Dove Meaning and Symbolism
Dec 01
Discover Dove Symbolism

Dove Meaning and Symbolism

Overview of the Dove Spirit Animal


Dove symbolism is widespread across the world and consistently represents peace and love.  As a spirit animal the dove represents spiritual journey and awareness.  When the dove totem appears to you it can symbolize that you are about to embark on a spiritual journey in which you will learn and grow.  This totem also represents love and is associated with feminine strength and connection.  The pureness of this totem gives you the ability to truly love others with pure and unfailing love the rarest love of all.  When this totem comes fluttering into your life it is a sign that peace and love will soon follow!

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Encounters with the Dove

What is the meaning of dove symbolism? Find out what symbol the dove spirit animal is trying to teach you, and gain some insight into your life.

Do you need spiritual renewal?

When you find yourself in a place of stagnant faith the dove totem will appear to you.  This spirit animal will guide you into a spiritual life where you will begin learning hidden truths.  Dove symbolism is synonymous with spiritual growth and awareness.  It’s important for you to take time to learn and evaluate your own spiritual journey.

Is your heart closed off?

Sometimes in life we find ourselves in places where our hearts are closed off toward others.  No one not even those in the world that are suffering seem to touch a stone cold heart.  The dove spirit animal will appear to you at this time in your life to break away your heart of stone.  This bird calls us to enter into abundant love for ourselves and especially others!  Don’t let your heart remain closed off but begin opening it to others around you!

Are you too busy?

In life there are times when we become so busy it’s easy to overlook the world around us.  The dove totem tells you to slow down and take time to care for others.  It can be simple acts at first such as saying hello or smiling at strangers.  Over time, however, this totem will teach you and lead you into greater acts of kindness and love toward others.  Be open to opportunities to show others kindness and love – don’t let a busy life hinder this part of you!

Is there conflict in your life?

It’s no secret dove symbolism is known for representing peace.  As a spirit animal this bird can lead you and teach you ways of peace.  When you find yourself in a place where there is no peace in your life this spirit animal will quietly enter into your life.  Allow the dove to soften your heart and teach you the ways of peace and over time you will learn to resolve conflict and leave peacefully with everyone around you.

Are there wounds in your past?

It may be surprising but the dove spirit animal often chooses to guide people who have been hurt in their past.  That’s because this totem has amazing healing abilities.  This bird can teach you how to heal and in turn help others heal.  Especially when there have been painful and traumatizing wounds in your past.  When the dove appears to you allow it’s healing power to guide you and help you begin your journey of healing.

Dove Symbolism: The Dove Spirit

Could the Dove be my spirit animal? What are the traits of the totem? This might be your spirit animal if you are:


People with this spirit animal are known for giving others a chance.  This is because it’s in their nature to be non-judgemental.  They are the type of people who will give second and third chances.  They always look for the best in others and will look past outward appearances and at the heart of the person.


Another sign that the dove is your totem animal is your ability to comfort those around you who are hurting.  This gift is second nature and will often times draw others who are hurting toward you in order to receive the care that they need.  Because of this ability you will often find yourself in roles and positions that require a caring and giving heart.

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What is: Dove Symbolism?


As your spirit animal the dove totem will teach you how to bring peace to the world around you.  It doesn’t matter if it’s in a work, home or recreational setting you exude peace.  You have the ability to approach difficult situations and help others resolve the problem.  You are known for not putting up with conflict and insisting on finding peaceful solutions to every situation.


When you think of dove symbolism it’s apparent that this totem represents someone who is very spiritual.  As a dove totem person you will find it easy to embrace a spiritual lifestyle filled with tradition and ritual.  You will often look for deeper meaning in the world around and will be queued by the seasonal changes to observe and embrace your spiritual journey.

What are the Traits of the Dove Totem?

Lessons from the Dove Spirit Animal

Doves are:

  • Friendly
  • Kind
  • Welcoming
  • Hospitable
What is: Dove Symbolism?

Dove symbolism teaches us to pursue a spiritual lifestyle and embrace enlightenment and a higher understanding.  Time in prayer or meditation is very important to dove spirit people and this is important for them to practice regularly.  Another lesson we learn from the dove totem is how to practice hospitality.  This extends beyond friends and family but includes strangers and those who are less fortunate than us.

What does the dove spirit mean? Spiritual journey and peace! Dove totem people will embark on a life long spiritual journey and will find peace along the way!

Strengths & Weaknesses of the Dove

Strengths of the Dove Totem



People whose spirit animal is a dove with find themselves embarking on a great spiritual journey that will often last a lifetime.  Since dove symbolism also represents spiritual renewal pursuing greater knowledge and seeking enlightenment is a strength of dove totem people.  It’s important for them to seek and pursue spiritual meaning and understanding.  It is also important for them to share their knowledge with others.


It comes as a surprise to many people that people with the dove spirit animal are often people who have difficult and painful pasts.  That’s because doves symbolize healing and usher us into seasons of healing.  This strength doesn’t just end with our own healing but it begins to teach us how to provide healing to others.  Over time a dove totem person can learn how to harness the gift of healing and help those around them.


Doves are widespread across the world and inhabit nearly everywhere that there are people.  Because of this they have become a highly adaptable species and can live just about anywhere.  Their diets, nesting and living arrangements vary depending on where in the world they live.  Dove totem people have an ability to become highly adaptable.  Thriving and flourishing where they live and embracing whatever lifestyle they need to succeed.


A common strength of a dove totem person is their natural ability to counsel others.  This is in combination with their peacekeeping and comforting nature.  When conflict and strife arise they will especially between two parties they will rise to the rescue.  With sage like wisdom they will help both parties understand the others position and will work tirelessly until they can find a solution that pleases both parties.  They also have a gift to help counsel individuals who are dealing with difficult circumstances or events.



When it comes to weaknesses the dove totem can easily become disconnected with the natural world.  This happens when they become so engulfed in spiritual pursuit and enlightenment that they simply become distant and unconcerned with the natural world around them.  This becomes a problem when they begin neglecting responsibilities and not caring about spending time with others.  Be sure you’re not so spiritually minded you’re of no earthly good!


Anywhere that there are doves there is the potential for this problem to occur.  In major cities doves can become misguided and find themselves nesting and residing in places that they don’t belong.  It’s important in your spiritual journey and pursuit that you are aware of your surroundings and whether or not you’re welcome there!  A misguided dove can cause problems and as an end result be rudely told to leave.


Because dove totem people are naturally comforting and non-judgemental they can easily fall into the trap of being naive!  Far too often well intentioned people end up trusting and caring for people that will only take advantage of them.  Be aware of people who only take and even after extensive care and guidance repeatedly make the same harmful mistakes.  It’s important when dealing with these types of people that you protect your heart in order to not have it repeatedly broken!

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The Dove in Dreams: What it Means

When the dove comes fluttering into your dreams it can have a number of meanings.  Typically it is a sign that you are about to embark on a spiritual journey or experience spiritual renewal.  Being surrounded by doves in your dreams can be a sign that you need to begin reaching out to people even strangers and sharing love and glad tidings.  A dove landing on you is a sign that you are about to experience peace and love especially if you’ve been enduring a hard season.

A dove is a sign of peace and love. It’s important to consider this when interpreting dreams.
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Cultural and Spiritual Symbolism of the Dove

animal meaning in your life

Native American – In some tribes doves were a sign of protection.  Dove feathers were worn as talismans in order to help bring warriors home safely.

Celtic – Celtic mythology tells us that the doves call was a sign of mourning.  That to hear a dove call was to symbolize a soul passing from the earth in peace.

Christianity – The dove is an important symbol is Christianity as it refers to the Holy Spirit.

China – The releasing of a dove was said to help ward off evil.

Worldwide – The dove is a symbol of Peace and Love.

Historical Facts

The dove as a symbol of peace was popularized by Pablo Picasso after World War 2.

Animal Quotes

Share your smile with the world. It’s a symbol of friendship and peace.
Christie Brinkley
Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding.
Albert Einstein

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