Shark Spirit Totem Animal

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shark totem and meaningShark Spirit Animal Symbols:

Energy, motion, primal instinct, survival, power, mystery, truth, confidence, spirit.


Shark Totem Animal Meaning:

Shark spirit is a very mysterious and powerful animal totem. Its symbolism urges us to search deep within the core of our being in order to find our true selves and true motivations. Consider the following if shark spirit has entered your life.

Is there negativity in your life that needs to be chased away or removed? Shark totem is intimidating and can scare away any negative emotions or problems that you may be dealing with in your life. But be careful, because it can be just as easy to chase away the positive aspects of your life as well (or instead) of the negative. Reflect on your desires and be sure that you are taking the most direct path to your goals.

Are you extremely driven toward a goal, maybe so much so that you are ignoring other important parts of your life? Shark totem is incredibly determined, and they symbolize motivation and determination. Its okay to have a one track mind sometimes, especially if you are on the path to achieving something great, but don’t forget or neglect your other responsibilities. Sometimes you may need to slow down progress on one specific goal in order to maintain balance and order in your life.

Are you surrounded by a lot of strong/heavy emotion, and need help sorting through it? Shark spirit animal is emotional, and if shark spirit has entered your life it may signal that you have been dealing with some strong emotional turmoil. Don’t let your emotions take over – you will end up thrashing around unproductively. Reach out to a friend or close family member who can help you organize your thoughts and ease the emotional tension that you are feeling.


characteristic of shark peopleShark Spirit People Are:

  • Powerful
  • Introspective and Sensitive
  • High-Energy
  • Assertive
  • Motivated and Determined
  • Confident
  • Fearless

shark people symbolismYour Shark Totem Animal – The Good:


Shark totem people are extremely protective of their loved ones, and will go out of their way to ensure the safety of those closest to them. They can easily drive away negativity in ones life and leave room for new spirit and energy.


A shark totem person is comfortable in their own skin, and they show it by leading genuine lives that are true to their core being. If a shark person doesn’t like you, you will surely know it, because they refuse to be fake or play any superficial social games. Shark spirit animal tends to be somewhat quiet and reserved, but when they do choose to speak, they always speak the truth.


When a shark totem person puts their mind to something, you can feel confident that they will be able to make it happen. This is because shark totem people are extremely motivated and never give up. Shark spirit animal is very goal-oriented and are successful in almost all of their endeavors.


shark totem and messageYour Shark Totem Animal – The Bad:


Most of the time, a shark totem has courage and confidence that pushes them to achieve their goals and be who they are. But sometimes that fearless attitude can get a shark spirit animal in trouble, by “biting off more than they can chew” and ending up in a situation they can’t swim their way out of without some additional help from a friend or family member. This fearless attitude can also come across as quite intimidating, and this can make it difficult for shark people to make new friends or even keep old ones.


Shark totem people are extremely introspective, and require lots of time to themselves to organize their thoughts and feelings and regain their energy. This can make them seem hard to approach or understand, even to their closest family members.


Shark totem people can be a little bit on the “edgy” side, especially if they are not feeling well or haven’t had enough alone time. They can become irritated with even the smallest of annoyances, and this irritation can easily turn into feelings of aggression or anger. Shark spirit animal people tend to have a lot of pet peeves which may contribute to their desire for lots of personal space.


meaning of shark and lessonsLessons From Shark Spirit Animal:

Hunters: Because sharks or such feared predators, having this totem as your spirit animal means that you have a determination that is higher than most others, and can succeed in almost anything you set out to do.

Remarkable Sense of Smell: Sharks have a keen sense of smell, and nothing can get past them. The lesson here for the totem animal is to remember to be aware of your surroundings. This totem animal has an advantage over others in this area.


Shark Spirit Animal in Dreams:

If the shark in your dream is chasing others, or if you are the shark, it symbolizes anger and negative emotion. This animal totem is trying to tell you that you need to let go of your anger, or it may consume you.

Seeing this totem animal in dreams can also signal a big change in your life, which may be contributing to increased emotions.

If a shark totem is chasing you, or you are afraid of the animal, it may mean that someone in your life is taking advantage of you.


Cultural Symbolism of the Shark Spirit Animal:

The shark totem has always been a powerful religious symbol among many ancient tribes.

Shark teeth have been thought of to carry both good luck and masculinity.