Horse Spirit Totem Animal

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Horse totem meaning, description, and spirit animal info.

image of the horse totem animalHorse Spirit Animal Symbols:

Travel, power, freedom, wisdom, spirit, change.

Horse Totem Animal Meaning:

Read this section if the horse totem or spirit has recently entered your life in a meaningful way.

Have you embarked on a new journey or made big changes in your life? Horse totem symbolizes change, and if the spirit of the horse has entered your heart, it may be there to help you on your new adventures. This totem animal reminds us to keep moving ahead in our lives and reaching our goals.

Are you stuck in a rut or need to move on from something? Like the previous statement, horse stands for change and transformation. Horse spirit may be reminding you that it is time to travel in a new direction. The horse totem wants to awaken you and help you to find your true self, and your true desires. Horse totem brings power, courage, and energy to those who seek it.


characteristics of a horse totem personHorse Spirit People Are:

  • Friendly
  • Adventurous
  • Compassionate
  • Willing
  • Free spirited

Horse Totem Animal – The Good:


Horse totem people are very balanced in their social, career, independence, and family lives. They rarely get too entrenched in any one project or aspect of their lives that the other areas suffer. Many who know them will even lean on this totem animal for support when they themselves have gotten out of balance.


If you have the horse totem, you may be innately more nurturing than most. The horse spirit animal has a special comforting touch, and always has the right words to say to make someone feel better. You might notice that people are drawn to those with this animal totem, much like many people are drawn to the exquisite beauty of horses.


Horse totem people are strong workers and never give up until the job is done. This spirit animal rarely complains or whines, and instead just forges ahead to accomplish many things in their lives. They are strong-willed and can endure almost anything, so these spirit animal people make great teammates and accomplices.

Horse Totem Animal – The Bad:

wild horse totem  Passive

Sometimes people with this totem animal tend to be a little too willing, as in, they will do almost anything that anyone asks of them. This can be bad in situations where others may take advantage of you and expect you to do everything for them.


A horse totem person may be difficult to predict. The animal is usually tame and docile, but you can never know exactly what they’re thinking, and they may take off at a full gallop at anytime! Likewise, some horses just simply cannot be tamed – and some people with this spirit animal cannot be tamed either.


Horses spook easily, and the same holds true for those who have this spirit animal as their totem. These people are highly sensitive to sights, touch, and sound, and may prefer to know exactly whats going on around them at all times rather than to be surprised.

Lessons From Horse Spirit Animal:

horse spirit friendsSpeed and Endurance: The horse totem teaches on to travel forward on our journey through life, enjoying ourselves and living to our true destiny.

Travel: Horse spirit teaches us to connect with all aspects of ourselves, because horse totem is the messenger. Horse totem encourages us to connect with our inner power.

Strength: This totem reminds us that real power is not taken by force; it is used with wisdom. The animal has four incredibly strong, heavy legs that keep him grounded and stable.

Horse Riders: Horses often carry heavy loads on their back, and this reminds us to carry our burdens with dignity and pride, and to enjoy all of our experiences.


Horse Totem Animal in Dreams:

Horses have many symbols when they appear in dreams. If the horse is wild and out of control, it may be a sign that your sexuality needs to be tamed. If you are riding a horse proudly, it can either be another symbol for sexual energy, or it may mean that you feel especially confident or even arrogant about something. If the horse you are riding is out of your control, it may mean that you are letting your passions run away with you.

If a horse is running somewhere in your dream, it may signify safe travels ahead. To see a dark or mysterious horse, signifies the unknown and/or fear.

Cultural Meaning of the Horse Spirit:

horse spirit in cultureIn ancient Rome, the horse spirit animal actually symbolized death because a horse was depicted pulling the Chariot of the Sun into darkness.

In some Nordic ceremonies, the horse was used as the sacrifice instead of a bull, or other animal. The horse spirit was said to carry souls from the living to the dead.

In Celtic tradition, the horse spirit was known as the guide for the cycles of birth, life, and death.

Shamans recognize the horse totem animal as being magical and spiritual.

The horse is also an important civilization symbol, because without the ability to transport goods quickly on horseback, early settlements would not have been able to grow as quickly. This is why we still refer to a car’s engine as “horse power.”