Dragon Meaning and Symbolism
Feb 01
Discover Dragon Symbolism

Dragon Meaning and Symbolism

Overview of the Dragon Spirit Animal


Dragon symbolism connects us to an ancient creature that is wrapped in lore, mystery and myth.  The classification dragon covers a variety of creatures including basilisks, cockatrices, gargoyles, hydras, phoenix and wyverns.  This uncommon spirit animal bears with it incredible power and will challenge dragon spirit animal people in numerous ways.  When it comes to dragon symbolism and interpreting dragon meaning in your life it’s vital that you are able to make the following distinction.  Whether the dragon is depicted as the long and slender dragon of Eastern culture or the Western fire breathing brute associated with medieval lore.  In Eastern cultures the dragon is a peaceful creature that is known for providing wisdom, prosperity, good luck and being a spiritual guide.  While in Western cultures they are known for representing chaos, power, wisdom and risk.

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Embrace Your Spirit Animal


Encounters with the Dragon

What is the meaning of dragon symbolism? Find out what symbol the dragon spirit animal is trying to teach you, and gain some insight into your life.

Have you been pursuing spiritual growth?

Dragon symbolism will appear to those who have intentionally pursued spiritual growth and enrichment.  When you encounter dragon symbolism it is a sign that you are on the right track.  And that you have only begun your spiritual journey.  Be prepared for your spiritual knowledge to be challenged, stretched and grown.  The dragon ushers in a season of new growth and enlightenment.

Have you been closed off to the world around you?

When you find yourself keeping your talents, gifts, insights and whole self hidden the dragon totem will appear to you with this message.  It is time to be vulnerable and reveal yourself even though it may be uncomfortable.  When the dragons spirit animal appears to you and tells you to be vulnerable you can also take comfort in the dragon’s protection.

Are you ready to take a risk?

When you’ve been playing it safe for too long the dragon totem will appear to you to encourage you to take a risk!  It is necessary for you to set aside your reservations and passionately dive headlong into whatever your “risk” may be!  You will experience incredible growth and renewal when you take the chance and take risks.

Do you have physical, spiritual or emotional wounds?

For people who have experienced great pain and physical, spiritual or emotional wounds dragon symbolism will appear to you to provide healing.  For centuries the dragon has been a sign of healing through balance.  Prepare yourself for a healing journey.  The road will be long but the dragon totem will guide you and begin restoring the parts of you that are wounded.

Are you in need of guidance and wisdom?

For centuries the dragon spirit animal has appeared to people who are searching.  This ancient creature provides those who are open to its voice a well of wisdom and guidance.  When you are searching and seeking answers or direction look for dragon symbolism in the world around you.  This spirit animal will reveal itself to you in unexpected ways in order to guide you.

Dragon Symbolism: The Dragon Spirit

Could the dragon be my spirit animal? What are the traits of the totem? This might be your spirit animal if you are:


It’s no secret the dragon totem is one of immense power.  People with this spirit animal are known for being placed in positions of influence.  This is because of their natural aptitude for leadership.  Their connection to ancient wisdom helps them secure these types of roles and will provide them with a clear path on their way to success.

Spiritually Attuned

Something you will find in someone who has a dragon spirit animal is an awareness or an attunity to their spiritual surroundings.  They are able to read the energy in a room and in individuals which gives them an upper hand.  This ability comes naturally to them and helps them exercise power over the elements that surround them.  Dragon totem people are also aware of their spiritual energy and so are able to go through their day monitoring their own wellbeing.

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It doesn’t matter if the image is of a benevolent or menacing creature dragon symbolism is intimidating.  People with this spirit animal likewise carry with them an ancient and weighty presence wherever they go.  The way they move, talk and interact exudes power and ancient wisdom.  To the people who can sense this power this can be very intimidating!  Because of this people with the dragon spirit animal can have a reputation of being intense and intimidating.


Because they are connected to ancient wisdom and knowledge a sure sign that the dragon is someone’s spirit animal is in their realistic nature.  These people don’t spend their time with their heads in the clouds but focusing on real matters, real issues and solving real problems.  You can count on a dragon totem person to tell you to truth no matter what.  They won’t beat around the bush or sugar coat the truth.

What are the Traits of the Dragon Totem?

Lessons from the Dragon Spirit Animal

Dragons are:

  • Intense
  • Wise
  • Spiritual
  • Powerful
What is the Dragon Spirit Animal?

Dragon symbolism teaches us to embrace our power and to pursue your dreams with passion.  Dragon totem people are very passionate and have the courage to take risks.  This helps them to truly become world changers that go through life with authority and purpose.  When the dragon totem appears to you it’s important understand any areas of your life that you need to take risks and exercising power.

When you access the well of knowledge connected to the dragon totem you must be prepared for your perspectives to change.  The dragon spirit animal will always usher in with its presence change and renewal.

What does the dragon spirit mean? Self Mastery and Cosmic connection! Dragon totem people go through life achieving the mastery of themselves while increasing a connection with cosmic energy.

Strengths & Weaknesses of the Dragons



Cosmic Connection

A strength that sets dragon symbolism apparent from others is its cosmic connection.  The dragon totem acts as a doorkeeper between the physical and spiritual realms.  And can help you unlock greater understanding into the world, your spirit and the cosmic energy that surrounds and moves through all things.  As a spirit animal you will find yourself able to access cosmic energy like never before.  You will find unique ways to connect with the universe through this energy and will begin to experience divine alignment.

Healing Energy

Another strength of the dragon spirit animal is its magical healing energy.  For centuries the dragon has been a symbol of alignment.  When your energy is properly aligned your physical, spiritual and emotional self will begin a journey of healing.  The road to complete healing is long and will be riddled with trials but don’t give up.  The dragon totem will guide you through you process and bring you into a new day of whole and complete health.


When life throws hardship and struggles your way you can call on the dragon totem to provide you with protection.  Especially when you, your character or beliefs are under attack you can count on the dragon totem to help.  Consider the countless stories of ancient dragons warding off fierce knights and warriors.  Likewise imagine your spirit animal providing you with the protection you need.

Mastery of Self

For centuries dragon symbolism has represented a connection to past lives.  People with this spirit animal will be able to connect with their past lives through meditation and intention.  This ability gives dragon totem people the art of self mastery.  Because they are able to glean knowledge from their past lives they are able to live their current life with intention and purpose.  People with this spirit animal are self possessed and sure of their spiritual decisions and jourenty.  Once they understand their purpose there is no room for doubt in their mind – only assurance and progress.



When you consider the dragon totem it’s important to keep its weaknesses in mind to watch out for any imbalances.  When dragon totem people get unbalanced they can easily fall prey to their temper.  This will manifest itself in outbursts of anger and as a result they can be known for being harsh and critical.  As a dragon totem person it’s important to keep your temper in check and avoid lashing out at others unnecessarily.


Because dragons are surrounded by ancient wisdom and knowledge people with this spirit animal are very keen and observant.  As a result when dealing with others that make mistakes or miss important information they can be unforgiving.  Because they hold themselves to high standards they become frustrated when others don’t can be severely unforgiving.


It’s easy to find artistic depictions of vengeful dragons swooping down and destroying peaceful landscapes.  An unbalanced dragon spirit animal person can likewise become a consuming force.  Destroying and consuming the good that surrounds them and others.  It’s important to make sure you’re not needlessly burning through resources and needlessly wasting the good things in your life.


Another weakness of the dragon totem is its tendency to become greedy.  With their power, influence and wisdom it’s easily for them to fall prey to the darkness that is greed.  It can be easy for a dragon spirit animal person to begin accumulating power and material possessions for no reason or benefit.  When this happens it’s important for you begin clearing out belongings that are no longer serving you.

Define the Dragon Totem
Is the Dragon your spirit animal?

The Dragon in Dreams: What it Means

When dragon symbolism appears in your dreams it’s important for you to differentiate between an Eastern and Western dragon.  Because they differ in meaning and message being able to recognize which one has appeared to you will alter the meaning.

When a dragon appears to you in your dreams it is a sign of awakening.  The time has come for your spiritual self to rise.  Look for ways your past lives could be speaking to you and begin developing your psychic abilities.  It is time for your spiritual journey to begin.

When a dragon appears to you in your dreams and it is a scene of conflict and chaos it is a sign that your life is out of balance.  You need to spend intentional time in meditation and focusing your energy on peace.  You need to root out anything that is causing conflict in your life take steps to distance yourself from it.

A dragon is a sign of power and past life connection. It’s important to consider this when interpreting dreams.
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Cultural and Spiritual Symbolism of the Dragon

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The word “dragon” comes from the Greek word draconta.  Draconta means “to watch.” Ancient Greeks believed dragons were beasts that guarded things of value.

Ancient Celts believed dragons had prophetic gifts. They revered the dragons because it was said that they guarded the Underworld gates to the next life.

Ancient Japanese also revered dragons because they were believed to be water divinities. They also believed that dragons looked like serpents without wings and claws on their feet. They also have what is known as the Ryujin Shinko, which is a belief that Shinto dedicates to the dragons.

Many cultures depict dragons as hoarding treasure.

Historical Facts

During the right time of year you can find a constellation that takes the form a dragon – the draco constellation.

Animal Quotes

No, I would not want to live in a world without dragons, as I would not want to live in a world without magic, for that is a world without mystery, and that is a world without faith.
R.A. Salvatore, Streams of Silver
The past cannot be changed. The future is yet in your power.

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