Chameleon Meaning and Symbolism
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Chameleon Meaning and Symbolism

Overview of the Chameleon Spirit Animal


Chameleon symbolism will appear in your life in subtle and quiet ways, much like this lizard in the wild. There are over 150 species of chameleon found primarily in Africa, Madagascar and India. Recognized by their bulbous eyes and prehensile tail there is no mistaking a chameleon when you see it. This is also because, unlike former misinformation, a chameleon will not change its colors to blend in with its surroundings. In fact, it is more likely to stand out when scared, threatened or excited. As a spirit animal the chameleon totem will guide you with a calm and focused energy. Don’t be surprised if the chameleon totem guides you toward the study and practice of utilizing crystals in your daily life. Allow yourself to be open to it’s leading especially in the way of awakening psychic abilities within you.

What is Chameleon Meaning?

Embrace Your Spirit Animal


Encounters with the Chameleon

What is the meaning of chameleon symbolism? Find out what symbol the chameleon spirit animal is trying to teach you, and gain some insight into your life.

Do you feel bombarded with social obligations?

The meaning of chameleon symbolism in your life is that you don’t have to give into every social obligation. By nature they are solitary lizards that do not prefer to spend time with others. As a chameleon spirit animal person it should be no surprise when you feel overwhelmed and put off by the thought of never ending social events. Remember, that it’s okay to take time for yourself and spend time alone. There is no shame in being a loner.

Are you struggling to stay on your feet? Do you need balance in your life?

The chameleon totem will appear to you during times in your life when you are struggling to find balance. If you feel like you can’t get your feet under you or that your world is out of control call on the chameleon totem. Known for their prehensile tail and remarkable grasping hands and feet they are able to balance in situations that would cause others lizards to go tumbling down.

Do you need to reflect positive or healing energies?

Recently, it has been discovered that chameleons are able to change their skin color not only through specialized pigment in their skin. But that they also have tiny nanocrystals underneath their skin. This crystals are able to reflect blue light causing the showcase vibrant green skin. By contracting or expanding the distance between the crystals it is able to display a variety of vibrant colors to help communicate it’s mood. As a chameleon totem person crystals will play an important role in your life. And will help you reflect the energy that you need and influence your surroundings.

Have you begun to experience psychic episodes?

The chameleon spirit animal will appear to you in times that you need psychic guidance. And can act as a teacher to help you find your center and be able to tap into your abilities. Allow the chameleon to guide you into meditation to help you explore the utmost reaches of your spiritual being.

Chameleon Symbolism: The Chameleon Spirit

Could the Chameleon be my spirit animal? What are the traits of the totem? This might be your spirit animal if you are:


Because of their highly evolved eyes, fused eyelids and range of motion the chameleon has an incredible field of vision. Not only that, but they are able to move their eyes and focus on this independently. As a chameleon totem person you will be able to focus on multiple things at once. Other people will often wonder how you do it and how you’re able to stay focused despite being able to give multiple things your attention.


In the wild chameleons are not social lizards. In fact, they very rarely spend anytime together unless a male and female are looking for a mate. Even then, their encounter is brief and over as quickly as it began. As a chameleon spirit animal person you will find that you draw your energy from time spent alone. Independent you don’t mind doing things on your own. This is a positive trait because it means that your success and dreams don’t rely on others. Meaning that you have the ability to make your future happen!

Define Chameleon Meaning
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Researchers have spent a considerable amount of time researching chameleons, some have dedicated entire studies to a chameleons feet. Through this they have discovered that the way a chameleons feet are structure actually greatly affects their climbing abilities. They are able to balance, reach and climb across branches with ease and they do so calmly. As a chameleon totem person you will be known as a calm person, with balanced energy.

What are the Traits of the Chameleon Totem?

Lessons from the Chameleon Spirit Animal

Chameleons are:

  • Calm
  • Focused
  • Spiritual
  • Expressive
Is the chameleon your spirit animal?

Chameleon symbolism teaches us the valuable lesson of communication. In the wild, a chameleon will use it’s color changing skin to display a variety of colors and patterns. It does this to communicate how it is feeling and to indicate how others should interact with it. As people it is so easy for us to forget that we are important beings that are deserving of respect. The chameleon teaches us to communicate with the world around us: the good and the bad. Don’t be afraid to express what you’re feeling and what you need from others. You deserve to be heard and there is no shame in expressing yourself to the world.

What does the chameleon spirit mean? Expression and survival.

Strengths & Weaknesses of the Chameleon

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A strength of chameleon symbolism is their ability to express themselves. With their bright and changing colors and patterns they are able to communicate with the world. As a chameleon totem person your strength will be in your ability to express yourself. Whether through your words, actions or an artistic form don’t hide who you are from the world. Your gift of self expression is one that should be shared with the world.


Because of their remarkable vision chameleons are able to focus on not one, but two things at once! In your work place, home or personal life you will be able to give multiple things your focus and attention. This will help you to be productive and efficient as long as you are focusing on the right things!


When it comes to hunting the chameleon uses a highly specialized tool, it’s tongue! Typically, twice the length of its body and incredibly sticky the chameleon uses a cartilage lever to catapult it’s tongue from its mouth. Helping it to catch unsuspecting prey. Because of this it relies on patience and its ability to wait for prey to come into range. As a chameleon spirit animal person you will find strength in seasons and times of waiting. Stay focused and trust your instincts, when it’s time for you to make a move you will know it!


If you’ve ever seen a chameleon walk you’ve likely witness their swaying, jerking stride. While the true purpose is still a mystery researchers believe that they do this as an act of camouflage. By say back and forth while walking they mimic similar movements of a swaying branch or leaves. When you are under pressure take this lesson from the chameleon, calmly and quietly take care so that you are protected.



While chameleons can look at two things at once and stay focused there are times when it’s appropriate that they focus on one thing! One of the chameleons greatest weaknesses is the fact that they can easily become distracted by things that are not important. Especially when it comes to work or relationships. They can find themselves focusing on what they want or don’t have instead of investing in what’s in front of them.


It is a little known fact that chameleons don’t actually have ears. And while they can detect a very limited range of sound it’s fair to say that a chameleon can’t hear. As a chameleon totem person you are the type of person who can easily tune others out. Especially, if you don’t like their tone! Because of this you can find yourself in messy situations. Be sure that you make a point to listen to what others are saying, especially those closest to you. You can hurt yourself and others around you with you begin ignoring them when they speak!

What is the Chameleon Totem like?
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The Chameleon in Dreams: What it Means

Chameleon symbolism will appear in your dreams for a variety of reasons. To understand it’s message you need to be aware of its color. A green chameleon is a symbol that you must accept who you truly are and share that with the world. A red or orange chameleon is a sign of aggression and that you need to stand up for yourself. Blue or purple patterned chameleons are a sign of love and passion, they will appear to you when as a sign that you need to be open to these things. An usual or oddly color chameleon is a sign that you need to access your psychic abilities and begin nurturing that gift.

Because of their connection with crystal energies a chameleon will sometimes take on the hue of the crystal you need to engage with. For example, a rose or amber colored chameleon can indicate that you need to add rose quartz or amber to your life.

The chameleon is a sign of expression and psychic abilities. It’s important to consider this when interpreting dreams.
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Cultural and Spiritual Symbolism of the Chameleon

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In Africa, the chameleon was said to be entrusted with an important message from a creator-god called, Unkululu. The legend goes that while the chameleon was en route to deliver his message a false message was spread by others. Resulting in disbelief of the true message. The chameleon is considered an omen by the African people.

In popular culture a chameleon is said to be someone who is able to blend in. They are able to adapt to different situations and cultures seamlessly. And without raising suspicion.

The chameleon is also a symbol of transformation, this power is said to be able to be harnessed by those that do harm and by those who protect and are healers.

Around the world the Chameleon is a symbol of transformation and identity.

Historical Facts

Chameleons were one of several species of lizards researchers found entombed in amber. They helped clue researchers into the diversity of the mid-Cretaceous period.

Animal Quotes

For a really long time, I thought being different was a negative thing. But as I grew older, I started to realize we were all born to stand out; nobody is born to blend in.
Halima Aden
The meaning of life is contained in every single expression of life. It is present in the infinity of forms and phenomena that exist in all of creation.
Michael Jackson

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