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Shark Symbolism and Meaning

Shark Spirit Animal Meaning Symbolism & Totem Contents Shark Spirit Animal Symbols Energy, motion, primal instinct, survival, power, mystery, truth, confidence, spirit. Shark Totem Animal Meaning: Shark spirit is a very mysterious and powerful animal totem. Its symbolism urges us to search deep within the core of our being in order to find our true […]

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Dolphin Symbolism and Meaning

Dolphin Spirit Animal Meaning Symbolism & Totem Contents Dolphin Spirit Animal Symbolism Communication, intelligence, emotion, harmony, spirit. Dolphin Totem Animal Meaning Dolphin symbolism is filled with positivity and joyful spirit. If the this totem animal has recently entered your life, you must discover its meaning. Are you taking life to seriously? Dolphin symbolism may have […]

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