Many people on Earth do not realize that we are connected with the Earth. From a purely spiritual perspective, a double rainbow indicates transformation and new beginnings. A double rainbow represents the magical energy of peace, prosperity, sacredness, success, and abundance.

A double rainbow presents a chance to grow, evolve, and discover yourself in the path of your highest good. Unlike the regular rainbow, in a double rainbow, since there are two arcs, it represents the union of Earth and heaven. When one sees a double rainbow, it is taken as a ‘sign' from the Universe.


So, What Does the Universe Mean When You See A Double Rainbow?

It simply means the Universe is asking you to follow what your heart is telling you by being in alignment with your highest self. It is possible that you have been entangled in worldly things and forgotten to listen to your intuition. Thus, your life-purpose is strongly associated with the double rainbow.

The Universe may also be conveying that good news is on the way to you.



As we have spoken about a double rainbow's mythological and spiritual symbolism, what it means to you is specific to you. Various cultures believe in different meanings of the Double rainbow. But if you are a believer in signs from the Universe, you will realize the importance of the double rainbow.

It signifies positivity and the incoming of abundance in your life. Next time you see a double rainbow, we hope you realize the Universe is talking to you and not take it for granted!

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