Great Spirit: The Power and Divinity of Eagle Medicine

Eagle Medicine draws its power and strength from the Great Spirit. Eagle is closely connected to Heaven, the home of the Great Spirit.

Eagle medicine imparts the ability to stay connected to the realm of spirit while living in the realm of Earth. Eagle soars high up in the sky and observes the pattern of life of all.

Native American Ideologies Behind the Symbol of The Eagle

Native Americans indulge in various storytelling that involves animals. Eagle is the most honored and divine creature among them. The Eagle is a symbol of honor, mystical powers, freedom, friendship, and bravery.

Freedom is essential to the survival of this majestic creature, and it teaches us the same. It also teaches you equality and balance in your life. It imparts knowledge on how to live through life without getting reckless or attached to material things.

The Eagle teaches us to use our words carefully, keeping in mind its effect on others. Eagles are known for their great vision. One who learns from the Eagle can view situations from a broad perspective.

Learn the Healing Properties of Eagle Medicine

The fathers of the Eagle are known to be the most sacred among healing tools. Shamans have been using them for centuries to cleanse the auras and souls of patients.

The Native American tribes believe that Eagle is the representation of grace. Eagle denotes the state of peace attained through understanding and hard work.

Eagle is the symbolism of attaining your power through the completion of the assigned tests. The right application of Eagle medicine is made through experiencing the lows and highs of life.

To feel the essence of Eagle medicine’s great power, one has to trust their connection to the divine spirits. Through repeated trials, one can understand their strength and power.

The symbol of Eagle Medicine

Eagle Medicine

In the card game, if you pull the symbol of the Eagle, you need to understand its meaning. The Eagle symbol means that the Universe is reminding you to gather up your courage and take on the world with your heart.

The eagle medicine conveys the message of the Universe to you. The great spirit is presenting you with an incredible opportunity to test your limits. The opportunity may come off as a spiritual test to check your connection with the great spirit.

The Eagle is the symbol of extending your limits by rising above your mundane lifestyle. By indulging in the spiritual test, you will recognize areas within your mind and soul that require refinement.

Your psyche, soul, emotions, or personality may need cleansing or purification.

Eagle teaches us to expand your horizon of reach and upgrade yourself as a human being. The Eagle symbol asks you to broaden your self-esteem and look for more than what is currently visible to the naked eye.

The Great Spirit will lend its breath to help you spread the wings of your soul. It will help you overcome your fear of the world and the unknown. Soar above your fears and doubt with the support of the Great Spirit.

Conquer the World with The Power of The Great Spirit

The symbol of the Eagle motivates you to feed your soul while feeding your body. Within the realm of divinity, Father Sky and Mother Earth need to unleash their true potential.

Conquest your fears and take on the flight to success and purity. Co-create your adventurous journey with the divine powers and rise above your doubts.

If the Eagle comes up in your card, it is an indication to give in to the powers of the Great Spirit. Reconnect with the divine elements and put your mind to ease.

The symbol of the Eagle urges you to form a connection with the Air elements of our Universe. Air denotes a higher state of mind and peace.

Wisdom comes from the creative forces of the divine spirits. Eagle exposes you to the divine illumination, which removes the fear of shadows from your life.

It teaches you to seek the help of Father Sun to love both the light as well as the shadows. Eagle medicine gifts you the freedom of the open skies and motivates you to spread your wings.

It teaches you to follow your dreams and fulfill your heart’s desires.

Eagle Medicine Card in The Reverse

If you draw an Eagle medicine in reverse, it denotes that you have forgotten your connection to the Great Spirit. It symbolizes your detachment from your inner power.

It asks you to heal your dying spirit and broken wings by seeking illumination from the Father Sun. On the contrary, Eagle asks one to restore faith in oneself and recognize the healing light from the Universe.

The Eagle is asking you to go easy on yourself and treat yourself with love. On the contrary, Eagle will teach you to take a step further up and aim for more. It urges us to notice that the heart can’t heal in the swamp.

The heart needs warmth, love, and rays of the Father Sun. You should unclip your wings and let them take you out on an adventure.

The Eagle builds its nest high up in the mountains, where it enjoys the freedom of movement and clean air. The Eagle asks you to follow its quest and build your nest high above that surpasses your limitations. It urges you to seek lofty ideals without the fear of an impossibility.

Final Thoughts

Eagle will teach you to keep your feet grounded while aiming for the sky. The Eagle symbol asks you to rise above your visible mundane existence and build a connection with your High Self.

According to the American Eagle Cosmology, the Eagle is known for its ability to fly closest to the sun. It passes through the illuminating light and divinity of the Great Spirit.

The card of Eagle medicine will bring enlightenment in your life through the way of spiritual truth. Connect with the Universe and feel the freedom under your wings. Set your soul free and wild.

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