Bird Symbolism and Meaning
Apr 06
Bird Totem

Bird Symbolism and Meaning

Overview of the Bird Spirit Animal


Bird symbolism connects us to true spirituality, magic, mysticism and inner voice.  This spirit animal is all about drawing us to a higher plain and connecting us to spiritual forces.  With over 10,000 species worldwide you can find birds in every continent. No matter where you go in the world you will find these winged messengers.  The bird totem also connects us to nature and the natural world. Reminding us where all energy comes from and the importance of protecting our world’s natural resources.  This spirit animal also provides us with unique healing in the form of spirit medicine and sound healing. These two remedies are vital and can help you live a full and satisfying life.

Bird Symbolism

Embrace Your Spirit Animal


Encounters with the Bird

What is the meaning of bird symbolism? Find out what symbol the bird spirit animal is trying to teach you, and gain some insight into your life.

Do you feel weighed down by responsibility?

The bird totem understands the importance of flight and freedom.  In fact, around the world bird symbolism represents freedom. When you are weighed down by responsibilities the bird spirit animal will appear to you with this message.  Spread your wings and find your freedom! There will always be things to do and things that require responsibility. Because of this you must make time to be free and do the things that bring life to your spirit.

Have you been ignoring your inner voice?

As a spirit animal the bird teaches us to pay attention to our inner dialogue.  And to embrace our inner voice. Only then will we be able to understand greater truths and mysteries.  There is power in your inner voice. It is important for you to seek it’s guidance and direction and allow to it reveal truth in your life.

Are you seeking spiritual growth?

No one likes to be stagnant. Usually this feeling is accompanied by the desire to change and grow.  When you find yourself in a place where you desperately need spiritual growth the bird totem will appear to you.  Trust in your spirit animal and allow it to guide you through the steps you need to take to find growth. Follow your instincts and allow yourself the freedom to experience new things and look for answers.

Do you feel drawn to nature or the natural world?

Bird symbolism is a messenger between the natural and spiritual realms.  When you find yourself drawn to spending time in nature or in the natural world it is the bird totem speaking to you.  It is vital to your health for you to be outdoors and to surround yourself with nature. This will help you clear your mind and keep your spirit cleansed of negativity.

Have you noticed a magical presence in your life?

It’s no secret that the bird totem is connected to the magical realm and forces.  When you find yourself noticing a magical presence in your life look for the bird totem.  It will appear to you to tell you that you are entering in to a new plain of understanding.  And that your mind will be elevated into a new understand of magic and the part that is plays in our daily lives.

The Bird Spirit

Could the Bird be my spirit animal? What are the traits of the totem? The bird might be your spirit animal if you are:


As they soar high up in the air birds are able to see things that are a great distance away.  They are able to see details, challenges and resources while they are still far off. As a bird spirit animal person you will find that you have a broad perspective.  When others worry or stress about the details you can rest assured knowing what is to come.


A sure sign that the bird is your spirit animal is in your energy level.  In the wild birds naturally consume as much food as possible in order to keep their energy high which helps them fly.  As a bird totem person it is important for you to constantly be consuming positivity in order for you to keep your energy high.  When truly balanced bird totem people are some of the most energetic out there.

Learn about the Bird Spirit Animal
What is Bird Symbolism


It is almost impossible for birds to keep their thoughts to themselves or for them to stay quiet.  It is in the nature of the bird totem to sing and chat with others constantly. When bird symbolism is in your life you will find that you are inclined to verbally process through things.  Make sure that you are giving yourself the space to verbalize what your thinking. And be sure you have someone close to you who you can share your thought with constructively.


In the animal kingdom there is one creature that is continually described as being happy, that is the bird!  As a bird spirit animal person you will find that your emotions are often centered around happiness. You find joy in your daily life and are always looking for the positive.  When things get hard you don’t let it keep you down for long but instead are always looking to the horizon.

What are the Traits of the Bird Totem?

Lessons from the Bird Spirit Animal

Birds are:

  • Magical
  • Spiritual
  • Individual
  • Natural
Define the Bird Spirit Animal

Bird symbolism teaches us the importance of embracing the natural world.  Because birds depend on nature to provide for them their food and shelter in season, it is important that it is taken care of.  As bird totem people it is our responsibility to care for nature and take steps to keep our natural world whole and in good health.

We also learn from bird meaning how to connect with our inner voice.  And the importance of seeking higher plains of knowledge and spirituality.  Just as a bird spreads its wings in flight so we must spread our spiritual wings and pursue new things.  Don’t be afraid of the wind or the height you might achieve. Instead go boldly into the unknown and embrace the future that is ahead of you.

What is the true bird meaning? Freedom and Inner Calling. Bird totem people experience freedom and a divine inner calling throughout their lives.

Strengths & Weaknesses of the Bird

Define the Bird Totem


Sound Healing

In the wild a birds song and call is a critical part of its existence.  Through their song or call they can communicate if a threat is nearby, an attraction or notify others of food.  A strength of the bird totem is it’s connect through sound healing. Through sounds and songs you are able to experience healing in your physical, emotional and spiritual being.  Because of this what you listen to is very important and will have a profound effect on you. So take care to choose what you are listening to carefully!


Anyone with the bird as their spirit animal will be drawn to higher plains of spirituality.  Because of this, bird totem people, are very spiritual. And this helps guide them through their decisions and is a way for them to find their path in life.  They are able to navigate tough situations by relying on their spirituality. It acts as a compass directing them in the way that they should go. As a result their spirituality is considered a strength!


Not only are bird totem people drawn to the natural world but they are able to rely on it as a strength. They will find that they prefer to make choices based on how natural they are and because of this their lives aren’t polluted with unnecessary toxins. Every part of their lives is based on this simple principle that things that are natural are good. Don’t worry about what others might say about your choices. Instead, embrace your naturalistic tendencies and embrace bird symbolism!

Open Minded

As a bird spirit animal person you are the type of person that is truly open minded. Willing to listen to others, their opinions and their perspectives. You are able to be exposed to a wide variety of ideas and beliefs without it clouding your judgement. Because of this people are drawn to you because they know they can trust you and your ability to listen and offer insight without judgement.



Because the bird totem is inclined to be chatty and energetic this can quickly become a weakness.  In the form of annoyance. It can be hard for a bird spirit animal person to understand that others might be tired of hearing them talk.  And because of this they can get the reputation that they are annoying! To avoid this make sure you’re paying attention to your listener and look for signs that they are tired.  Secondly, try asking them if you’re talking to much, the answer might surprise you!


Birds love their freedom and having the ability to arrange their own life.  This can become a problem when they become obsessed with their freedom. And in doing so stop commiting to others.  This can cause serious problems in friendships and relationships when they simply refuse to give a straight answer. Or when they do arrange something they change their plans or cancel all together!


Since they are so perspective and exposed to different ideas and beliefs bird totem people are very well informed.  Because of this they can become critical of others. Especially when someone is struggling or making a mistake. The bird spirit animal person isn’t able to understand that everyone learns differently and that it’s okay to make mistakes.  As a bird totem person it is important for you to keep yourself balanced and avoid criticizing others!


When your spirit animal is a bird your talkative and energetic nature can get you into trouble.  Especially when you let yourself become boastful. No one likes being around people who only talk about themselves.  Or when people are always talking about their achievements and how great they are. As a bird totem person it’s important that you keep your conversations in check and make sure you aren’t becoming boastful!

What is the Bird Totem
What is Bird Meaning

The Bird in Dreams: What it Means

When you dream of bird symbolism especially if the bird is flying high and soaring it holds this meaning.  That you must let go of the things that are holding you back and holding you down. You must find freedom in your daily life in order to become who you were meant to be.  When you dream about a bird flying it can also mean that you are about to be elevated to a new spiritual plain. Take time to develop your spirituality and look for new experiences in which you can learn and grow in.

Dreaming of a bird that is trapped or stuck means that there is an idea, goal or dream that you need to release.  In order for it to take flight you must acknowledge it. Take a close look at your life and see if there is anything that is specifically working against you.

To dream of a nest or a mother bird sitting on her eggs reveals your desire for the future.  You must take care to discover what it is that your heart wants. And make a plan for your future and the dreams that you have in order to accomplish them.

The bird is a symbol for freedom and inner voice, so think about what implications the answers to these questions suggest, and how they might make sense in your life.
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Cultural and Spiritual Bird Symbolism

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Around the world birds play an important part in culture.  In many indigenous groups birds represent shamanistic power.  And are known for their healing abilities. Bird feathers have been used in medicine and healing ceremonies for centuries.

In some cultures birds represent deity.  And are often associated with messengers and spirits.  Often times cultures will embrace a particular species of bird in which holds their unique symbolism.

Around the world the Bird is a symbol for magic and mystery.

Historical Facts

Birds have been a part of our world for millions of years.  Check out these 9 Extinct Big Birds that used to roam the earth.

Animal Quotes

The bird is powered by its own life and by its motivation.
A. P. J. Abdul Kalam
No bird soars too high if he soars with his own wings.
William Blake

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