Rabbit, Bunny, and Hare Symbolism, Totem, and Meaning

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Rabbit totem description, symbol, and spirit animal meaning.

Symbolism and totem information of the rabbitRabbit Spirit Symbols:

Fear, reproduction, abundance, fertility, humility, quick-thinking, rebirth, releasing of fears, luck.

Rabbit Message/Meaning/Medicine:

Ask yourself the following questions if rabbit has suddenly appeared in your life:

Are you taking the opportunities that present themselves to you?  The rabbit moves quickly and must take every opportunity it has to survive. You may be letting rare and meaningful opportunities pass you by.

Are your fears holding you back from continuing on your path? Maybe you are stuck hidden in the grass, observing the world but making no forward movement in your life. Rabbit reminds us to face our fears so that we can continue to grow and succeed.

Bunny rabbit meaning and symbolismRabbit People Are:

  • Unpredictable and spontaneous
  • Have fast reflex’s and good coordination
  • Highly observational and alert
  • Gentle and nurturing
  • Clever and quick-witted

The Good:

Quick to Succeed:

People with this totem may find that their endeavors go in leaps and bounds. You may not hear from them for some time, but then they emerge from their hiding spot moving full speed ahead – achieving goals and reaching their dreams.

Keen Intuition:

Rabbit or bunny people always seem to know where to go next, and are skilled at this not only in their own lives, but in advising others around them. They can instinctively sense what paths lead to danger, and which to success.

The Not-So Good:

bunny photo with symbolism and meaningImpulsive:

Because rabbit people rely so much on their solid intuition, they sometimes forget to “look before they leap.” This spontaneous behavior can lead to mistakes or even dangerous situations.

Worry and Anxiety:

Rabbit people may become focused more on their fears than on their end goal. This can cause extreme anxiety that holds them back from making any big decisions in life and moving forward. Don’t forget that the more you focus on your fears, the more you bring those same fears into your life.

Lessons from Rabbit:

rabbit hare spirit meaningShort-lived: Because the rabbit has a short life span, it must take advantage of every waking moment in order to reach its goals. This reminds us to not get stuck on the little things in life, and to continue to move forward with perseverance.

Fertility: The rabbit or hare is a symbol of fertility because of their ability to reproduce so quickly. This is the ultimate symbol of balance, because rabbit has so many predators that it becomes necessary to reproduce at a higher rate than other animals.

Rabbit in Dreams:

meaning of the bunny or hareIf you see a rabbit in your dreams, pay close attention. Was it a very positive, happy dream? The rabbit probably symbolizes luck, abundance, and success. Is the rabbit moving quickly, or are you chasing it? This may hint that an opportunity in your life has arisen, and you should take that opportunity before its too late.

The bunny rabbit can also bring a message of fertility. Are you trying to conceive? The rabbit may be a sign that the time is finally right. Conversely, do your sexual habits need to be re-evaluated?

If it is near Easter time, your dream may symbolize childhood or memories of the past.

Cultural Symbolism of Rabbit:

Rabbit and hare cultural symbols and symbolismAcross cultures, the rabbit (or hare) has remained a strong symbol for fertility and reproduction. This remains true today even with the celebration of the bunny rabbit at Easter, which reminds us of rebirth.

In Roman times, the white rabbit symbolized love and sexuality. It was believed that the rabbit was the pet of the Goddess of love, Aphrodite.

In addition, the hunting and tracking the hare has remained an exciting sporting event across Europe and other cultures because of its speed and difficulty to catch.

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  1. Between August 2012 through November 2012 I spotted a total of six wild rabbits while being out and about. I looked up the totem of the rabbit and the profile almost fits me perfectly. I like most animals like cats and foxes but rabbits will always have a special place in my heart; That’s the only animal that I get on with famously.