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Fox spirit animal Symbolism and Meaning

Fox Spirit Animal Meaning Symbolism & Totem Contents Fox Spirit Symbol: Cleverness, Cunning, Intelligence, Observant, Stealth, Playfulness, Mischievous, Deception, Persistence, Adaptability, Wisdom, Nobility, Good luck. Fox Totem Meaning and Medicine: All these attributes are associated with Fox symbolism. The fox spirit is special and displays strong and likeable features with a mix of some attributes […]

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Snake/Serpent Symbolism and Meaning

Snake Spirit Animal Meaning Symbolism & Totem Contents Snake Spirit Symbols Introspection, Insight, Mysteries, Wisdom, Truth, Change, Transformation, Creative Power, Creation, Rebirth, Resurrection, Elusiveness, Healing, Transmutation, Fertility, Desire, Decisiveness, Patience, Meditation, Regeneration, Venom, Vigor Snake Message/Meaning/Medicine The Snake Spirit has a deep and rich past and carries with it many meanings and symbols. If this […]

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Crow Symbolism and Meaning

Crow Spirit Animal Meaning Symbolism & Totem Contents Overview of the Crow Spirit Animal MANIFESTATION · SIGNS · FUTURE · JUSTICE · VOICE · MAGIC · INSPIRATION · PROPHECY · INNER TRUTH · LAW · SPIRITUAL STRENGTH · CREATIVITY · KNOWLEDGE MEDICINE · HEALING Crow symbolism represents a connection to magic, inner truth and signs. […]

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