Bat Symbolism and Meaning
May 04
Discover Bat Symbolism

Bat Symbolism and Meaning

Overview of the Bat Spirit Animal


Bat symbolism leads us to a higher plane of wisdom regarding rebirth.  The bat totem is a unique spirit animal that not very common. This winged mammal prefers to dwell in caves and underground.  Emerging at dusk only to return to it’s tomb like dwelling at dawn. As a bat spirit animal person you will truly understand the principles of rebirth, transformation and newness.  Despite the common misconception bats are friendly and playful creatures that have strong familiar bonds. Likewise, a bat totem person will be more of a free spirit. Enjoying the freedom that comes from their life cycle will help them live weightlessly.  Renewal and transformation are important parts of their life. Not only that but they are guided by their inner voice which helps them to live in balance and peace.

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Encounters with the Bat

What is the meaning of bat symbolism? Find out what symbol the bat spirit animal is trying to teach you, and gain some insight into your life.

Have you been receiving mixed signals and don’t know what to do?

In life it is easy to get caught up looking for signs or opinions from others.  Especially when it’s in regard to major life decisions including relationships, career or personal development.  As a bat totem person it’s important for you to tune out all exterior signals and look within. The bat spirit animal shares with us the ability to look within to find answers and direction.  You must learn to quite all other voices and listen to your own inner voice. You have all the direction you need within.

Do you feel weighed down or trapped?

Bat symbolism is about freedom, flight and renewal.  When you feel weighed down take a close look at your life and seek out possessions and commitments that weigh heavy on your mind and spirit.  You must rid yourself of these things in order to find your freedom. The bat totem will appear to you when you feel trapped to remind you to make a fresh start.  Find the things that are caging you in and release yourself from them.

Is your past holding you back from your potential?

As human beings all too often we make mistakes. While time may pass the burden of regret or self doubt can still linger in the back of our minds.  Unfortunately, this can hinder our growth and cause us to be held back from our future potential. When the bat appears to you it is a sign for you to let go of the past.  Let go of all the doubt and regret you carry and allow yourself to become a new creature. Allow the bat spirit animal to guide you through the process of renewal and transformation.

Have you been wounded or hurt emotionally?

Emotional wounds can leave you feeling debilitated and unable to experience new things in life.  When you are in this place bat symbolism will appear to you in order to help you find healing. Bat medicine can bring you emotional healing through the power of vibrations.  Such as the vibrations found in chanting or music. Just as the bat uses echolocation to navigate in the dark so you can use vibrations to help navigate your healing. Over time it can help you find restoration and transformation.

Is it hard for you to trust others?

When you have been hurt or when you’re struggling to trust others the bat totem will appear to you.  It will help you work through your feelings of distrust. And it will help you decipher whether or not your feelings are valid or if you need to give the person or people a chance.  The bat totem is all about trust and freedom by embracing your spirit animal you will be able to experience the fullness of knowing who to trust.

Bat Symbolism: The Bat Spirit

Could the Bat be my spirit animal? What are the traits of the totem? This might be your spirit animal if you are:


Bat symbolism is often associated with people who are dreamers.  This is in the sense of actual dreams while you sleep. Bat totem people have the ability to not only dream fully and deeply but they can also interpret dreams.  And not only their own dreams but others dreams as well. They are able to sort through the meaning and symbolism of dreams in order to better understand what they actually mean.


In the wild bats are able to navigate and hunt in complete darkness.  They do this through their special ability to use echolocation in order for them to see their surroundings and hunt their prey.  Likewise, bat totem people are perceptive because they are able to see even in conditions that are difficult for others. This helps them sort through others intentions and all the possible outcomes of a situation.

Is the bat your Spirit Animal?
Define the Bat Totem


Bat truly live a life devoted to freedom from burdens and restrictions.  With careful and calculated acrobatics bats swoop and soar through the night.  And when it is time to rest, unlike other creatures, they sleep hanging upside down.  Likewise, people whose spirit animal is the bat will be drawn to lives of complete freedom.


A sign that the bat is your spirit animal will be in your trusting character.  Not only will others trust you but you will be able to determine who is trustworthy.  Because bats are perceptive they are able to weed out people who aren’t trustworthy or reliable.  And will often surround themselves with people they can count on.

What are the Traits of the Bat Totem?

Lessons from the Bat Spirit Animal

Bats are:

  • Helpful
  • Thoughtful
  • Analyzing
  • Trustworthy
Learn about Bat Symbolism

Through bat symbolism we learn the important lesson of looking at our inner voice for guidance and direction.  Because just like us, bats have limited sight at night, they rely on echolocation to help guide them. They don’t use things that they see like most creatures.  They rely solely on their ability to sense the feedback from the high pitched chirps they make in order to find their way. Bats teach us that we must send out signals and look to ourselves to make out what our surroundings are and where we should go.  Look to your inner self in order to discover your path.

What does the bat spirit mean? Rebirth and transformation! Bat totem people will experience rebirth and transformation on a continuous cycle.

Strengths & Weaknesses of the Bat

What is the bat totem?



When bat symbolism is in your life one of your greatest strengths will be your perception.  Not only are bats nocturnal but they sleep upside down. This gives them a unique perspective of the world.  As a bat spirit animal person you will be able to see the world, others and details in a unique way. This will give you an advantage to see things others have missed.  Or it will help you understand difficult problems or situations. Your perception is key and should be developed by listening to your inner voice.

Inner Sight

While some creatures have the ability to see the world clearly and concisely bat’s have a different strength.  As a bat totem person you will have to ability to see within. And analyze your own intentions and whether or not they come from a pure place.  Because of this you will be able to truly understand yourself and know your strengths and weaknesses. As well as the areas you need to grow. Because of this it is important that you spend time looking inward and stay aware of the condition of your inner being.


The image of a bat hanging upside down to rest reminds us of the need for meditation.  As a bat spirit animal person you will be able to find clarity and direction during times of meditation.  In order for you to achieve this you must learn to quiet your mind and release yourself from distractions.  To find your strength experiment with different positions during meditation. Finding the right position or posture can help you unlock your meditation potential.



As a bat spirit animal person one of your strengths is being able to see the truth in others and the world around you.  However, when you are unbalanced this can result in you becoming bitter. By choosing to focus on others flaws and shortcomings you risk your heart becoming hard.  This bitterness can taint your character and cause you to become cold and unapproachable. It is important that you remain balanced in order to keep yourself from becoming bitter toward the world.


As a bat totem person it will be second nature for you to let things go.  And for you to empty yourself of things that are holding you back. While these are positive things it is imperative that you fill these spaces of your life with positive things.  Otherwise you risk becoming an empty shell. When you remove or let go of something in your life that is holding you back. Replace it with something that brings you joy and light.  This will assure that you do not become empty inside.


For years the public was led to believe that bats were in fact blind.  However, this is not true as researchers have found that bats can see. As a bat totem person you will find that people will choose to view you in a certain light.  And because of this they will treat you a certain way. It is important that you do not let the negative things people say or the way they treat you change you. It’s true that the longer someone treats you a certain way over time you will accept it and behave in the way that they see you.  You must fight this and avoid people who see you and treat you in a negative light.

Define Bat Symbolism
Is the bat your spirit animal?

The Bat in Dreams: What it Means

When bat symbolism appears in your dreams it holds a special meaning and purpose.  Just as bats dive, swoop and soar through the night hunting bugs they do so in your dreams.  A bat will appear to tell you that you need to remove “pests” in your life. All the things that are holding you back and holding you down need to go.  Just as a bat catches insects and pests your spirit animal will help you catch anything negative in your life.

A bat that is resting is a sign that you need to spend time in meditation.  Quiet your mind and allow yourself to drift into a deep meditative state. As you do so your spirit animal will appear to you and help guide you through choices and situations.

Bat symbolism is a sign of rebirth and renewal. It’s important to consider this when interpreting dreams.
animal symbolism in dreams

Cultural and Spiritual Symbolism of the Bat

animal meaning in your life

Central America the bat is said to represent the rebirth of a shamen.  They hold special spiritual significance. They have also said to represent death in general.

In China bat symbolism represents good luck and fortune.  When five bats are together it is said that they embody the Five Blessings, wealth, health, long life, love of virtue and peace with death.

Europe has a long history of fearing the bat and tying it to fables and tales of fear.  The most popular myth surrounding bats is that vampires can transform into bats. And that bats are a sign that vampires are near or dwell nearby.

Around the world the bat is a symbol of death, rebirth and transformation.

Historical Facts

Bats have been associated with vampires for thousands of years – but one of the most popular tales that launched bats into infamy is the story of Count Dracula.

Animal Quotes

For as the eyes of bats are to the blaze of day, so is the reason in our soul to the things which are by nature most evident of all.
Let’s forget the baggages of the past and make a new beginning.
Shehbaz Sharif

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