Fish Meaning and Symbolism
Apr 06
Fish Totem

Fish Meaning and Symbolism

Overview of the Fish Spirit Animal


Fish symbolism opens you up to a wide variety of meaning.  This cold limbless aquatic creature is the product of millions of years of evolution.  They make their home in rivers, lakes and the vast oceans. Mankind is familiar with fish through domestication via aquariums and household fish tanks as well as through dietary consumption.  When you look at fish symbol and fish meaning the results are as wide and deep as the oceans. The fish spirit animal speaks to us regarding motion, depths, emotion and harmony. Fish totem people are guided by their feelings, emotion and intuition.  They use these things to guide them through their daily lives. When at peace and balanced a fish totem person is clearly at peace and living at harmony with their surroundings.

Fish Meaning and Symbolism

Embrace Your Spirit Animal


Encounters with the Fish

What is the meaning of fish symbolism? Find out what symbol the fish spirit animal is trying to teach you, and gain some insight into your life.

Do you feel guilty about a decision you’ve made?

The fish symbol teaches us about decision making. Because fish live in a fast world and must make decisions quickly without a moment’s notice they have to be decisive.  The fish totem is telling you not to dwell on the past, let it go, and look forward to the future. Because you cannot change the past don’t let it fill you with regret or guilt.  Let go and begin living your fullest life free from the past.

Are you drawn to psychic power?

The depths of the oceans are mirrored in the depths of the fish totem animal.  As a fish spirit animal person don’t be surprised when you find yourself drawn to psychic power and influences.  Just as a fish is able to swim and dive through incredible depths so does fish symbolism. Especially in regards to the psychic realm.  You must take time and care to develop this connection.

Do you feel as if your emotions are out of tune?

The fish spirit animal provides us with emotion medicine which can bring healing to your emotional self.  There are times in life when we feel out of tune, or off course, in times like these call on the fish totem.  The fish symbol can help guide you through this time and help you find your balance once again.

Have you been fighting the current?

While there is a proper time and place to swim against the current when done continually you can become exhausted.  It is important for you to find a safe haven, a place of rest, where you can take a break from the current of your daily life.  You must find pools of peace in your daily life in order to prevent yourself from becoming completely burnt out. Once you’ve rest you will be able to fight the current with new strength.

Do you need harmony and balance in your life?

The fish totem exists in the wild in harmony and balance with its surroundings.  Moving with the flow of the water. Supplying and consuming a balanced ecosystem.  When the fish spirit animal appears to you it is a sign of balance and harmony. Especially when your life feels chaotic.  Call on fish symbolism to help you restore your life to its proper balance.

The Fish Spirit

Could the Fish be my spirit animal? What are the traits of the totem? The fish might be your spirit animal if you are:


As a fish totem person people will often describe you as someone who is emotional.  Keep in mind your emotions are not a bad thing. But helpful indicators and guides to help you navigate through your life.  You will use statements like, “I feel…” versus, “I think…” which is a tell tale sign that you are guided by your emotions. Along with that you feel very deeply for others.  Often using your emotions you guide you through interactions and relationships.

Easy Going

In the wild fish live in an environment that is filled with energy and movement.  The pressure, push and flow of water is constant. Because of this fish have learned to interact with this energy.  As a fish spirit animal person you will find it easy for you to go with the flow of life. People describe you as easy going because you don’t resist the energy around you.  Instead you interact with it and move with it.

Define the Fish Spirit Animal
Is the fish your spirit animal?


Whether a fish is a predator or prey it must be able to make decisions quickly.  Because of this fish totem people are able to make a decision at a moments notice. While it might seem sudden to some people the truth is that the fish spirit animal person has already thought the decision through.  As a fish totem person you tend to process things internally and keep your thoughts to yourself.

At Peace

A fish totem person isn’t the type of person that worries, stresses or is consumed with anxiety.  They are the type of person that is truly at peace with themselves and their place in the world. They understand that all things must come and go according to the will of the universe.  Attuned to the energy around them they are able to find peace, balance and purpose. As long as they remain connected to the energy of the universe they will be at peace.

What are the Traits of the Fish Totem?

Lessons from the Fish Spirit Animal

Fish are:

  • Caring
  • Lucky
  • Harmonious
  • Happy
  • Balanced
What is the Fish Symbol?

Fish symbolism teaches us the importance of our emotions and connecting with our inner energy.  The fish totem teaches us that in order for us to find balance and peace we must be at peace within ourselves.  It is only then that we are able to live in harmony with our emotional self.

The fish symbol also teaches us to pursue success.  Around the world the fish totem represents success and fertility.  In order for us to access this we must be willing to put in the work.  Just like how some species of fish will migrate thousands of miles and face extreme adversity to achieve their goal.  Likewise, we must be willing to follow our course with passion and an unwavering spirit.

What is the true fish meaning? Fertility and success. Fish totem people will find their life filled with fertility and success in every area of their lives.

Strengths & Weaknesses of the Fish

Define Fish Symbolism



Fish are an incredible creature that are a result of millions of years of evolution.  Because of this they represent the power of transformation. For example, the male emperor angelfish leads a group of 3-5 females.  If something happens and the male is killed or dies one of the females will transform into a male and assume the role of leader. As a fish totem person you will likewise be able to transform into the role you need to.  Don’t be afraid of growth or change because you will have to ability to become what you need to.


When threatened by predators like sharks, mackerel, tuna and sardines (just to name a few) will swarm into a spinning mass.  This helps confuse and distract the predators making it harder for them to catch a bite. Likewise, a fish totem person must surround themselves with a strong community.  When they are surrounded by people who care and support them this helps provide protection and strength. If a fish is to stand against fierce attacks it must have a community to support it.


Because the fish relies on water like humans rely on air they are closely connected to this element.  Water is the element of healing, emotion and meditation. As a fish spirit animal person meditation will be imperative to your wellbeing.  Just as the waves wash upon the shore and the tides move in and out with ease so meditation will come to you. Surround yourself with the presence and sound of water during meditation to allow yourself to go deeper into your practice.


Many species of fish spawn by laying hundreds or thousands of eggs at a time.  While others that are live bearers carry their young inside them until they are ready to be birthed.  It’s no wonder that fish symbolism represents fertility and success. Just as they produce young at a high rate so will fish spirit animal people in the form of ideas and success.  Don’t worry when it seems like it is taking a long time for your dreams and goals to come into fruition. In due time you will experience fertility in its fullness.



In our modern world one of the greatest threats to fish is pollution and contamination in our oceans.  As a fish spirit animal person one of your greatest weaknesses will be the space and energy that surrounds you. It is important for you to keep it clean and free of pollution and contamination.  Cleanse your space and energy of anything that is negative and harmful. Or else, just like the fish in our oceans, it will cause your physical and spiritual health to decline.

Easily Influenced

A trait of the fish totem is it’s open mindedness and ability to understand others.  This can become a weakness when the fish spirit animal person becomes easily influenced. Which can cause them to go back on their beliefs and morals and question what they once stood for.  This can cause them to question who they are and lose their way.


In the natural world fish live to eat and by eating they also produce waste.  Likewise, as a fish spirit animal person one of your greatest weaknesses will be your constant consumption.  You must be sure that there is balance in your life and that you aren’t consuming for the sake of consuming.

Fish Totem
Learn about the Fish Totem

The Bee in Dreams: What it Means

When you dream of fish symbolism you must take a number of things into account.  Such as the motion of the fish. When you see a fish swimming in soft circling patterns it is a sign of balance and harmony.  You must channel your spirit animal to have access to true harmony and balance. When you see a fish struggling against a current and swimming upstream it means that you are undertaking a journey.  Success and fertility are on the other side and you must not give up.

To dream of consuming fish means that you must accept the message of the fish.  You must accept it’s teachings and embrace the work that it is doing in your life.  Allow it’s lessons to go deep into your being and nourish your soul.

When you dream of catching a fish or waiting to catch a fish the meaning is simple.  You have come to the realization you need emotion medicine and healing. And that as long as you are patient you will be given the ability to find the emotional healing that you need.

The fish is a symbol for good luck, harmony and fertility, so think about what implications the answers to these questions suggest, and how they might make sense in your life.
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Cultural and Spiritual Symbolism of the Fish

animal meaning in your life

In Christian culture the fish symbol represents Jesus Christ.  And has been a symbol to distinguish believers of Christ throughout centuries.

The Astrological sign of Pisces is associated with a symbol of a fish.

In Scandinavian myth people would eat fish to honor the great goddess Freya. The sixth day of the week was named after her, “Friday”.

According to various Asian cultures the fish symbol is a sign of harmony and good luck or good fortune.  Fish are often given as wedding gifts because it is believed that they will bring fortune, love and fertility to the home.

Around the world the Fish is a symbol for good luck, fertility and emotion.

Historical Facts

The largest fish in history is the Leedsichthys Problematicus.  Learn more about this fascinating fish and the fossil scientists have found.  And just how big this prehistoric fish could grow!

Animal Quotes

No human being, however great, or powerful, was ever so free as a fish.
John Ruskin
Beyond individual intelligence, nature has also cultivated intelligence through swarms. For example, bees, birds and fish act in a more intelligent way when acting together as a swarm, flock or school.
Louis B. Rosenberg

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