Fox Spirit Meaning, Symbols, and Totem

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Fox Spirit Symbols:

Cleverness, Cunning, Intelligence, Observation, Stealth, Camouflage, Invisibility, Diplomacy, Deception, Persistence, Patience, Swiftness, Adaptation, Wisdom, Healing, Unpredictability, Creation

Fox Meaning and Medicine:

The spirit of Fox brings with it many different meanings. If the Fox totem has snuck into your life recently take a moment to stop and reflect on some of the following messages:

  • Camouflage, Observation: Have you recently attracted unwanted attention, have you become disorganized and indecisive? The most prominent characteristic of the fox guide is its ability to become one with its environment. If you’ve stepped into the middle of an argument or difficult situation it may be time to reduce your presence and role in the confrontation. Step back and evaluate the situation from a distance, be silent and observe the minor details. You’ll soon find that pressing into these matters creates resistance, the details should reveal a more subtle route of influence, take it, and you’ll find success.
  • Persistence, Patience: Is the solution to a problem evading you, have you rushed into an important decision? Fox spirit is the grand problem solver, this totem’s appearance in your life carries great meaning. The spirit will guide you to solitude and silence until the way out is shown. Like a fox breaking into a chicken coop hit the problem from every angle. Failing that, sit back and wait. Wise old fox spirits will often lay unmoving for hours, playing dead. Curious scavengers that come to investigate find themselves a nasty surprise. The meaning here is that a healthy combination of persistence and patience will strike a balance that picks apart a problem until it is solved.
  • Diplomacy, Deception: Is a person in your life being difficult, or is someone sticking their nose in your personal business when they shouldn’t? The fox guide is one of the most cunning in nature. Pursued foxes will double back on their tracks, cross waters, and climb trees in order to deceive their hunters. Foxes have also been observed dancing about playfully and confusingly nearby prey all the while inching closer and closer. The meaning here is the illusion of paying no attention to their prey until the final moment and pounce, it’s over. Failing clever tactics the fox guide brings the message of diplomacy. Camoflage works perfectly for fading away, but also when blending into a social situation. Swallow your pride, try flattery, conform to the desires of your quandary and you’ll find them more and more likely to see your point of view without so much as an argument.
  • Cleverness, Adaptation: Are you having trouble adjusting to a new living situation or job, do you feel like you’re barely scraping by? When sly fox totem crosses your path it can be to open your eyes, to make you clever enough to see a situation, not as you wish it to be, but as it IS. Foxes are experts at finding food anywhere; they eat rodents, berries, carrion, insects, eggs, garbage and more. When a situation or environment is difficult don’t be stubborn, be fluid, and adaptable, you can find sustenance in the oddest of places. Don’t resist your situation, use the symbolism and medicine of adaptation and cleverness, you have all the tools and resources you need to turn money, career, or living difficulties around.
People with Fox Totem are…

• Crafty
• Socially Accepted
• Intelligent
• Great Listeners
• Unpredictable
• Adaptable
• Very Perceptive

The Good:

Like many totems in the canine family Fox people are intensely loyal. In nature foxes typically mate with a single partner or are monogamous. This companionship however is typically only during mating season and foxes spend the majority of their time in their own separate territory.

Fox people are often a joy to watch or be around. They can be energetic, outgoing, personable, and very flattering. Conversely, fox people can also be withdrawn (see below). While not exactly social butterflies fox people can use that sly energy, their keen sense of camouflage to “fit right in”. People who possess the power of the fox are great quiet observers and are skilled at remaining unnoticed. This means that they blend into their environment, moving around unnoticed in any kind of company and society.

They can adapt and portray themselves as whoever they need to be in a given interaction. This affinity for fitting in often means fox people are jacks of all trades, taking interest and educating themselves superficially in great number of areas while mastering none. This allows them to chat or small talk with ease whenever they care to. This doesn’t mean fox people are disingenuous, people with this totem often really do care and take an active interest in the feelings of those around them.

The intelligence or cleverness of fox people can’t be understated. People with this totem are very creative problem solvers and can seem eccentric because they are quick to think outside the box. Quick thinking or wit is definitely common tool for a fox person. This quick thinking can translate into “fast talk”, or the ability to talk your way into our out of situations by confounding or confusing others. This, and their problem solving, allows fox people to excel in careers and professions of all shapes and sizes.

While young people with this totem often rely on their physical traits of agility and quick thinking, an older fox recognizes that there’s a great deal going on behind the scenes and leverages this wisdom of details to their advantage.

The Not so Good:

As mentioned above, despite being socially adaptable many fox people can be emotionally distant or detached. Playing the role of quiet observer or blending constantly into the background is not uncommon. This distance may be a conscious or unconscious choice and used as a defensive mechanism to protect from the pain or disappointment of difficult relationships. Another defensive mechanism is the fox person’s fluffy coat which exaggerates this totem’s stature. Fox people may talk themselves up or misrepresent their deeds as being greater than they actually are in order to gain favor in others’ eyes.

Fox people can be very flighty or airy and can change their minds or direction on a whim. This can be very frustrating to more grounded individuals as it can be hard to keep pace with the capricious behavior of this totem. Also, consider that many with this totem may be a “devil’s advocate” or be difficult because they enjoy “the chase” or leading you around by the nose. Because of their clever and insight fox people who aren’t careful can be viewed as manipulative or tricksters.

Fox’s Message:

Fox brings the message and symbol of camouflage and cunning. The fox totem guides us to use our instincts and creative energies. When we learn to blend into our surroundings and to observe with all of our senses we will be able to anticipate and create the future as we wish it to be.

Lessons from Fox:
  • The Fox Totem conceals a lot of medicine and good in its little den. Knowing the Fox Spirit and its ways will help you maintain balance and harmony in everything you do. This power animal is renowned for its superb senses.
  • The Fox has a heightened sense of smell. As a power animal and spirit guide, the Fox will help you to sniff out subtle things in life and alert you to unpleasant and difficult situations.
  • Fox’s keen eyesight carries a message that may teach you to see beyond your ego and to be able perceive the Spirit realms. Look carefully for there is a whole separate world within your gaze.
  • The Fox has sensitive hearing, it is said that he can hear a mouse from over a hundred feet away. The symbolism here is that listening is often more important than speaking. You may also be able to hear the whispered messages of the Great Spirit.
  • The Fox has great instincts and is physically and mentally agile. These features symbolize ways to respond quickly to situations by using the power of inner instincts and innate wisdom.
  • The body of the Fox is quite small in comparison to its canine cousins, but its thick fur coat offers good protection and gives these little guys the appearance of being much larger than they actually are. Focus on your natural gifts, and consider how your appearance affects perception.
  • Fox spirit comes out of hiding right before dawn or at dusk and often hunts under the cover of darkness. By living between light and darkness, the Fox can perceive both worlds. Notice these transitions, and consider how we all live in different worlds.
  • They are masters of camouflage. The fox teaches how to grasp the concept of unity with our surroundings and how to use this knowledge wisely on all levels. Being in harmony with one’s surroundings is important to people who carry this medicine.
  • Lastly, Fox totem guides us to good eating habits – not from what it eats, but from the way it eats. The fox is a grazer; it eats small amounts throughout the day and will store any food that is in excess. The Fox spirit is not a picky eater and readily accepts whatever is available. This is a great lesson, as eating small amounts frequently will keep your metabolism burning at a steady rate and give you lasting energy.
Fox in Dreams:

The Fox spirit appears in our dreams to inspire creative energies and instill an overarching awareness. The different ways this animal appears bring many different meanings.

  • If the fox totem is on the edge or your vision, or barely glimpsed in your dream this means that there is something you need to pay attention to, something that has been evading your grasp.
  • Foxes that quickly disappear or are seen from hiding places means you should conceal your motivations and actions, be discreet and avoid notice.
  • When the fox spirit is friendly, or acts very similar to a dog this is a message and symbol to embrace the traits and qualities of this power animal.
  • If you are afraid of the fox or it seems somehow hostile this can represent one of two things. A fox symbolizes a person in your life that is causing you grief by being manipulative or difficult. Alternatively, you are ignoring important details and it’s time you pay attention!
  • When a fox appears mysteriously, at night, or it pauses in the distance and looks at you, it is a message and symbol to take some time to ponder some issue or reflect upon your life.

Cultural Symbolism:

Foxes have been deified, demonized, and revered in cultures throughout time and history. The fox’s traits and features are so strong and symbolic that most peoples have been quick to recognize this power animal as deeply significant and carrying important meaning.

  • Native American: The Apache tribe credits fox with bringing fire to humans, and many Native American Tribes saw this spirit totem as a protector and healing symbol. Several Native American tribes also believed foxes were powerful shape changers that would take human form.
  • Celtic: Many Celtic and Gaelic tribes revered the fox as a master of the woods and a symbol of the guide.
  • Greek/Roman: Ancient Romans and Greeks regarded foxes as fire demons. One story tells of a giant fox, the Teumessian Fox, sent to earth by the gods as a punishment to be pursued without ever being caught.
  • Egyptian: Egyptians wore fox furs to gain favor with their gods, and there are many stories and legends that sprung forth from Mesopotamia and the surrounding regions.
  • Chinese: The Fox can take on human form according to Chinese and if given the proper attention can bring good fortune. The fox also symbolizes cunning and long life.
  • Christian: Christian myth often associates foxes with the devil. Because its depredations damage the vines and grapes which symbolize the church, the fox symbolizes those who spread heresy, and persecution. In Luke 13:32, Jesus calls Herod a fox. Jesus warns those who would walk with Him, “Foxes have holes and birds of the air have nests, but the Son of Man has nowhere to lay His head” (Mt. 8:20; Luke 9:58).
  • Japanese: The Japanese fox or Kitsune has a deep routed and complex mythology. They believed foxes where powerful magical and intelligent beings. Foxes also became associated with the kami, or spirit, of rice and fertility.

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  1. Thank you so much! This is everything, and more, that I was hoping to learn about the meaning of the fox. I appreciate your thoroughness.

  2. it has been nice article I really enjoyed and appreciate talking about fox and I would love to share something in our Afghan culture that the people believe in it about fox.
    when some one has a trip for a good purpose he/she will be succeeded.
    wish u all the best!!1


  3. I love foxes! Where I get on with rabbits the fox totem profile fits me 100% for the longest time.

  4. Three years ago I saw two Red Foxes in the middle of a road, in the middle of the day and they reared up and played with each others front feet like they were dancing. I’m now known as Dancing Fox.

  5. Enjoyed reading this. I completly believe my spirit animal is a fox now. I love foxes and im really happy that somebody has finally written about them (I know there are probably other articles, but still.I am glad you wrote this). Thanks

  6. Andrew Dickinson on said:

    I ahve been seing a fox or a pair of foxes almost every morning when I get off work! I often see them whiile I am working driving taxi

  7. IIfeatherz on said:

    This was very enlightening. Thank you for puting this information up. I was always fascinated by the fox. I had a dream about a red fox and had find out more about the fox symbolism.
    Hopefully I have found my totem animal at last.

  8. Roderick on said:

    This totem has been with me for as long as I can remember. Sometimes it switched out with another animal like skunk, but it always has came back. This article amazes me on how perfectly accurate on how fox people are. As I am 100% like that.

  9. so I was wondering still, I had bought a fox ring because it was beautiful I thought but someone told me as a christian I shouldnt wear it because it represent something bad I looked it up but I got confuse on what I read. Can someone help me with this?

    • Rev. Linda Ledbeter on said:

      Please continue to wear your ring and embrace the magic of Fox energy. There is always the positive and the negative in everything. When we focus on only the negative than that is all we see and create. If you saw only the negative in someone but failed to see their positive you will have missed the real person. If you only focus on the positive and forget that we need to be aware of our weaknesses, you are living in denial. The fox energy is calling you to use discernment between the two sides of all of us.

      Follow your own path, ask God/Jesus/Spirit whomever you call on as your rudder in life and you simply cannot go wrong.

      Blessing and enjoy your life as you choose it to be.

  10. I have been trying to find my spirit animal and animal totem this really helped me out alot I love the fox so I decided to take a couple of quizzes and they came out as I wolf or fox but when I read this it was exactly like me so I think it is the fox but anyway thanks for the info

  11. I have a family of red foxes living under my shed – The female charged at us. We can’t go outside. We’ve been told to have them removed – I believe they came to deliver me a message of the fox, but what it is I don’t know. I know they do have to go.

    • Rev. Linda Ledbeter on said:

      Please continue to wear your ring and embrace the magic of Fox energy. There is always the positive and the negative in everything. When we focus on only the negative than that is all we see and create. If you saw only the negative in someone but failed to see their positive you will have missed the real person. If you only focus on the positive and forget that we need to be aware of our weaknesses, you are living in denial. The fox energy is calling you to use discernment between the two sides of all of us.

      Follow your own path, ask God/Jesus/Spirit whomever you call on as your rudder in life and you simply cannot go wrong.

      Blessing and enjoy your life as you choose it to be.

  12. chelsea gunning on said:

    thanks alot this really helped me with my school work and ithelped me find out more about foxes THANKS 🙂

  13. Jonathan Lomaskin on said:

    A red fox came running straight at me when I was standing in my driveway and I instantly thought the neighbors dog was trying to play with me. It was looking straight at me running full speed and came within about a foot of me where it brushed my legs and hopped into our garden playfully and then sprinted off. I was surprised but it made me very happy.

  14. Hi i love the artical on foxes its the best ive found on the whole of the web. Please please could you do a write up on the crow. Ps the snake one is amazing too. They all are . Thankyou very much