Frog Spirit and Toad Totem, Symbolism, Meaning

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Frog totem and meaningFrog Spirit Symbols:

Transformation, Cleansing, Healing, New Life, Hidden Beauty, Adaptability, Luck, Power, Peace, spirit, totem, animal


Frog Totem and Toad Spirit Meaning:

Because the frog lives in water, it is linked closely with the element of water and rain. However, toads spend the majority of their lives outside of water, and have less of a connection to water and emotions. Frog and Toad people feel the best during Spring and Summer when their energy is highest. If frog or toad totem has recently entered your life, consider the following points:

Are you going through an important transition in your life? Frog spirit symbolizes transitional phases of one’s life because of their own unique growing phases: the egg, the tadpole, and finally, the frog. Maybe you’re going through a big life change, in spirit or in reality, and frog totem has entered your life to remind you that change is a natural and positive part of life.

Are you bogged down or bored with your day to day activities? Frog totem animal represents purity and transition, and you can imagine the frog totem as happily hopping in a crisp, clear pond. If you’ve gotten too comfortable in your day to day life, frog spirit may be here to remind you to clear out your “muddy waters” and rejuvenate your spirit.

Are you ignoring your feelings, your spirit, or are you perhaps too deeply entwined in your own emotions? Because the frog totem is associated with water, it also brings up emotional concerns and needs. Water is the most emotional of the four elements. The frog spirit totem may be reminding you to address your feelings rather than ignore them, or it may be signalling that you are actually focusing on your emotional needs a bit too much.

Are you having trouble committing yourself to one single goal? Frogs and toads alike enjoy leaping from place to place, and if you feel particularly drawn to one of these amphibians, you may tend to be a totem person that leaps from one thing to another as well. You might need to take some time to decide what your goals are and assess if you are taking the proper steps to get there.


Frog and Toad Totem AnimalFrog Totem People Are:

  • Understanding
  • Empathetic
  • Sensitive
  • Positive
  • Introspective
  • Pleasant

Your Totem Animal – The Good:

Frog and toad peopleSympathetic/Empathetic

Frog and toad totem people are great listeners and advice givers. They can always relate to others and they always know just what to say. These totem people genuinely feel for others and do their best to provide healing for those around them, allowing friends and family to release their negative spirit energy onto them in order to help cleanse and renew their lives.


Like the animal in nature, people with the frog spirit totem tend to stay close to home. Their family is very important to them, especially their parental units. Frog spirit people will generally do everything they can to help a family member in need, and maintain close and meaningful relationships.


Your Totem Animal: The Not-So Good:

Characteristics of frog toad peopleHighly Defensive 

When threatened, toads can secrete a mild poison that causes redness and irritation to humans, but can be more severely damaging to its predators. There are many animal species of frogs that are poisonous as well – and these poisons can vary between mild to instant death. A person with frog totem or toad totem may carry these extreme defenses too, usually in the form of harsh words or insults, and the “poison” can strike another animal out of the blue. Frog spirit people need to remember to think before they act in stressful situations in order to prevent doing something they may regret later.


A person with the frog animal totem enjoys living a fast-paced, fun-filled lifestyle. Sometimes this means that they will change their plans or goals often, and may be flakey at times. When a frog animal person is not leaping about, they tend to stay hidden in the grass, and can be difficult to reach or communicate with.


symbolism of the frog and toadLessons From Frog/Toad Spirit:

Growth Cycles: Frogs develop in extreme growth cycles – starting from the egg, to a tadpole, to finally a full grown frog. This reminds us that humans, like the animal, experience dramatic periods of growth – both physically and mentally – as well. Frog totem is particularly symbolic of the teenage years and puberty.

Frog Vs. Toad Spirit: There are important differences between the frog totem and the toad totem meanings. Frogs live in water all of their lives, and thus are more connected to their emotions and feelings. Their bodies are smooth and slimy  as opposed to a toad’s animal body which is rough (bumpy) and dry. Once a toad transitions from the tadpole phase, it spends the majority of its life on dry land. The toad totem symbolizes more strength and confidence than the frog, but less emotions and spirituality.

Croaking: A frog croaks when they sense a change in the barometer, and because a change in barometer levels often precedes rain, a frog’s croak is known to be a predictor of rain. Frogs are particularly sensitive to their surroundings and use this sensitivity to alert other creatures of rain, water, or danger close by. This spirit animal teaches us to pay attention to our environment, because we can learn a lot more than what the eye can initially see.


Frog Spirit in Dreams:

dream symbolism of the frog or toadIf the frog in your dream is leaping, it may suggest that you have a lack of commitment in your life and are leaping from one thing to another.

If you are trying to catch a frog in your dream, it may mean that your life is changing rapidly, and you are trying to stop it or prevent the change from occurring. To  kill a frog in your dream, represents negative emotions.

If you swallow a frog in your dream, you are most likely holding back saying something that needs to be said, or you feel that something is preventing you from expressing yourself.


Cultural Symbolism of Frog or Toad Totem Animal:

Heket the frog goddess of egyptThe frog totem is a symbol of fertility in many cultures around the world. This is because of the large amount of eggs that a frog lays at one time, and because of their connection to water and rain, which nourishes the earth in order to grow.

In Egypt, the frog spirit goddess Heket is said to protect mothers and newborn babies.

Because frogs are seen more during rain or shortly after, they have also been called magical and have the power to call the rain. Native Americans believed that frogs could control the rain at will, unlike any other animal.

In modern times, the frog or toad symbol is used to depict hidden beauty, as in a handsome prince being disguised as a frumpy looking toad. This reminds us that true beauty can be found in the most surprising places.




  1. Yes this is a well rounded explanation. I had a lucid dream about a toad last night who was very weighty, calm, powerful in its presence. It magically transported itself inside of me. So now I have toad medicine. It is good.

  2. I’ve had this little toad living in my yard all summer and I rather enjoyed its company, then tonight I came home and I accidently stepped on it and killed it and now I feel just horrible. What does it all mean?

  3. Good explanation, just find out that mi totem animal is a frog.
    everything here is true….
    Many Blessings…