Hawk Spirit Meaning, Symbols, and Totem

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The Piercing Insight of Hawk GuideHawk Spirit Symbol:

Awareness, Perspective, Insight, Truth, Visionary Power, Guardianship, Strength, Initiative, Decisiveness, Creativity, Messenger, Caution, Maneuvering, Leadership, Spirit, Totem Animal

Hawk Totem Meaning and Medicine:

The spirit of hawk totem brings with it many different meanings. If the hawk totem animal has entered your life recently take a moment to stop and reflect on some of the following messages:

  • Awareness, Perspective: Do you feel like you’re moving forward in life blindly, or simply going through the grind? If the hawk totem has recently entered your life you may need to stop and take account of your situation. Observe the minute and fine details of your surroundings because it is likely a juicy morsel of information is hidden in the high grass. The spirit of hawk totem represents the ability to see meaning in ordinary experiences and will help you to become more observant. Many of the messages Hawk totem brings are about freeing yourself of thoughts and beliefs that are limiting your spirit ability to soar above your life and gain a greater perspective. It is this ability to soar high above to catch a glimpse of the bigger picture that allows Hawk spirit people to survive and flourish.

Hawk Totem Vision Symbol

  • Insight, Vision: Are you lacking confidence in yourself, are your bottling up your creative ideas and going unheard? Hawk spirit is both insightful and visionary. Stop doubting your ideas and assert yourself. Trust in your instincts and feelings and have confidence in any bright ideas that have recently come into mind.
  • Initiative, Decisiveness: Are you hesitating or procrastinating about something important in your life? Are you avoiding someone or something out of fear? Hawk spirit totem waits patiently to strike at their prey, but when the time comes they strike with both speed and precision. If you stand by too long, any opportunities that have presented themselves will slip through your grasp. Take some initiative and seize the moment!
  • Caution, Maneuvering: Have you become reckless and impulsive? Do you often find yourself being outthought or outmaneuvered in life? Hawk spirit can alert us to those times when we should NOT take action because we do not yet have all the information we need. For example, a hawk totem person is thinking about becoming involved in a relationship, personal or business, yet they get the feeling that something is “not quite right”. This needs to be heeded and Hawk spirit sent forth to gather the appropriate information to help the person make the best choice. Trust in your spirit intuition, Hawk’s totem may be telling you to steer clear for very good reasons! Be patient and fully examine the breadth of your decision making, once you have enough information Hawk totem will guide you to implement this knowledge to your advantage and steer you towards a more favorable path.


People with Hawk Totem Spirit are…

  • Observant
  • Cunning
  • Decisive
  • Visionaries
  • Leaders
  • Creative
  • Strategic
  • Messengers

Hawk Spirit Message PerchHawk totem people aim to initiate and lead, and may be impulsive from time to time.

One of the greatest gifts a Hawk totem person can give the world is their visions of a better and brighter future. Visionaries are always ahead of their time and it’s not easy seeing what other totem animal people are not ready to see.

If you are a Hawk spirit animal yourself, understand that this Spirit animal can give you a special task to hold the energy of what could be, of potentials that are waiting to be envisioned. Seek out other people who can support you in your life and never allow others to cause you to lose sight of what is really important to you.

Hawk totem people have their own unique challenges in life. As messengers, Hawk spirit animal must share their insight with others.  Sometimes the messages may not be what the other person really wants to hear and yet the Hawk totem feels duty bound to relay the message, no matter the consequences.

It is important however that Hawk totem people do be aware of how they are presenting the messages they receive. They need more than many others to try and deliver the messages as gently as they can, only becoming more forceful if their inner spirit guidance absolutely says it is needed. Sometimes simply thinking through for a time what needs to be said can help Hawk animal people find just the right words to use that will make all the difference and in this they should be encouraged to take their time and soar above for a while before speaking their truth.

Hawk totem people, like many who carry strong predator animal totems, may be shunned by others who sense and fear their inner power. Others may sense that this is a person who can see straight through them and as many people think in terms of judging things as being good or bad, they are afraid that the Hawk spirit will see who they “really” are and so they strike first in an attempt to keep the Hawk animal at bay. Hawk totem needs to learn how to veil their energy spirit somewhat, not as an attempt to deceive others but to allow people to get to know them and understand that Hawk Spirit has no interest in judging others. Often these people have seen so much of the best and worst in life that they find they have no need to judge.

Some Hawk spirit animal people may have a tendency, because of their vast ability to see clear through to the heart of things, to become an arrogant totem animal symbol. This should be avoided because it keeps them earthbound and causes interpersonal conflicts! This can start as confusion on the part of the Hawk totem person who cannot understand why others seem less aware of the larger picture and their own issues. It is important that people with the Hawk totem understand that others are not as well developed yet in these areas and avoid blurting out what they see and know without thinking of how it may impact another person.Hawk Family Native American

Hawk Spirit Message:

The hawk totem is a messenger of insight, adaptability and openness, it is also about visionary power and guardianship.  Hawk’s spirit teaches us to be observant and to pay attention to what we may overlook. This could mean a talent we don’t use, a blessing for which we haven’t expressed gratitude, or a message from the universe.  The hawk has keen eyesight, it is about opening our eyes and seeing that which is there to guide us. Hawk spirit awakens vision and inspires us to a creative life purpose. Look to the world around you for there are totem symbols buried in everything.

Hawk totem in Dreams:

To see a hawk in your dream, denotes that suspicions are lurking around you and your activities. You need to proceed with caution. Alternatively, a hawk symbolizes insight. Consider the phrase “hawk’s eye” to mean that you need to keep a close watch on someone or some situation. The key is to sense the subtle meaning carried by the winds and spirit of change.


Native American Hawk Totem PaintingCultural Symbolism of the hawk totem:

  • Native American: Among Native American traditions, Hawk totem served the role of messenger guide, bringer of spirit messages and portents of change. Hawk spirit reminded the people they needed to be awake and aware. Many Native American tribes admire the hawk for its speed, endurance, perseverance, and sharp eyesight.
  • Celtic: In the Celtic tradition Hawk totem animal empowers a person to seek out their ancestral roots and to examine in depth that which is positive (so that it may be integrated into a person’s life) and that which is limiting (so it can be released). Tradition is only worth honoring when it supports joy and fulfillment in one’s life! In this tradition Hawk totem also supports the solar side as stated above, helping a person to move forward in life and to seek out great quests to embark upon.
  • Greek: In Greco-Roman mythology, the hawk totem is the ‘swift spirit messenger of Apollo/Mercury,’ and is associated with the sorceress, Circe.
  • Chinese: The Chinese associated this spirit bird with war.
  • Christian: In early Christian animal symbolism, the wild hawk represented evil; the tamed hawk signified the convert; and the hooded hawk symbolized the Christian hoping in the Light of Christ even though surrounded by the darkness of earth. Because of the hawk’s swiftness in darting down and grasping its prey, this animal is a symbol of death, injustice, violence, and those people who prey upon the weak.
  • Egyptian: In ancient Egypt, the hawk was considered a royal bird and a symbol of the soul (ba). Isis is said to have shape shifted into a Hawk to save Osiris. Horus also carried Hawk medicine which allowed him to see the “unseeable”.
  • Indian: Gayatri is the Hindu hawk spirit who brought an intoxicating drink of immortality known as ‘soma’ from heaven. He is also a spirit vehicle of Indra.



  1. A hawk flew very close to me this morning in hot pursuit of it’s prey, and lost 2 feathers. I picked up these feathers and meditated on them and got such a huge spiritual rush throughout my being. Thanks for the information above, it has been very helpful.
    I also saw a Bald Eagle 5 days ago. It flew over my head 3 times before it went to the forest beyond. I live in an area where there are no eagles of any sort (Southern Ontario). This is a highly unlikely experience, and yet I was strongly guided to go to that place where and when the eagle flew. I guess this is a strong message…both the eagle and the hawk in such a short time. Would one or both would be my totem??

    • If neither of these spirit animals have maintained a consistent presence in your life you may want to just meditate on how their appearance can be interpreted in the here and now. Both of these totem animals are important messengers and you should do your best to increase your awareness of both your internal and external environments.

      • I just looked up what Hawks symbolize because constantly everywhere I go I see one. We took a 6 hour trip the other day and seen one like every 2 miles if not less. I see another when I take a trip and always on the same stretch. Then yesterday when I went for my walk/run one appeared and soared above my head, I was so in awe of it and that they seem to be everywhere I go. What could this mean? I have an absolutely wonderful relationship with God, could this mean anything?

        • I have always been fascinated with hawks, and it seems they’re always around especially during pivotal moments in life. The other day, I saw a hawk on the ground in my backyard with a woodpecker in its talons. It seemed to look up briefly at me and then flew off with the prey. Any meaning?

          • OMG! My mother has had stage four cancer for nine months now, and as far as the pivotal moments in life, she’s escaped death through hospitalization several times now, and every time I drive home from seeing her on the “bad days” I see a hawk. This is the reason I looked up this site. She’s failing now and it might be soon, I saw a huge hawk soar right above me today driving home with his wings stretched out. I just knew it meant something. I thought it was God telling me everything was going to be okay. This is my story. I hope it helps!

        • The Hawk is very spirtually symbolic in different cutlures, It is said to be warning to beware pay attention, also noted being watched over, I began seeing Hawks so often right after I lost my husband 2 1/2 years ago. I feel he is watching me he is close, when I see the hawk I feel joy.
          My husband was small part Cherokee and was proud of that, I put a Hawk on his stone, it is in flight beautiful.

  2. I love my Hawk. I found my second hawk feather a couple of weeks ago after having a couple of dreams about finding Hawk feathers. The first feather found was in 2010 when Hawk kept on appearing almost every day, everywhere I happened to go and seemingly looked directly at me. These encounters actually started 2008.

    Prior to going to bed one night, I prayed to find out if Hawk is my Animal Spirit Guide. Sure enough that evening, Hawk appeared in my dream and that following morning I found my first feather. The third photo of this website looks exactly like my Hawk … now I know that Hawk is a red-tail Hawk … I think, not 100% positive, that mine are tail feathers. Thank You 🙂

  3. Yesterday morning, 10/02/12, I saw a hawk land on the back of a gray squirrel on the neighbors front lawn. it did not kill or injure the squirrel, just almost wanted a “soft place to land”. The squirrel scurried off into the bushes, but the hawk stood on the lawn across the street & stared at me for about 5 minutes. It eventually flew away. Moments later, I saw a hawk shadow on the garage door, across the street, & went to investigate it. I also looked for a feather it might have left me on the lawn, but no feather was left. As iI looked for the hawk in the trees, I noticed it was very close on a telephone wire above my head. My roommate observed all this hawk activity with me and caught a video of the hawk. This morning I went to Alltotem.com to study the meaning of hawk. Much to my surprise, I went outside immediately after reading the info on the website & my hawk was on the telephone wires directly in front of our house. He then flew into a tree across the street in another neighbors yard. This time I wanted to see if hawk would let me slowly approach his perch in the tree. He did & I was able to get some pictures of it again today! Very exciting & I would be interested in some feedback. Thanks, Danielle

    • Danielle, very interesting story. I would take particular note of the incident with the squirrel. Squirrels represent preparedness for the future, alertness, and often appear to alert you of some kind of danger. The fact that this squirrel was easily attacked most likely represents a lack of spiritual awareness on your part, and hawk bringing a major WAKE UP call. If you’re being bothered or harassed in your life another message may be to move to a higher level of consciousness or “above” any difficulties in your life for a clear perspective.

  4. My 20 year old son passed in August 2012. The car he was riding in was rear ended by a speeding drunk driver. Yesterday I was sitting on a hill where we spread some of his ashes talking to my son. Two crows landed in the tree next to me and began squawking. When I looked up there was this beautiful hawk sitting in the tree. The crows gave up and flew off and the hawk didn’t move. I have been asking my son to send a sign, maybe a hawk, each time I sit on this hill. I was thrilled to have one sitting above me. I sat for a 1/2 hour waiting for the hawk to fly off but it never did.

    • Chris, my deepest sympathies for your loss. The appearance of both of these totem spirits when you asked for signs is inspiring.

      A great book that is an inspiration to this site “Animal Magick” mentions how crows may bring the medicine of learning from the past but not holding on to it, and letting go of past hurts. The hawk is an important spiritual messenger to several Native tribes, and in Celtic cultures this totem helps a person move forward in life.

      I know it’s been a very short time since your loss, so I’d hardly advocate simply moving forward with your life, or letting go of your son. Instead, I’d reflect on the appearance of these spirits, and be thankful that they heard your call.

      • I just got around to reading your reply and it is just what I needed today. Thank you. We have Celtic roots and live within view of Effigy Mounds in Madison WI where we spread some of our son’s ashes. We often sit at the Mounds to talk with Conor too. The other day I walked out of our house and kept hearing this peeping noise above. I looked up and sitting in the top of our black walnut tree was a young hawk – almost seemed to be calling to me. I look for messages daily from Conor – he was this larger than life spirit is greatly missed. I will pick up the “Animal Magick” book you recommended. Thank you again.

        • Been rough with the holidays and feeling I’ve not had any “visits/messages” in the form of a hawk etc. Though I did see an eagle briefly last weekend at a B&B north home which I cherished. Today as I was driving listening to a Christmas song “All I want for Christmas is You” and thinking about my son, Conor, a beautiful hawk flew low and slow right in front of my car. Amazing! Unfortunately I was on a semi-busy street and couldn’t stop but it really made my day. I’m going to take it as my son saying “Hey, Mom, I’m OK, try to stop crying.” Thanks for this site – I enjoy writing in and reading other individual’s posts.

          • Chris…I was searching the spiritual significance of the hawk, and I came across this comment somehow. Tears in my eyes. I’m SO sorry for the loss of your son. I can’t imagine. The way you write is beautiful. I hope you’ll find a way to write more about your son and this time. It may help you to grieve, and it may help others too. I think you have a way with words. May you be well.

          • Chris,
            I came to this site today to look at what my sighting of a red-tailed hawk next to a crow meant yesterday, on the eve of this new year. As I scrolled down to find your story, it moved me to tears. I sit here, having just split from my husband and moving from Chicago to Los Angeles, looking for a hopeful sign for the future. I found that hope in your loving positive reflection of Conor comng to you in Hawk. If you can bear the pain of losing a son, yet have the strength to move forward and look for positive signs, then so can I. I wish you beautiful peace in 2013 and beyond.

          • Chris-
            I just read your past posts. I am so sorry for the loss of your son. Believe in these signs. Believe in the Mother/ Child bond. I have no doubt that Conor has shown his spirit to you.

        • Thank you to Kim, Ava & Mo for your caring, kind words with regards to my son, Conor’s, passing. Conor was extremely affectionate, intelligent, very much a “Tigger” with these “Paul Newman” blue eyes and a smile like a “Cheshire” cat. He loved the outdoors, was also very artistic, and quite the poet too. Since everyone said how much he looked like his dad, I love the fact that he was left-handed like me. Conor was an organ donor so his great spirit lives on in others. I look for signs every day and when I see a hawk, I know he’s saying Hi – it’s so like him. Yesterday his dad came home from a walk on the lake by us and said this hawk kept flying above him – we hold on dearly with each sighting. Thanks again for the wonderful support.

    • 5 yrs ago, my son, Colin, age 23, was killed in a car accident. He was a passenger. This pain never goes away. Regarding hawks: about 2 weeks after, I was sitting in the same chair where I last saw my son; it faced a large window…..all of a sudden this huge hawk crashed into it right in front of me. The wings spanned across the entire window, made a loud noise. I opened the front door and the hawk just stood there about 3 ft away, staring at me. It wouldn’t leave until I almost touched it. Nothing like that ever happened before in my life. Also, about 3 days after the accident, I was standing in my garage, and a butterfly flew in. It stayed right near me, wouldn’t leave, again…until finally I almost touched it. Never seen a butterfly near my home before or after that.

      • Alyce – I’m so sorry to read about your son, Colin, and I believe you when you say the pain never goes away. It will be 6 months this week since Conor died in that car accident – the great sadness is always there. Thank you for sharing your hawk and butterfly encounters. Very moving/inspiring. On another note, I’ve been reading a book by George Anderson “Lessons from the Light” that I have found helpful in dealing with my grief. Saw two beautiful red tail hawks on Saturday near our house. They looked to be playing as they swooped by. Warm regards.

        • My heart goes out to you, it is every parent’s nightmare to lose a child and you are living that nightmare. I am so happy that you “know” that these signs, whether it be Hawk or Butterfly or a certain song or smell is a sign from your son(s) that they are right here with you, ALWAYS. You just can’t see them, but they are right next to you. Chris I am so happy to hear you are reading a George Anderson book. Get your hands on every one you can. Lessons from the Light was the first one I read, and I have read every single other book by this wonderful compassionate man who is blessed with such a gift. Try and pick up a copy of his book “Our Children Forever” a beautiful uplifting book filled with messages from children on the other side. George’s books are by far the best on life after death. I am blessed to be able to tell you that I have not suffered the loss of a child. I pray I never will. Remember it’s ok to smile through your tears, it’s ok to laugh again. Your children will be standing next to you holding your hand laughing with you. By the way, HAWK is my spiritual strength that has brought me through some of the lowest points in my life. I call upon him whenever I am feeling lost, on my knees, feeling hopeless. Without fail he appears and I feel myself gain renewed strength and I see another glimmer of hope to hang on to. I apologize for the length of this writing, hopefully when I click on post I won’t get a msg that says “too many characters”. 😉 I wish you peace, love and many blessings. Sandy

          • Sandra, Thank you for your moving post to me, it meant a great deal. It’s good to meet another George Anderson fan too. His book “Our Children Forever” is on my list to get. I’m hoping that I can find someone like George in the Madison area. Everyday I’m on the lookout for signs/messages from Conor. He has also talked to me many times through songs. I have each song message added to the journal I’m keeping. Last week I had another hawk visit I’d like to share. As I was driving home from work, I began to talk to Conor and tearfully asked him for another sign. It seemed like it had been awhile since I had a message from him. I asked that maybe he could please send another hawk. I was slowly driving down a side street close to home when this hawk flew in front of my car and landed on a neighbor’s fence. I instantly stopped and there was this beautiful hawk perched on a fence 10 feet away. We just looked at each other. The hawk then raised its foot, almost like a wave, and then put it back down. A minute or so later it turned its head north and flew off. The tears really flowed then as I thanked Conor, over and over. It was so incredibly moving. Your supportive words and the others I’ve receive on this site have been very touching and greatly appreciated. Peace and blessings in return. Chris

  5. a hawk flew by me today and sqealed at me and he flew around the area for a few minutes and then flew a little farther away but I still seen him why do you think this happened?

  6. Two hawks circled the skies above us as my husband and I wed. The last few days we have had lone hawks circling above us and today there was one flying above us for a time as we drove. I am not sure what this means.

    • Hawks are symbols of guardianship and messengers to the spirit world. In Celtic the hawk animal guide helps people examine and honor tradition when it supports joy and fulfillment in your life. I’d view their appearance at your wedding and afterwards as a blessing!

  7. I have noticed fewer hawks in my neighborhood this year than in the last 7 years I’ve been here. Yet, very recently I’ve had two encounters that seem relevant to my life. The first was about three weeks ago. A red-tailed hawk landed on the screened enclosure directly in my line of vision. He/she remained there a full two minutes, at least. Then, yesterday, while seated in the same screened enclosure and facing a different direction, I noticed one flying from behind a neighbor’s garage about 10 to 12 feet above the ground and straight for my other neighbor’s yard. It’s appearance as such didn’t seem particularized to me and, yet, withiin a few seconds it re-entered my line of vision from the right, flew quickly underneath a magnolia tree’s branches and crashed into the screen right in front of me. It dropped into the hedge along the screen, taking a few seconds to get its footing. Then it half hopped and flew onto a low branch on the magnolia and sat with its back facing me for a minute. I started to walk around the swimming pool to get a look at whether it might need help — stopped and waited. Several more seconds passed, then he hopped-flew to a couple other nearby brances and flew off in the direction from which he came.
    I’d like some feedback on what the “crashing” part might mean if anything. I’m assuming it’s a message to be more awake and aware. Could the crash be construed as someting negative or ominous?

    • The hawks appearing twice in such a short period of time can definitely be interpreted as an important reminder. Hawks are rarely reckless creatures, in fact, they are extremely alert and perceptive. The fact that this hawk crashed into a screen in front of you in a display of rare clumsiness might be a warning to both stay alert and be very cautious! Read over the “Caution, Maneuvering” section above for more details.

  8. I see hawks every time I go out. Last week I went for a walk through the woods – a hawk flew pretty low over my head and down the path I was walking before disappearing. I was so upset I didn’t get a shot of it that it took a few days for me to realize there was a meaning behind the low fly over so I looked it up and here I am. I will try to be more observant and work on my talents. I believe they are being sent by my daughter to help guide my way.

  9. Everyday I see a hawk no matter where I’m driving to, in my town or going out of town. It flies low across my path.
    It’s was important for me to receive more information about hawks.
    Lately I have seen 2 dead hawks on the road which I didn’t understand how a hawk could die, didn’t make sense to me.
    It also grieved me to see them.

    • Jennifer on said:

      There was a dead hawk in my backyard today–I think it was a sharp-shinned. It was a small one. My mom found it and told me about it. When I went to check it out, it also made me sad to see it, especially since I consider hawk to be a spiritual guide for me. Also because it was so small. It’s wing was wounded somehow.

  10. I haven’t been walking in a while … started walking again last night and then this morning. This morning a hawk flew low right in front of me (maybe 6-7 ft), then flew across the street… it landed on the neighbor’s deck… then flew back toward me… back to the ground and landed on a rock about 15-20 feet away from me… looking right at me… then a car came in between us.. but it flew toward me (crossing the street in front of the vehichle) coming closer to me before it flew away.. WILD! I felt, for sure, there was some message for me, so I looked this up here… nice find.

  11. I have been experiencing more conflict at my job (not directed to me, but my coworkers), and after 10 years, I have started looking for other potential jobs. I really haven’t found anything that really fits me, but there is one position abailable that would require a lot of change on my part. Confused about my direction in life, and thinking about how confusing everything was, I walked out of my office building and I saw a hawk in a tree. I have never seen such a large bird, and it immediately caught my eyes. I walked over to the tree and the hawk stared right at me, then it flew away in the opposite direction. I don’t normally read much into these things, but my therapist told me the next time I see an animal that stands out, then I should look up its meaning. This is my first animal that not only stood out to me but it stared at me. I appreciate your article, and it has definitley raised my curiosity. I wonder, given the context I supplied, how you would interpret my hawk experience?

    • Brandon, I’d hardly presume to offer career advice based off your experiences with nature, but it is important to be perceptive and considerate of the messages that come to us in our daily lives. It’s very interesting that as you thought about switching jobs that the messenger totem hawk visited you. I would interpret it quite literally. In a time where you are looking for signs and meaning, hawk appeared, and flew in the opposite direction of your place of work. Maybe it’s time to take a different direction?

  12. Sunday Oct 12 2012 I was riding a bike as I riding to my right I seen a hawk swoop down to the ground I thought it was capturing prey so I went to investigate and Sen it had a injured left wing whn I tried to call it to me it started running in opposite direction once it ,started running I chased it behind a abandone,d house thn I put him garbage lid thn bring him to my friend house were me and 3. of my other frwiends build a bird hous e that day put him in a garage with. Two other pitbulls across in cages. On three third day we feed it a white mouse and dozen worms on fifth. day Oct 19 2012 the hawk was dead wit his head. Ggandmwings spread and head face to right when we. seen that we brung the wooden bird house outside b. bnvvand took him out of it to give him a proper burrial. When took him out we laid him on his back and his eyes was open. We put h in a bag and tied a stick to the bag then his eyes closed,

  13. Dear Author,

    I came across your site in search of hawk symbolism/meaning. About 4 months ago as I was doing my daily lunch time walk (in a “downtown” area) I saw something red in the sky that caught my eye. I thought it was a kite but it was a red hawk circling directly above me. When I broke my fixation then a dragonfly flew by. I didn’t give it much thought until now. Since that day black hawks have been circling above me whether I’m driving or walking in random locations (almost on a daily basis). In addition the dragonflies have been flying by me on a consistent basis. I began to think that it was hawk and dragonfly season but they have been appearing in areas where they shouldn’t be, for example industrial areas (concrete jungles). They’re even flyer closer so I can see the details of them. I’m starting to get scared because I don’t know what this means … am I going crazy?


    • Yvette, I wouldn’t be concerned about being crazy. If you’re having continual experiences with dragonfly and hawk spirits I’d really take some time to sit down and meditate on the circumstances. Try to evaluate what you are doing/feeling/thinking while having these encounters. Both of these totems carry meaning related to perception or vision. Dragonflies often symbolize illusion, and seeing through it. Hawk brings messages of perception. So my first impression would be for you to examine your surroundings and your life for any possible illusions that you maintain about the world you live in and try to pierce them!

  14. Yesterday I had a very scary experience. I was driving my car packed full of boxes to bring to the new place that I will be moving into. I suddenly saw wings in front of me and then “POW!” A hawk flew right into my windshield. The vehicle is brand new only two weeks old. The glass instantly spidered and chards of glass were all over me and the dashboard. I was stunned and did all I could to pull over and call my husband who was driving ahead of me. The guys at the dealership said that the hawk had to be going at a very high speed to shatter the glass as it did and they don’t know how I maintained control of the vehicle. There was one small feather on the windshield from where the hawk impacted that I kept. I don’t know of anyone who has every hit a bird of prey like this. It was so instant and in my face. I am still in shock. Now I am worried about what this means or if it is an omen? The place I am moving to seems wonderful. It is off the grid on 160 acres and the people I am renting from seem like really wonderful, trustworthy people. My husband and I have not been getting along lately and our relationship has been pretty rocky. I was thinking about him on the drive. I am afraid this is an omen or means death but I really want this to be positive and think of this as the hawk spirit going through me. I am not one for totem animals but I cannot help ignore the fact that without a doubt this is some sort of sign. Do you have any insight? I am not sleeping much tonight and cannot get the image out of my mind.



    • I almost forgot to mention in my post that two days prior to hitting the hawk with my car I was on my lunch break at work sitting on a rock in the woods overlooking a field. (I live in VT) and thinking about my marriage and what I should do with my life, almost in tears and a hawk came soaring down out of a tree close to me.It startled me and appeared to be watching me the whole time.



      • Hi Christine,

        I am getting a very strong feeling that you should not go into a remote area with your husband. I work at an organization that addresses domestic violence….

      • Christine, I’m very sorry to hear of your relationship issues and your accident. The hawk totem is renowned for wake up calls. BAM! Pay attention! Be perceptive or you may maneuver yourself into a bad situation. Hawk may come to warn you, but also to show you a favorable route, the key is to be receptive and to pay keen attention to your surroundings!

        You’d be surprised how many near misses people have with hawks while driving, and it is not incredibly uncommon to have a collision with one. I would encourage you to really examine your relationship. If you put enough of your energy into evaluating the situation, a good opportunity should present itself.

  15. The other day I went to the supermarket with my family and an adult hawk was sitting on our patio swing. We were going back and forth to the car emptying groceries and we did not see the hawk because he camouflaged with the swing set. My sister noticed he was sitting there and alerted us. We tried to get him off the swing, but he refused to leave. Soon, our dog realized he was on the swing set and tried to attack the hawk. The hawk quickly jumped on the nearest chair next to him, opened up his wings, and let out a cry. It was very scary. Eventually the hawk left our patio, but put up a good fight. He really did not want to leave. Another strange thing is that we live in an area where there are usually no hawks.We live in an industrial area. What do you think this means?

    • I’d recommend you read over the Awareness, Perception section at the beginning of the article. The fact that you all missed the presence of the hawk for some time seems to suggest that the spirit guide, and his stubbornness, was a hint to pay more attention to your surroundings. There may be something important right in front of your faces that you’re missing.

  16. A hawk flys in my patio. I was staring outside the Windows when this brown hawk flys in and chills for two minutes . I stared at him and I wasn’t scared at all . Then my mother said it was bad luck or somthing so I just open the door and scared him off..I dont if that’s true or if it has a meaning.. I live in around the los Angeles area there’s plenty of trees and a tree connecting to my padio . If you can help with any info thank you.A hawk flys in my patio. I was staring outside the Windows when this brown hawk flys in and chills for two minutes . I stared at him and I wasn’t scared at all . Then my mother said it was bad luck or somthing so I just open the door and scared him off..I dont if that’s true or if it has a meaning.. I live in around the los Angeles area there’s plenty of trees and a tree connecting to my padio . If you can help with any info thank you.

  17. I think I have a hawk spirit guide. Every time something significant happens in my life, he hovers around. The first time I saw him was when I turned my life over to Christ. The second time I saw him was when I moved to Los Angeles. I dont remember why in particular i saw him. The third time I saw him was right after my daughters funeral on 10/8/12. He hovered over my car all the way to her grave site. And the last time I saw him was on 10/23/12. He was hovering over my house when i returned home. That day i received a phone call pertaining some valuable information.

    I’m just wondering, could this red-tailed hawk really be my spirit guide? Or am I just overly excited? He has never gotten close to me. It always hovers above.

  18. Hawk is my main totem animal. Since I became Reiki I see them all the time. When we moving from the Chicago area to Wisconsin 8 years ago, a giant red tail hawk (female) sat the tree in the park down the street from our house where we walked our dog everyday facing north (towards Wisconsin). it was eerie. I see them all the time especially when I am doing something significant as kind of a way to let me know they are giving me a thumbs up. I am absolutely shocked about the poor lady who hit one. I would definitely say it is a sign – for a hawk to sacrifice itself to give you a message is unbelievable. You are saying your relationship is rocky……
    I had one fly in front of my car and stare straight at me once on a hiway and I was going 70 MPH – it was like time slowed down and it was just in front of my wilnshield staring at me!
    I wish I had answers for all of you who have questions about your hawk sightings. I believe that Spirit sends us messages using all birds. Recently a friend of mines son passed away and a blue jay suddenly starting coming to yard and squawking sounding like me,me,me,me all the time. I was getting messages from her son alot but I feel that this bird is connected with her son without a doubt.

    • boy I made a lot of typos in the last comment – LOL
      the hawk in Illinois was in that tree every single day for weeks until we moved! I really feel that the hawk the lady hit that shattered her window was a warning, the fact that you were thinking about your relationship when it happened is significant to me.
      The blue jay has stayed around since my friends sons passing, I forgot to mention that. Doreen Virtue runs a column in Woman’s World Magazine about angels. Almost every other week there is a story about one bird or the other (especially cardinals and doves) or dragonfly’s and butterfly’s that appear to people after someone has crossed over that are signs from their loved ones letting them know that they are safe and happy.

  19. I live close to some woods and have for many years. I’ve never seen a hawk around my area before then about 2 months ago I noticed a hawk flying around my yard. I watched it for quite a while. Then about 3 weeks ago I walked outside and it was sitting on my fence!!
    and today I was driving on my way to work 5 miles away and a hawk flew in front of my car carrying what looked to be a crow. How would this be interpreted? Thank you!

  20. The hawk first appeared on a fence when riding my horse….we walked right up to him…he didn’t move…thought it strange but left not to disturb him….the I moved and then the hawk appeared at the barn barn…he sat there on the fence watching be in the stall with my horse….he left a feather and my friend picked it up and then I moved the horses and there he was again sitting high on a wooden pole….I got my phone out to take his photo and he flew straight at me…then I went to the park with the dogs and there he was again at the top of a pine tree in the middle of the park looking down at me….why is he following me like this.

  21. I came home from an errand and a hawk was perched on the trunk of the car. I stopped my car about 25 feet away and he just sat staring the glided away. It was simply amazing and made my day.

  22. I started seeing hawks a little over 10 years ago when I went away to college. There was one lone hawk that would perch outside my dorm room and seemed to follow me wherever I went around campus. I remember distinctly I was heading from my dorm to the student center. Ahead of me, I saw my hawk perched on a tree limb. It seemed like we made eye contact as I passed under him. My friend looked back and said the hawk had turned around towards me and was watching me walk away. Seeing the hawk had become a daily occurrence. My second year of college, my grandmother passed away. I went home for the funeral and didn’t return to school for a few days. Upon my return, when I looked out my dorm window, there were two hawks. And the two, again, no matter where I went on campus, off campus, even when I traveled out west to Arizona, I would see my two hawks. They were there when I graduated from college. Always around me. Two years ago, we lost my granddad (who was more like a dad to me). A few days after I remember being alone in my room and I heard the screech. I look out the window and this time THREE hawks were circling above, each one soaring at a different height. For a while I had all three follow me around. Now, there’s always at least one flying overhead or perched on a limb or somewhere in my eyesight. And they always seem to let me know when they’re around by either swooping low enough to catch my attention, or calling out when they’re soaring above. It may not be every day that I see them, but I know they’re around.

  23. Today I sadly saw a dead hawk in the road. I stopped and moved its body to the side so it wouldn’t be run over (it appeared to have flown into a car, its neck was broken.) I called our state Fish and Wildlife line, and they said to just dispose of the body, so I took it home and buried it under a tall oak tree in our east horse pasture (we live on a farm.) I did not keep any feathers, as that is illegal.

    I am hoping that Hawk Medicine will keep my family and farm a little safer now. I said a small prayer to hawk as I buried him, saying I was sorry that he had died, and that I hope he now flew free with Spirit. It made me sad to see such beauty stilled.

    • Laura – good show! I would have done the same thing. I hit a hawk the other day with my car but couldn’t find him when I went back around – long road, lots of wooded banks and they do blend well. Going 60 mph, he took out my left blinker. I prayed all the way to work that day – poor thing. It’s sad when such a magnificent creature of creation dies. My bad dog killed a mink right near the house a few years ago. He took his last breath in my hands. Wow, powerful totem there. I never even knew they were in our area. We had been on vacation and I had cat food on the back porch closest to the stream and woods. I buried him and still mean to put up a small memorial. But I do feel that he protects me and provides me with smoother changes in life since then. It’s like he gave his life for me. Something changed that day and I will forever be grateful. Vicki

  24. I believe the hawk is my spirit guide. I see red tailed hawks everyday. Sometimes they are soaring, other times they are perched on top of street light, and some of those seem to be watching me.

    Today, there was a hawk in my front yard, at my bird bath. He looked right in the window at me before he flew away. I feel like he had a message for me, but I don’t know what it is. Could it be about my new relationship? From reading your post, I wonder if this hawk was telling me to be aggressive or cautious.

  25. I was returning to work after visiting the pharmacy. I had called my doctor to inquire how to take one of the medications prescribed, when I was told I had an irregular mammogram reading of my right breast and I needed to schedule a diagnostic exam. The entire time I was on the phone, there was a hawk perched on a lamp post looking at me through a window 4 stories high. I was in the parking structure. It was an awesome sight, but then I wondered if this may be a message regarding my health. Can you share any insight? Any guidance is welcome and well received.
    Lisa A.

  26. I was out in my back yard and I was shooting at targets and a young hawk just as I was about to take a shot flew in front of my sights and landed on the roof about 10 feet away it looked to the side and I said “hello” it looked as if it nodded at me then flew away. I was wondering if there was any significance to this?

  27. I’ve been hearing and seeing hawks now for months – close to all summer I believe. I hit one the other day with the car but couldn’t find him when I swung back around – poor thing – I really felt bad. I would have taken him to the wildlife shelter. ll the banks look the same on a long, long road. Reading this piece, I was comforted that I am on the right track in my life. I see many areas surrounding what is happening with me lately – thank you!

  28. I live in a second floor condo in the middle of town. Over the weekend while cleaning I heard a loud noise like something large had fallen. I investigated to find nothing and went about my work. A little while later out of the corner of my eye I see a hawk on my balcony deserately trying to get up and over the railing, but because the balcony is framed in glass the hawk keeps trying to fly through it rather up and over. The hawk seems a bit exhaused and actually seems to be looking at me for help. (im now wondering if the loud bang I heard earlier was the hawk hitting the window) I took a shovel that was near by and put it out before him. He hopped on the end.and I lifted him up and over the railing and he was able to fly off. He circled a half circle looked right at me let out a big glorious cry before flying away. This is the first time I have ever had a bird of any kind on my balcony never mind a hawk. I wonder what this could mean. I would welcome any insight.


  29. I just had a hawk run into my car and was killed! Please help me make sense of this . Thank you….

  30. I was hit by a young buck the other night. 1 minute or so prior, I had thought to myself that I had better slow down because it was so dark that a deer could jump out without me seeing it. I was already breaking and was doing 40 when all of sudden he was there and even he realized there was going to be impact. A split second before, we made eye contact and he lowered his head for impact. We were both fine as he ran away afterwards and there was no blood anywhere thankfully. My car wasn’t fine, but that was ok. The next day I had pulled into a parking lot and when I got out, the car next to me had a falcon sitting on the luggage rack, I didn’t think it was real but after we stared at each other for a couple of minutes he flew away. I don’t know what to think of this activity! It was very strange, especially the falcon incident. Any thoughts?

  31. Kim Sheppard on said:

    Hello, a few years back I wrote this poem after a mustang horse captured in Wyoming I had adopted arrived at my farm in Missouri. I knew the hawk had great significance. Even though I did not understand the meaning of his/her presence, I wrote the poem that I named “The Hawk and the Mustang” to explain exactly what happened during the first few days after the horse’s arrival. Do you have any thoughts on why the hawk came? I have wondered what the message being delivered to me was~ or perhaps to this magnificent being who understandably felt so uneasy in his new home. After reading on this blog, I agree that it certainly could have been a message of guardianship being delivered possibly (to) me over something very sacred (this magnificent horse). Perhaps guardianship was also delivered to the horse over me as we have become very good friends who trust each other. I do know that he is a gift.

    The Hawk and the Mustang

    Just before dusk, a lone hawk soared
    and circled from above~
    with a winter moon rising behind him,
    …in a dark china blue sky.
    They both greeted the mustang,
    who had arrived at this new place~
    while I stood nearby, not yet touching
    his handsome, soft face.
    The next morning, Piute~ like a statue,
    was captivated by something in his gaze,
    intently watching far off, in the smoky
    and fire orange morning haze.
    I approached.. a kind “good morning”
    would I pay, but instead watched in awe~
    for he’d simply gone to another world
    the wind, the moon and the sun away.
    Perhaps he remembered running as a
    young stallion in his Wyoming band..
    For he stood alert~ searching and listening
    the mustang way, to this new land.
    He seemed almost content that first day,
    gazing over that wide open view~
    excited with the scent of the woods,
    the grass and this big sky, to him all new.
    The hawk came back and circled Piute and me
    that same day and even a few times more~
    to remind me where this horse had come from,
    just as he’d done the day before.
    But lately I’ve hardly seen him, remembering
    how he’d dipped and soared above~
    Maybe it’s because he and the moon know
    that the mustang is home and is loved.
    Kimberly Sheppard

  32. For the last week i have been seeing all sorts of hawks while driving to work. Mostly red-tailed hawks, but today i saw a Bald Eagle just sitting in a tree. What are they trying to tell me??

  33. I’m a long distance runner and during my daily jog, a Hawk flew up from behind a concrete wall in my city neighborhood where there was a small field and construction going on, perched itself on top and just looked around. The Hawk was very close to me and unafraid of my presence. I came to a halt, and just stood in awe of what I’m seeing and how close this “Bird of Prey” was to me! The Hawk spread its wings and moved over a bit on the wall and just looked around (3minutes total) and flew down the back side of the wall to finish hunting, so I began to finish my run. Hawks are common here in Texas and I see them all the time but NEVER this close.

  34. Author, will you or anyone else please tell me what you thinnk of this? I dreamed there was a hawk in a tree with a large baby hawk on its back. There was a biologist there who wanted to relocate the chicks. I advocated for waiting a couple of more weeks so that chick could mature. In the dream, I walked right up to the hawks and was surprised they let me. My 17 year old son is about to go to college and also just starting to drive, so I think this is related to that. I pay close attention to birds in my awake life, but have never felt connected to hawks. Is it a warning, or a change is good message? Thank you!

  35. I love the definition of the hawk and also of the wolf. Your site is the first I’ve come across that actually makes more sense. So thank you for that. My main animal totem is the Hawk. The first time I’ve really took notice was a about 4yrs ago, I was having some issues and I was heartbroken and I didn’t know how to deal with it. I had taken my daughter to school one morning and I was driving home and I started crying and couldn’t stop. I was driving on a rural road so hardly anyone was on the road. I guess I was going like 15miles on a 40miles zone. All of the sudden I look up in front of me is a hawk, slowing flying on top of me. I stopped crying and just smiled, I was filled with calm and peace. She was guiding me home. From then on anytime I’m feeling sad or something isn’t going right, she shows up to let me know that everything is going to be ok. I’m right here to guide you home always… I’ll alwys be by your side. I used to live in Colorado and I’m from Arizona. So anytime I drove back to AZ there would be at least 5 black hawks that would fly home with me. It is awesome. My main hawk is the red-tail hawk, she just showed up again (she knew I needed her medicine) here in the city just recently and I love them dearly. They even helped me find a new place to live. I’m so grateful for thier guidance. Thank you for letting me share.

  36. My fiancé and I got into a huge argument the other day and ended our relationship. Last night him and I were talking and declared our love for each other still but we are both nervous we’ll never be the same. Today while I was listening to music and thinking about the what ifs when a heard a loud thud against my window. I went out to investigate and saw a hawk sitting on my fence and I live in town it stayed and we watched each other for awhile. It was an amazing and heart opening experience!

  37. heather robinson on said:

    im part native american, my grandma is full. i live in the city, just two blocks from the main street. a hawk flew into my living room window. when i went to see what hit my window and seen it was a hawk since it was on the roof a few feet from the window, it turned it’s head and just stared at me. what are the odd’s, i feel it looked right into me, my soul. and i cant seem to shake it was for a reason. what could this be??

  38. Hello first thank u for taking the time to help us all understand what the hawk represents in out life. Ive lived in California for 3 1/2 yrs now. About 1 1/2 ago I was sitting at the park by my house in deep thought and confusion and this hawk landed above my head on a street light and stared at me for a long period of time I knew that it was a powerful sign but didn’t know what.. I would go running in the morning sometime and I would see it glide above me. One afternoon I went to a open field to just clear my thoughts and I saw a hawk allowing the wind to guide it. The hawk just glided in the air for about 20 -30 mins in the same area. It was amazing. last month I saw a hawk glide across the highway when I was getting off an exit the hawk glided really close to my car. Every so often when I walk out to my car I see the hawk in front of me on the street light across the street.. Today when I was leaving to work my neighbor was outside and said to me that hawk has been sitting on the street sign and facing us directly. I laughed and told her it was my guardian angel A while back ago I was meditating and I saw a vision of human like guardian warriors morphing into hawks and eagles.. I was in need of clarity and went on a jog and a little bird flew across about 10 inches above me. I have a co-worker that said that when a bird is not afraid to fly near you its because you have a good or pure spirit. Am I going crazy???

    • You are going sane, keep paying attention to the raptors. And what else would you do with someone who keeps trying to be your friend, except say Hi to them if you appreciate and enjoy their company?
      Remember, Hawk can see. You can make subtle finger motions to gently say hi without sending too much power out of the center of your palm, and startle it away.
      The outward expressions of our thoughts and feelings are only the means of communications, the actual words are inside. This is how man speaks with flora and fauna. Focus on whatever you wish to communicate with your hawk, then make a subtle finger, hand, face, ot head motion.
      Hawk sees, he will understand your intent.
      From there, learn his silent language of wings. Remember, he is a prince and a king in the sky.

  39. Over the past few years I’ve had multiple strange encounters with hawks. It all started with a pair of hawks that lived in my yard (bordering on woods). They hung out on the elctrical wires and on one occasion one of them flew to three different windows in my house, following me from room to room. He hovered at each window for a while and then flew off. It was really exciting for me, as I had really come to enjoy watching them around my yard. After some months they disappeared and I miss seeing them outside.

    Since then, while running I’ve been attacked by a hawk on three occasions…literally buzzing (hitting) my head, swooping and coming back to buzz me multiple times so that I ran for cover, and on one occasion someone ran to assist me.

    What do I make of this?

      • The white owl and red hawk are brothers. You may not have caused the death of owl but you are responsible for restoring the balancing.
        White Owl asks this of you Red Hawk demands this of you.
        This will remain with you the rest of your days until you make peace with your totem and build a home for White Olw to return to then Red Hawk will mind your personal space again.

    • Build an owl box high in your neighborhood. A barn owl will move in and balance your hawks.

      These hawks are asking for your help to heal their local land. You are not paying attention and you frustrate your hawk tutors.

      Remember, you talked to them first, you asked them a question. This is their answer. Would you try to change such an ancient spirit?

      Let your birds fly, share your sky. Oh, and people like to be treated better like this too.

      Those windows work both ways and are nature’s opportunity to safely look at you. Remember the birds and the bees. If you see more than two, there must be a nest nearby. They want to make sure that you will not disturb their young.

      I would pay attention and assure them that you are at peace and will cause them no harm inside your spirit.

  40. I was driving on I95 South Maryland with my Children when suddendly I saw a hawk flying towards my vehicle. I thought okay birds of the air, it will fly away. Instead, the hawk hit the side mirror of my vehicle. My side mirror closed and bread and the outer cover of the side mirror fell off. The hawk was dead by the road side. I do not undersatand the meaning of this.
    Thank you.

    • Any time a raptor throws itself to abandon in front of a person, the spirit of the bird fathers are asking you to slow down in life and remember that all death is avoidable in the spiritual sky.
      You were chosen to help that one hawk transition, do this in your night dreams. Beyond that this is your wake up call to talk with your children about death, spirit, immortality, and loving charity.
      All is balanced, build an owl box high in a tree. White Owl will move in during the night and call his brother Red Hawk to live again during the day.

      • Never assume anything about the sky. You have a duty to life to watch out for the weaker spirits like the hawk. You must give the bird a clear sky to fly in or it will only end up colliding with this hard temporal world.

  41. I forgot to mention that I lost my baby brother to death on the 13th of August 2012, and on the 10th of September 2012 my 2 years old son was drowned in the swimming pool. On Sunday the 16th of December 2012, my friends daughter dreamt that she saw me weeping at the hospital over the death of a man she calaim was close to me. Though she could not see the face of the dead man. Remember my encounter with the hawk was on the 15th of December, 2012.Please help me. Thanks…Martina

    • Understand the immortality of Spirit. Your totem is reminding you of what you posses, fantastic perception -hawk eye, if only you would liven up yourself and look around. Take your time in the real world or all you will see is death. Remember, if you were driving cautious and looking out for others, would you have breaked for the hawk?
      How did your child get to the pool? Where were your strong eyes? You have strong hawk eyes, strong hawk Heart. Use them to see more, know more, preserve more. Its ok, you are ok sister.

      • I know that you see how that hawk is still with you in spiritual form, the Great Sky Father has allowed this one hawk to sacrifice itself on your path to show you how all of your loved ones still live on spiritualy after experiencing temporal death.
        See the hawk spirit in your mind’s eye, see your beloved dead. See how neither the hawk or your beloved dead hold any bitterness towards you because of their present state of being. See their peace, forgiveness, love, and charity.

        See that They chose this destination, to help you on your eternal spiritual path. You did not choose their fate and not have prevented any of their deaths. They chose to die in your sight, so that you may see life from here on, and choose life eternally.

  42. Today at dawn I was in bed playing lazy and pretending to stay in bed for a while while a loud screech in my window called me. It was very automatic so I didn’t realise it was an animal but someone calling me. So I go to the 27th floor window and open it and the hawk stopped crying and flew towards the sun. I started my prayers afterwards. It is funny because a lot of changes and challenges are ahead changing country and job.

  43. I saw the saddest thing today. I was riding with my friend and we were chatting and laughing. I hadn’t seen her for awhile and bumped into her at the store. It was an amazing coincidence because toI needed a ride home and poof there she was. She made a wrong turn and I mentioned it and we laughed.

    We drove a little ways to find a turn around spot and I saw a hawk flying down toward the road then back up to the sky. It did this several times. All conversation stopped as I was distracted wondering “what was that about”. We came over a rise in the road and another hawk was dead in the road. I got goosebumps and asked my friend to be careful not to hit it. The silence brought about by that sight was powerful and I felt so sad for that hawk in the road. The feeling that I’d been delivered a message or saw an omen was also powerful.

    As I thought about “what could that mean” I realized that I had been seing a lot of hawks lately. Earlier in the week I went out on to the porch to have my morning tea and smoke one flew by and landed in the trees about 50 feet away. I’ve seen him sitting in the trees several times since then. I have 2 big dogs who run free and another guest dog who is also large and that hawk just sat there in the tree while the dogs ran all around on more than one occasion. Also earlier in the week I saw another dead hawk in the road.

    I read through your site and found some insite- I wonder if you could offer some additional wisdom?


    • More than one dead means your neighborhood needs to be strengthened. Build an owl box so Red Hawk’s brother White Owl may come and restore order to the night. Then the land will be strong for the Red Hawk in the day.
      We are stewards, husbands, and helpers of the land. These two deaths are your first assignment from the sky. 🙂

  44. Hi. I would like some insight on the Hawk and Eagle. Nearly everywhere I go or lived, I see these birds. I have lived in about 8 different US States and there was the bird(s). I pray often and I feel as though I have a strong connection with the Lord, and God. I do mt best to try to practice my christianity. Does this mean anything. Other people I know have made comments on this because it has become increasingly obvious to even them. Can anyone offer me some insight/ meaning to this significance. I appreciate your response. ALso the other day I watched a hawk in my backyard land on a bird fly away with it and a few hours later I say a dead bird half eaten in a different spot where the Hawk caught it. Can anyone tell me what this means? Thank You

    • A true priest is also a falconer, watching the raptors not just all birds. Read everything in your Bible about birds. You will understand the answer you seek. Some birds are clean, some are unclean by nature. Why? Yes, your hawks and eagles you see are the same raptors God spoke of when he said, “Wherever there is a carcass, there the raptors will be gathered.” And also, “Why look you for the living amongst the dead?”

  45. Hello

    I am pregnant and due ANY minute now. I was driving north and came to a RR tracks where I was stopped at a red light. I looked to my right and saw a Hawk flying but was paused in mid air by flapping it’s wings ( I hope you can understand what I’m describing). All of a sudden it dove down into the grass field and then dipped back and looked straight at me. When it dipped back up it perched itself on the tree, looked at me then looked south. I was hoping you would be able to help interpret this for me.

    Thank you kindy

  46. When I was 16 my husband (yes married at 16) found a Hawk with a broken leg, now this is 29 years ago..anyway he brought it home. He got a big cage and we were nursing her/him to health. I never liked the idea of keeping the Hawk. Anyway the Hawk would sit on our hand, shoulder..etc. I have dreams that actually come true, a lot. This was more of a knowing as I awoke..I told my husband that the Hawk was dead..he said I was crazy..I said it is dead lets go see..sure enough the Hawk was dead. Prior to this I had seen Hawks everywhere as a child and I mean everywhere…anyway..I do believe that night the Hawk had spoken to me in my dream. I have always felt a connection since then, and never knew a thing about spirit animals.

  47. I had a very sad experience today. The hawk has come to me many times in my life. I have always felt that it was providing me a message. Where I live I have hawks visit me. They however seem to come when it appears to be a message or a feeling of protection. Today when I returned home I puled into my garage and put the door down. I was unloading groceries and I heard a large crash off what sounded to be the garage door. I was at first startled and worried it might be something or someone. I then went outside to see what it was and found a beautiful hawk laying in my driveway and there was blood. I was not sure at first if he was dead or not so I wrapped him in a towel and brought him into the garage. I then realized he was gone. I am so sad. I have a great love for animals and especially birds and most of all Hawks. I rescue exotic birds and I have always been drawn to Hawks and Crows. I treasure them and believe they are messengers. Please help me understand why this has happened. I have thanked him and blessed him, but I am so torn on the meaning of his death. It seems so weird and out of this world that he would have even flown into the garage. What message was he telling me?

    • He is telling you to see beyond the veil of death and into the spiritual. He has asked to to help him transition from this life, he will in return help you see the spiritual by showing himself to you in his spiritual form while you rest, meditate, or dream.
      He is reminding you that death is never the end…

  48. I rescued a huge hawk from the middle of a busy intersection, her wing was seriously injured. I had to put my hazard lights on, jump out there & rescue her. I couldn’t just watch her get hit by another car. After about 10 min of the hawk defending itself, i was finally able to put her in my car. I drove with the hawk about 5 miles to an emergency animal hospital. She just sat there and looked at me the whole time. I made it just in time to save her. She was very vicious at first, but somebody had to step up & save the beautiful hawk, or just ignore the issue at hand & wait for the worse to happen. What does this mean?.

    • The hawk is your Earth, it is ancient spirit of the sky. You said it yourself, “somebody had to…”
      You are that somebody, applaud yoirself and stay the path of nurture and care. You did the right thing, but be careful, both the civilized streets and the wild sky are dangerous. Remain in touch with that peace and strength that saved the hawk, and you will help lead this world to a better tomorrow.

  49. Jeannine on said:

    While driving my car, a hawk, carrying a fox squirrel, flew across the road in front of me. It was only few feet in front of the car, at eye level, and seemed to flying in slow motion, lol. Wondering what the spiritual meaning of this could be? Thanks for your insight.

    • The early bird gets the squirrel. No joke, this hawk was boasting to you about its catch. Learn to acknowledge the personality of every individual bird and you will hear what each is saying more. They’re people too and talk for themselves. He was wishing you happy hunting. 🙂

  50. amanda b on said:

    Okay this is such a strange thing.. today 1/7/13 I took my kids and dog out sledding. All of a sudden the dog takes off.. I finally see why and its a large bird flying low.. I hit the shock collar buttons calling her back and she stops. The kids go to check and make sure she doesn’t get the bird. The kids come back holding the bird. I am certain it was a Hawk but don’t want to say anything to the kids. The bird walks up to my hand and we look eye to eye for a long period I see ruffled feathers on its wing, I softly talk to the bird as I touch its wing and immediately the bird talks back I tell it, it will be fine and I just need to know is this where it is hurt. Thinking I need to call my vet. We load the dog take some pictures with it and the bird is silent. Still not telling the kids its a Hawk. I touch its wing again and it talks again. I try to give the bird to the kids and it walks up my arm. very kind and gentle very soft eyes. I then ask it for its wing so I can if the span is there or if there is pain the bird allows be to open both wings and it puts them back. We take more photos. the Dog is sticking its head over my seat in the truck and the bird just looks at it. The kids want to bring it home and I know in my heart its a Hawk but not sure I still say no we better let it go and if it don’t fly then we will take it to the vet so my son takes it (we take another photo) he does a swoosh with his arm and off flies the bird in perfect flight up to a tree. I post photos on fb and instantly I am told by several people its a Hawk. I call fish and game they say since it flew off it will be okay and we did nothing wrong. But my ex was told his symbol was the Hawk and since we broke up 5 years ago every now and then I see a Hawk it use to freak me out now I just think of the ex.. But this was way crazy cool.. 10 to 15 minutes with this Female Hawk (I know by the color) walking around on my arm and my kids’ too.. anyone wanna give me some insight.. I am part Indian though my great grandmother was adopted we don’t know the tribe we assume French Indian or French Cherokee if there is such a thing.. I don’t know anything about their beliefs but this is enough to make me… thank you

    • White Owl and Red Hawk are balance in nature, night and day sight and hearing. All hawks know their mother, you have been their mother since forever. Your ex was drawn to you for whatever it was you needed from each other, nothing more. Yes he may have had the spirit of the hawks, but like I said, the hawks were with you before he was, so ignore him however you wish. But respect your raptor children. You know I’m not talking in fairy tails. You know your ancestors, the tribe or band is not as important as the Great Spirit. Read up on all native knowledge of raptors. You already have your answer within you.

  51. I stumbled upon this site while looking up the totem symbol. As I read through some of the responses, I read an entry by, Chris. It touched me because I too had a similar experience in Sept. 2010. I was called away from my class to take a call in the principal’s office only to learn that my husband was involved in an accident and I need to get to the hospital as soon as possible. After what seemed an extremely long wait the attending came and told me my husband has passed. He believed it was a heart attack. It took several days for me to wrap my head around this devastating news and wanted to visit the site and the man that tried to help while waiting for the EMT. I took several of my family and friends to the spot where my husband collapsed and was able to talk to the gentlemen. During our conversation, the gentlemen stopped and remarked that a hawk was sitting on the back of my Tahoe. The vehicle was parked next to the area where my husband was found. I whipped around to see this beautiful and majestic creature looking at us. I was waiting for a sign that my husband was at peace and the minute I saw this red tail hawk I knew this was my sign. My husband loved large birds of prey and the hawk was his favorite. Whenever he saw a hawk hovering he would point out the bird. After this sighting, I was visited for several days by a hawk, once perched in the tree out in front of my home and once again on a neighbor’s home the day of my husband’s funeral. I have found great peace in this beautiful and graceful bird. I have hawks all around my classroom that my students made in honor of my husband. Thank you for site.

  52. Yesterday a saw a bird fall from the sky and land on a lawn chair outside. I went outside because he did not get up and fly away immediately. He was obviously injured as he let me come close. I grabbed a towel and picked him up to inspect his wings for injury. After not noticing anything wrong, and him not appearing to recover back to full activity I grabbed a box and brought him inside to call an animal rescue place. I noticed as I was on hold that he was sort of aloof and not really aware like before. His eyes stared right through me and it was unaware of my presense. It was weird but I had a feeling he was going to die. Sure enough, a few minutes later he had some convulsions, went limp, and passed away. I felt some really weird connection with this bird and wonder of the meaning of my path crossing with the hawk and me being present for when its spirit left its body.

    • The meaning of you being present at its death, is that you were present! You were fully in the “now” in the moment when nature made its natural transition. You still see the hawk spiritually, whenever they choose to die in the presence of a person, they are showing the immortality of spirit.

      Always remember what you felt and experienced and you will understand it more every day.

  53. In the last few weeks there has been a hawk sitting on the building right behind my house in the morning time and through out the day time. I read what it represents and can completely connect with how it connects with me. Is it normal to have a hawk show up everyday? Does the fact that it is there every day, just facing me when I come outside have another meaning?

  54. I’m not really into all these, but my recent encounters with several hawks got me thinking. I walk around a lot. And last night on my way home, a hawk flew about 10 feet from me. And anither a few days ago. Right above my head. Is there any meanung to it?

    • The meaning is that you already chose to be “into” this reality, birds and all. Honor their individuality and spirit and they will respect your personal path. Since you do not acknowledge them as they know themselves to truly be, they want to take a closer look at you to see if you are a threat to their peace or not. Make them a friend and ally, you will never regret it.

  55. Hello, yesterday I stepped outdoors and instantly spotted the old red cardinal that has been around the house for many years, sitting on a backyard fence behind which is field/woods. At that almost split second what looked to be a juvenile hawk or peregrine falcon swooped in and caught the cardinal, dragging it to the ground… pitiful cries insued, the hawk left with him–was upsetting to see. The friend who owns the house was very upset because she thinks the bird was her past partner in life. There are a mated pair of hawks that have been here a long time, but this one looked smaller. This morning at the birdfeeder there was a juvenile red cardinal.
    Can you give me some possible analysis of what all of this could mean?
    We believe strongly in animal guides. Also, the house is on land previously inhabited by Native Americans(Tennessee); I found part of a spearhead 2 days ago on a hillside by the house-I took it to show my friend and put it back after the bird incident. Thank you for any insight you can give me.
    I’ve enjoyed reading this blog, fascinating!

    • I forgot to mention that last night a bat was inside the garage flying around, and everytime I opened the door it made a beeline to get in,,, there are bats that have lived around the house for years.

    • Circle of life is unavoidable and the more we accept it the more we can see past it and into the eternity of spiritual life.

  56. I saw a hawk this morning while I was having breakfast sitting on a tree outside. I pointed him out to my husband (we are currently separating). We looked at him for a while and then he flew away. Isnt rare for them to come so close to people? The tree was very short and directly outside my dining room window. Is it significant that it was so close?

    • It is asking and wondering why you two are separating because that is unusual behavior for mates of his nature.

  57. Hi, I just saw what I think is a hawk and took a picture of it. I was coming off an off ramp which comes to a stop light. As I stopped, it flew down and landed right on the “wrong way” sign (ironically), very close to my car. I had time to take the pic and edited it, it looks awesome. I am still unsure if its a hawk. I *think* it is. I have been going thru a lot mentally, with grief in particular, wanting to find time to start meditating. I am not so much trying to make an important decision in my life though right now. I’m all about positive change, and becoming more spiritual, an all around better person. It kinda freaks me out that the hawk was on the wrong way sign, however, the sign WAS facing the opposite way of me, so maybe that experience was actually positive (trying to be optimistic here). Any thoughts appreciated. Would love to share the photo.

    • Of couse it was positive! Remeber, Hawk sees. So it was showing you that you are already on the Right way if you keep going forward. The wrong way is behind you. Take self assurance in your goals. As one draws nearer to God, God draws nearer to you.

      • Anom,
        You seem very enthusiastic and motivated to reply to reader’s inquiries but you’ve left no email address so you can in turn be notified of responses.

        Also, in your email to me you did not use a valid address.

        • I wish to remain anonymous so readers are not distracted from the falcons. I am just a messenger who has made brothers with White Owl and Red Hawk.
          I can say nothing that they cant say better themselves 🙂

          • No problem. If you’d like to correspond, or moderate for comments in the future, feel free to email me using the contact form.

            Thank you for the energy you’ve expended on behalf of the readers!

  58. remain anonymous please on said:

    Immediately after a drunk driver killed my sister, I began having a repeated dream of a Native female running on a meadow cliff, she joined up with a running Native male and the two of them were all of a sudden on top of two pintos, the pintos galloped to the edge of the cliff and leaped off, as the pintos were just to descend the male and his pinto turned into one Eagle, as did the female and her pinto. The Eagles flew freely around until I awoken. I should mention my sister and her fiancé were both on a Harley Davidson when they were killed. The previous dream lasted for years until I met my recent husband.

    Close to six years ago I began seeing, in Spirit, a Native male in three different forms.

    -Form 1: Male, wears a breechclout, apron panel, porcupine headdress and leather foot coverings that I could never make completely out except for the leather. This native has two blood dripping bear paw symbols on both sides of the chest and stands proud with a type of staph or long stick with leather wrappings that lead to the top of the staph/stick and ends with large feathers, rattler’s shakes and what appears to be reddish clay beads. He looks intently at or towards me with Wolf at his right side.

    -Form two: Same male, ceremonial clothing or regalia which appears white in color and he pounds his staph/stick to the ground at the end of the rhythm beautiful Wolf leaves the Natives right side crosses in front of the Native and then takes off running. Once Wolf is at an extreme pace, it leaps into the air where it shape shifts into Eagle and soars around for a few minutes before disappearing into the beyond.

    -Form three: Same male but this time he is wearing the headdress of a wolf. So it appears that a wolf has been skinned and this Native male wears the full wolf with the head on top of his head and the body of the wolf flows down the Natives backside. The native has on a leather breechclout; the leather strapping footwear and the staph/stick is still present.

    After my brother-committed suicide Hummingbird came to visit and stayed for many years. I’ve had hummingbird around daily, sometimes hourly. I can recall a few times when Hummingbird would fly near my right ear as though to tell a secret and a few other times when Hummingbird would fly directly overhead so close I could feel the wind from the rapidly beating wings. One morning Hummingbird was to sit close to me on a flower and started making its bird sounds and it was like she whispered her name to me … Maggie… and from that morning on I would greet her, “Good morning, Maggie.” Maggie gave me great joy. I loved watching her make a nest in the old pine in the back garden. I would constantly watch her and the nest until the babies were to hatch and eventually take flight. I was able to get close enough for video taping of this magnificent creature and her world. In the last year or so it appears as though Hummingbird, Maggie, has settled on visiting less often, however Hawk has been visiting in an unusually open way, landing very close to me and walking around looking at me as though Hawk is asking, “Do you see me?” I’ve captured beautiful images of both, Hummingbird and Hawk. I’ve seen Hawk a bit more in the last few months give or take a week or two; just this morning January 15th 2013, Hawk flew over the fence line and landed on one of the dog-ear panels turning to stare intently in my direction just before taking flight and swooping down at me and flying off to a tree in which I believe he has taken territory of because I often see Hawk there. When the transition from Hummingbird to Hawk took place I began to think of the past and the future, so much so I began to clear out all the old in order to let in the new. I stopped seeing the Native about the time I started seeing Hawk, however I can still sense his presence at times or I see him in different items.
    I’m not sure what to think of the entire new happenings, I surely have taken notice and been in much deeper thoughts as of late. I think Hawk has given insight because I am a born empath, medium/psychic and a healer, although I do not like to use my healing abilities often because I become sick immediately after a healing ‘session’. Anyways, to get on, I recently was asked to use my mediumship abilities to help out a young family with concerns from a purportedly haunted house and of course I obliged because there are children involved, making a longer story short I was told by the very people whom asked for my help that my knowledge of the situation without being told anything freaked them out. I took this deeply to heart because I don’t want to be a ‘freak’ I want to help those and give peace to others and if I can help the dead with relaying a communication or understanding, then it’s what I want to do. However, after the last situation I cried for a few days and Hawk was there each day to look deeply into me. What is it that Hawk is trying to rely? Why I’m I blocking the message? Is Hawk here to help with the insight of my abilities and acceptance of these abilities means I am fully accepting myself?
    I am aware that this post is extremely long compared to the others posted however I don’t think I could’ve received great insightful answers without sharing my heart.
    Thanks in advanced to anyone who may answer this post.

  59. This info has helped me out on a lot of insight of my life right now. Since June of last year I have seen dragon flies everywhere I was going. Then it gradually extended to rabbits, then spiders, and then it got really interesting when I had two visits of an owl, both at my house. Once the owl landed on my mail box during the day around 5:00pm. Then again another time in the evening when I pulled in the drive way, I noticed it on my roof top! Afterward a little time passed and I started seeing hawks everywhere I went. What could all this be meaning?

    • As you acknowledge nature, nature reveals itself in its balanced calm state. This means wherever you are doing, keep doing it! It is your peace that is drawning in the flora and fauna to your spirit. Keep your peace and the wild will eat out of your hand and let you pet it.

  60. My hawk experiences began two years ago when a hawk started appearing in our backyard eating birds who came to our feeders. The first time it happened, I came home mid-meal. Last month I was on the way to a friend’s funeral. I was to give the eulogy and I was very nervous and very sad. Almost to the church and sitting at a stop light, out of no where, a hawk swooped into the median, caught a mouse and then flew into the tree next to my car to begin eating it. I don’t live in a rural aware; I’m in the suburbs of Boston, but nearly every day I see at least one hawk. It’s been escalating, however. Yesterday I saw four within a 45 minute drive and today I saw 6 within a 30 minute drive! I’m begining to think I need to get the message soon or my life is going to resemble a Hitchcock film!! Your website has very much helped me begin to process the potential messages – thank you.

  61. I have been seeing a hawk lately, almost every I am driving. Generally it is sitting in a tree near the road or at the top of telephone pole. It usually lands near the road where I am driving and that can be either a side road or a busy interstate. This has been going on for months now. I decided to look it the meaning of the hawk and found your website. I kept having the feeling that the hawk was protecting me, but now I’m thinking it is sending me a message, but I am too…I don’t know, I guess I’m not getting the message.

  62. I have had many encounters with hawks throughout my life. I never thought much of it until recently. As a child, we had a nest of Kestrel hawks in the Joshua tree in our back yard. So, they were always around. One day, I heard a commotion and i went outside to see what it was. One of our dogs had a hawk cornered and was fighting it. I didn’t even think twice, I walked over and got in between the two animals and grabbed the hawk. It’s talons sunk into my hand and wrist immediately, but I didn’t let it go. I took it into the house and set it loose in the bathroom until the dog could calm down. I later got a pair of leather gloves and set it loose back into the yard. On a vacation in Cabo San Lucas, a kestrel hawk flew onto our balcony and just looked at us for a while before it flew away. I moved to the east coast and currently live in Washington DC where i hear and see hawks flying overhead daily. An adult Cooper’s hawk perched in a tree outside my dining room window last thanksgiving and stayed there throughout dinner. Yesterday as I was waiting for a bus in Dupont Circle, I heard a hawk’s cry and I looked up. What looked to me to be a juvenile Cooper’s Hawk was flying straight towards me. We looked each other in the eye, and before he collided with me he flew over my head and went into the tree behind me, then flew away. A friend of mine suggested this might be an omen, which is how i stumbled upon this site. I was wondering what the community and the author might think of these experiences, and if it is the spirit world trying to tell me something maybe offer some guidance in the right direction to focus my attention.

  63. I was hoping to find some answers about what I have experienced for almost 20 years now. I have had so many encounters with hawks, that I always sense when they are around. The first encounter I was actually attacked by a hawk, and now I am so afraid of them. They are beautiful though!!! after that first encounter, hawks seem to always fly close too me, or land right near me, and stare at me. I just don’t understand it.

  64. Could someone please help me? There has been a beautiful black hawk spending time on a line in my yard everyday for the last few months. At first I was the only one that was able to see it when ever someone else came in or stood by the window it would leave. Now it stays there, its not leaving like it use to. I cant help that this means something on a deeper level but I have no clue.

    • Read the above totem. What does your hawk remind you of? Remember their power is ancient.

  65. The last couple of months have been extremely stressfull with family issues. Yesterday as I was driving to work I looked up to the sky to see a gorgeous red tail hawk, being harrassed by about 8 crows. The crows were swooping and diving towards the hawk. During this assault the hawk was evading and dodging there attacks with such grace and ability. I stopped to see who else notice this spectacle but everyone seemed to not notice going on as nothing was happening. Later that night the same red tail visited me while out back at work it was preying on a dove but missed its meal for it noticed me and became side tracked. As I stood in awe as it sat perched on the 10 foot fence it turned to me. It looked straight at me did the bow which birds do. Then in a blink of an eye the hawk swooped down passing within inches of me about 4 feet off the ground whisped past me. We shared a look it was like I could of reached out and touched him. Then I excitedly turned in amazement just in time to see him miss another prey. Then perch in a tree giving me another nod then swooping down behind a building to catch dinner.

    • You did not realize how you helped him with the crows. He was thanking you. When human attention is focused on wild birds, their behavior changes no matter how high in the sky. Your attention distracted the crows and made them afraid that you were the hawk’s friend.

  66. I am a locomotive engineer and today while operating my train a retail hawk flew right into me train. It was a horrible feeling because I love wildlife and to see it end in such a sudden matter is not a good feeling. I hope nothing bad comes of this because it was not my intention to harm this beautiful bird.

    • No harm came to the hawk, it was sent to show you how life will transform itself on its own will and to explain how death is not evil

  67. Thank you for this information, it was the best page I found yet! My hawk story: I leave my back door open for my dogs to go in and out during the day. On wednesday, a red tail hawk flew into my house, and landed on top of my tv cabinet! I knew it was something special – a BIG sign… I wasn’t really thinking at the time, but of course, I took pictures of it sitting there first; then, I bumped its chest with my finger as I was taught to do with birds, and it let me. It climbed onto my finger then flew off. It was not someone’s pet, just a young hawk. I escorted him out of the house and then meditated on it. The next day, I was really expecting to see it come in again (for whatever reason), but I left on a three hour bike ride with a friend. We stopped at a heavily treed area (Los Patios, here in San Antonio, TX) to have some lunch, and whaddya know – another hawk landed RIGHT on the branch in front of me, and sat watching us eat! TWO hawk messages, one right after the other? Wow! A shaman friend of mine set up a session for me that coming sunday, to better learn what the message was. Earlier in the day on that Sunday, I was riding my bike along one of my favorite roads, looked up in the sky and saw 2 red tail hawks! I mean, WTF! They circled me twice, then took off north. I am amazed, grateful, and honored to have had this experience. The first hit I got wass that the hawks were sent by my mom and dad (both recently passed). I tell you what – I am paying attention! Any insight you’d like to give, I am open to receiving. Thanks for letting me share, and thanks again for the great info. Peace.

  68. I I have owned land for 43 years that I have considered myself a steward of rather than an owner. Yesterday I was walking the fields which I have in conservation to see where a surveyor had marked the propertiy lines as I have decided to pass the batton to the next steward of this land (the majority is in conservation). A calm came over me and I looked to the sky to see something I have never seen before over 70 hawks riding the thermals. It was magnificent.I watched them for 10 minutesminutes. Unbelievably correographed and fluid. I came home and googled hawk. Thank you for this information.

  69. Whenever I am walking around outside, or leaving a building, there always seems to be a hawk that flies over my head and lands on a tree. It happens every time that I am out and around. Does that mean anything in particular? I once had 2 hawks follow me home above my head. Can you expound on that? What would that mean?

  70. We moved to a new house this past Friday evening, and we weren’t able to do much on Friday night after the movers left other then make the bed and go to sleep. On Saturday am, we had to run out to pick up our cat who was being boarded for 2 days while we completed the move and closing. When we returned with our cat after being out for about an hour, we came home to a pair of hawks circling above our house.

    We have lots of hawks in our area (there are woods and fields all over this region of PA). The house we bought was empty for about 9 months before we moved in. It was amazing to see them check us out.

    As soon as we got in the door, we brought the cat up to our bedroom, shut the door and hungout with him for a while so he could adjust to the new place. My husband and I, were laying in our bed and talking, when we noticed the hawks were perched in the tree closest to the house, directly across from the window, just sitting there, really watching us.

    The hawks stayed for about an hour, just observing us. It felt as if it was their way of getting to know us and welcoming us to the neighborhood. I am thrilled we got the hawk eyes on us, it was very peaceful and spirtual. (we even followed up the hawk watch with smuding the house, feeling very cleansed right now)

  71. Nancy Brown on said:

    I have had several incidents lately involving hawks. I live in a suburbon housing development. I have seen the hawk(s) on my fence and in my yard. One day it was just standing in the middle of the front yard just looking at the house. When I saw it, it didn’t fly away instantly, our eyes met for a second, then it flew. I seem to notice hawks in trees or flying a lot. I was up at 3:00am this morning when I heard a squealing noise in the front yard. When I moved the blind to look, I saw something fly away and the noise stopped. I went outside with a flashlight, but found nothing in the area of the noise. Is the hawk trying to get my attention? I have read the hawk symbolizes a need for higher perspective. Do hawks hunt at night? I appreciate your help. Thank you. Peace.

  72. Alright I’ve on two occasions seen a pair of hawks mating. What’s the spiritual significance of that? I’ve asked a few other people and they don’t really know but they believe it’s of great importance.

  73. Feb 25, 2013
    I have been seeing Hawks everywhere lately…when I’m driving , when I’m walking, they seem to come very close to me so that I can see them very clearly..this has been happening for several months but seems to have increased in the last few months. Do you have any insight on this.

    • Come close to them, inside.

      According to the locals, the red tail hawk and the barn owl are nature’s expression of balance and harmony between the spirit rhelms. Both birds can be found out and active any time of day or night but the hawk rules the day and the owl the night.
      They are the only two species of raptors that share hunting and breedng territory. Hawk has great vision to see beyond the glare of midday sun and owl has great hearing to listen beyond the dark veil of night. Hawk eats daytime vermin like serpents, owl eats nighttime vermin like rats.
      If you see redtail, think of his cousin the ghost owl, when you see ghost owl think of his brother redtail.
      Without redtail and ghost owl, vermin serpents and pestilence flourish. Wave at red tail flying high, he will wave back. Whistle to ghost owl veiled in the night, she will sing back.
      The locals say, “As long as the raptor flies free in the skies, there is no need to worry.”

  74. I had a dream – astral – they’ve happened ….
    It was a long one –
    In brief – I was in a place – a bird had built a nest near people – there were chicks in the nest . A woman tried to take the nest – birds flew. I tried to he’ll bird – he was big. I showed him the door out, but seizing there was no ceiling – stopped . Walked into old street. The bird – now clearer as a hawk comes to sit on my right hand – I feel it’s gallons – then another – does the same on my left hand. I see the talons but not afraid.
    I sense my wife is near – sat … you take this picture….
    From my left a man walks along side me. He tells me of of many things – past encounters, my true name and a bit more.
    I must say – I was a white eagle a long time ago – now more a hermit. I’m 45 English, live in holland . I have an understanding with birds, mostly blackbirds and a robin –
    Sounds insane I know,
    Ideas welcome
    Now I’ve got to bookmark this site in case anyone replies. Mmmmm
    Email, if u have some ideas – I’m not dangerous ! Just English lol

  75. No replies then, but thanks to admin for removing my email address – any guru’s out there

  76. Stephanie on said:

    I was walking in and I came across a dead Hawk on the pavement its wings completely fanned out like it was flying there was also a dead mouse next to it. Above the dead hawk there was another hawk pearched on the telephone pole screaming it went on for over an hour. It was like the Hawk was screaming for the loss of the other hawk. I had seen these two hawks all the time while I was out walking in the months before. After that day I found the dead hawk I would walk by it and the other hawk was still perched above on the pole would let out screach every once in a while. The other hawk was there for several days and then it was done as the body of the dead hawk decayed away.

  77. Jessica on said:

    One of my first experiences with a hawk was shortly before my dad died January 2012. I came outside and heard a hawk cry and went straight into a vision. Next thing I know I was with a woman in full Native Ceremonial Garb in a huge field in Oklahoma. Which is interesting because I have never been to Oklahoma. I warned my dad because I have never had an experience like that before and I knew that it was beautiful, but I knew my dad was sick. After that I had tons of dreams with Native Americans in it, every time with a hidden message. I have not had any visions or dreams since my dad past, but the red tails remain. Every time I’m sad, fighting with my boyfriend, ask for guidance…..I see them everyday. I pay attention but no other signs have been given. Not sure what to make of it, any thoughts?

  78. According to the locals, the red tail hawk and the barn owl are nature’s expression of balance and harmony between the spirit rhelms. Both birds can be found out and active any time of day or night but the hawk rules the day and the owl the night.
    They are the only two species of raptors that share hunting and breedng territory. Hawk has great vision to see beyond the glare of midday sun and owl has great hearing to listen beyond the dark veil of night. Hawk eats daytime vermin like serpents, owl eats nighttime vermin like rats.
    If you see redtail, think of his cousin the ghost owl, when you see ghost owl think of his brother redtail.
    Without redtail and ghost owl, vermin serpents and pestilence flourish. Wave at red tail flying high, he will wave back. Whistle to ghost owl veiled in the night, she will sing back.
    The locals say, “As long as the raptor flies free in the skies, there is no need to worry.”

  79. Kristina on said:

    I often walk in this section of Houston that is very old and very beautiful – like an oasis in the desert.It is in the center of the city, where giant mansions are built on either side of these huge bloulevards. The most beautiful giant pin oak trees not only line the boulevards but there are also giant medians on both sides of which are also these giant pin oaks. In the center of the medians a brick pathway has been built for all to walk down. The occasional magnolia tree lines the way as well. Over the last ten years, the yellow crested and black crested herons have slowly come to roost, and have finally succeeded into making it their summer home, their summer rookery. I often see them and collect their feathers. Almost every day for the last year, I walk through this neighborhood and breathe and pray. About one month ago, I thought I saw my first falcon fly overhead.

    Today for the first time, I couldn’t believe my eyes, I saw a red tailed hawk cooling its feet in a pool of water that had collected along one side of the street. The weather here has been beautiful- bright, sunny, clear, warm, with perfect breezes- though it was a little a hot for an April day! I almost didn’t recognize the hawk as she (at least I think it was a female) was not quite mature, but there was no mistaking the markings, the coloring, the beak, the shape and wingspan (after she flew off) and the tail feathers. She flew off when I tried to get close – so perhaps that is my message? To stop trying so much, stop pushing and it will come- i.e., just be who I am? Hawk has appeared at different times in my life- in Egypt with a feather near the place where Moses was drawn out of the water- a feather at my school when I was having such a hard time (and then things got better). Many times I see a mated pair flying overhead in my neighborhood. I don’t know if hawk is my totem, for I also find owl feathers, and have seen the occasional eagle and recently falcons (they have shorter wingspans and different markings). I am drawn to so many animals – like a mother, how can one say one child is more dear to her than the other?

  80. I live in a high rise on the water in Florida and have a small 11pound dog-Zeus.
    In the past few months I have been very aware of a hawk who has followed us while we are walking, perched on the building next to us, and once or twice soared toward us while I was walking my dog. I have been consciously aware of the hawk and watching him from afar and and a bit afraid that my dog may be in danger on the balcony. Today, the hawk, who I have noticed a lot in the distance in the last few weeks, was hanging out on the railing of my balcony. My dog was not home so there was no comotion. I stared at the hawk thru the glass for a few minutes and he
    stared back, strong and deliberate (no fear).He let me take numerous pictures. I must admit I was a bit scared esp. thinking he would choose to come back and hang on my balcony and hurt my dog. I pounded on the window and the hawk stared straight at me.
    Right before I saw the hawk this morning I was locked in complete indescion about my entire life and direction. I can’t remember a time in my 55 years that I was this confused and indecisive about what path, spiritual pursuit or retreat to take. When my housekeeper opened the door and yelled, the hawk flew away.
    I admit I was scared. In the past year, when my dad died I had another encounter in Tuscon where a hawk was soaring above me getting closer and closer and I was alone on a mountain and had fear. After mom died and I was in the same desert, an Eagle sored above me for awhile and it felt consoling and beautiful.
    Tonight I found your site. Thank you.
    What is the hawk trying to communicate to me, and why am I experiencing fear. In many of the posts, I do not see a lot of fear.
    Thank you for any thougths.

  81. Hello,

    What wonderful info on your site. Thank you. I found it while searching for info on a spectacular dream I had last night. I dreamt that I was walking alone with a hood on in the opposite direction of a Native American (I have a small amount and have always felt a connection) and white people procession. Next thing I was jumping into the sky from above and thought “have faith” and ended up in a hawk body and powerfully rode the winds of the sky.
    I feel very connected to birds and always try to hear what they are telling me and feel a strong connection to crows, hawks and blue jays. I live in a concrete jungle now and miss seeing them on a daily basis.
    Do you feel there was anything than the obvious my dream was trying to tell me?

  82. Mackenzie on said:

    Hi. I am very new to this, and have been r-searching hawks since my experience. Yesterday I wanted to do something for someone else, and really wasn’t sure if I should or not. But i decided to do it, and sent a special message up with the project I had put together. I really didn’t know where I should send up the project, but I decided to send it up near my friends house, and its in a very special and in a peaceful are.. I was sad driving up, but drove up there anyways. Once I sent up the message, I noticed a hawk that flew right by me… I was so surprised and shocked because I have never been so close to a hawk before. It circled above me a couple times, and then it finally flew away.
    Then today, I was so happy to see a hawk, I drove back up to the spot where I sent the message, but didn’t see anything. I waited for a while, and decided to leave. Maybe an hour later, I was back at my house, and was heading back inside, and I looked out the window and saw “another hawk!” I wasn’t sure if it was the same one or not, but it was at my right shoulder, and it cried out to me. Minutes later it flew away, it was so close I was able to see the design of the feathers.
    I understand now that hawks are messengers and protectors. Would love a message back.

  83. This morning on my daily walk, I found an entire left red-tailed hawk wing. We have lots of them around; live in the country, and I find feathers frequently, but this was a first. No body, no other feathers around. I do have a painful issue of being separated from my dear (now 12 y/o) grandson/soulmate for almost 2 years, and do a lot of Spiritual work around it — intention, crystals, Reiki, etc. I have been close to despair of late. Any symbolism to finding this wing? Thank you. Susan

  84. I should also mention that Seth is very Spiritual; he has been called an “old soul” by several readers who also say he and I have had many very close lifetimes together. He understands auras, energy movement, flower essences, angels, etc. Hawk and Swallowtail butterfly were always two symbols we “shared” He loves flight; wants to be a pilot. Thank you, Susan

  85. Cathy M. Williams on said:

    Dear Author
    Thank you so much for this site. I have had hawk spirit for years since 1998 but was unaware of what it meant until recently. I was divorced in that year and begin to sit on my deck for hours. I watched the babies in the nest and parents caring for them. A hawk would light on my deck and on the roof of my home every morning and I would greet it. They taught me not to give up, I am now a successful business owner.
    I got busy with life and stopped looking for them but now they are back in my life and I will never leave them again all of my spirit animals.

  86. On Friday night at work a Nighthawk was flying about 10 yds in front of me. That Sunday morning my dog of 14 yrs passed away. I was wondering if that was some kind of signal since I never seen one before?

  87. i have been “friends” with a hawk for several years. when i moved in this red-tailed hawk was always eating out of the dumpster and i started feeding it so that it wouldn’t eat glass or anything poisonous… now for the last 2 years the hawk follows us whenever we drive anywhere. it does’t always go as far as we do but will land on the roof of my truck when i go to my daughters house in the next town. today i took my grand-daughter to a powwow and she told a man about it and he got very wide eyed and surprised so i came to this sight to learn the meaning of hawks in native american culture. since this hawk has stayed around us for so long does this mean anything beside the buffet???? if it doesn’t it is ok because he is beautiful and i look for him all the time =) i don’t know if i will be able to find myself back to this sight so if anyone woul like to write to me an answer my e-mail is [removed]…. thank you, audrey

  88. I have lived with a profound affinity for all birds. I adore them and they appear in my dreams as well as this life where I am manifested in the ‘material’ world. On two occasions birds ‘appeared’ and ‘disappeared’ before me. The first time I saw a flock of vultures flying in circles very far above me. This flock of vultures descended and when I thought they would land upon me they suddenly and ‘inexplicably’ disappeared. I knew instantly that they were warning me that I was close to death. At the time of this event, I was indeed very ill and took responsibility for my health status immediately. I was able to regain my health with natural remedies ~ where doctors had failed me. Today, I was sitting on my porch looking out at the trees and a hawk ‘appeared’ sitting on a branch of a tree not more than 5 feet in front of me. The hawk did not fly to the tree and sit on the branch. It was not there ~ and then ~ it was there. I sat there admiring the hawk and as quickly as it ‘magically’ appeared . . . it ‘magically’ disappeared. I know that the universe occasionally speaks to me through birds and have been wondering what the message was this time.

  89. I think I’ve known the red shoulder hawk is my totem for a while. I have a pair that live near me that know me and visit me often. They seem to let me know they are nearby by calling from a large yellow pine tree in my backyard.
    I was followed by one just the other day at the golf course and mentioned it to my playing partner. He said, I noticed it seemed to be following us. I then replied, the hawk is my totem. I don’t know why I said that but I knew it was true. I don’t know what he thought of my acknowledgement but we simply watched the hawk in silence and we went on our way.
    I decided I better find out what the hawk totem means. Thanks.

  90. All these stories are so inspiring. The last four months I have had Hawks following me throught my days between work an home and even miles apart. Today I had fourteen throught my day . One day I was riding a horse in our round pen and a hawk landed on the railing and watch me for over an hour before flying away. Then last week I was on my way to the airport (an hour drive) I saw one when I left the house, two flew around my truck at the airport then as I was driving home on the freeway, all of a sudden traffic split and a hawk came down flew right down in front I my car. I had to slow down or I would have hit it. It stayed there for a minute then flew away. This is a very new experience for me and have so much gratitude and love for them.

  91. My 18 yr old son was murdered 7-1-98. I have had hawks ever since! For 15 yrs., no matter where I go a Hawk either flies along beside me or circles over my head. I’ve seen them grabbing pray and everything else you can imagine. If I do not notice the Red tail hawk then it calls out to me. I feel so blessed and in awe. I believe my son is sending them or maybe it’s God? I always try look at what the hawk is doing and I refer to my animal totem dictionary at times, hoping to gather more meaning. Is it possible that my son is involved in sending the hawk? A hawk started calling to me about 3 weeks after his death until I looked up and acknowledged it. Ever since that day in 1998 they are a constant part of my life.
    Thank you for any insight!

  92. I seem to have an ongoing relationship with red shoulder hawks. I encounter them frequently and one visits my yard most days. They allow me to approach them very close without any fear of me. I get goose bumps when I think of them. It’s actually happening as I write this message. I am a bit confused about all of this and trying to understand if it is just chance encounters but feel it is something more.