Fly Meaning and Symbolism
Jun 29
Fly Meaning Card

Fly Meaning and Symbolism

Overview of the Fly Spirit Animal


Fly symbolism teaches us the importance of the balance of life.  That all new things must eventually come to an end and that there is beauty in the decay.  Fly totem people are high energy and seldom slow down to focus on any one thing for more than they want to.  They buzz from on thing to the next without even giving it a second thought. As a spirit animal, the fly helps you find emotional balance and will help weed out anything that is no longer serving you.  When the fly is your spirit animal you are the type of person that lives each day with purpose and a sense of urgency. You are never lazy and don’t like sitting around or waiting, after all your life is happening here and now!  You refuse to waste it!

Define the Fly Totem

Encounters with the Fly

What is the meaning of fly symbolism? Find out what symbol the fly spirit animal is trying to teach you, and gain some insight into your life.

Do you feel like you can’t help but bounce from one thing to the next?  While never finishing or completing a task?

Fly symbolism will appear to you in order to remind you about the importance of balance!  While it is in your nature to move from one thing to the next it’s important for you to balance this out. Take time and care to make sure that you are completing things that are important in life.  Relationships and your career are a good place to start.

Have you been holding back or putting your dreams on hold?

A fly has a very short life cycle from the time the larva hatches to maturity the average lifespan is only a couple months.  Because of this they understand the urgency of using their time wisely. When the fly totem appears to you and you’ve been waiting and putting your dreams on hold, their message is simple, don’t wait!  Take action and pursue your dreams!

Are you always in the middle of other people’s drama?

Being in the middle of drama is not always pleasant. When you find yourself in a position where you are always in the middle of someone else’s business the fly totem will appear to you.  It will remind you to set up boundaries and for you to stay out of business that doesn’t involve you. This is an important lesson because if you’re not careful you can find yourself under attack!

Do you have secret emotional turmoil you’ve kept hidden from the rest of the world?

Flies are known for feeding and even laying their eggs on waste, feces and decaying matter.  When you encounter fly symbolism in your life it is a sign that you have emotional waste that is dead and decaying.  You need to take the time to cleanse yourself and let go of the negative emotions that are holding you back. After you have discovered the best way to cleanse your emotions you must fully let go and allow new life to begin.

The Fly Spirit

Could the Fly be my spirit animal? What are the traits of the totem? The fly might be your spirit animal if you are:

Forward Thinking

When fly symbolism is present in your life you are the type of person that can be described as a forward thinker.  You prefer to focus on now and the future. Very seldom do you reflect on the past, in fact, you actually tend to get annoyed with others that love to reminisce about the past.  Your personality is very, “Here and Now.” Which helps you make the most of your time and avoid laziness.


Hand in hand with your forward thinking is your hopeful nature.  Because flies operate within a short lifespan they have to focus on the present.  It doesn’t matter where you are or what you’ve been through, as a fly totem person, you always have the hopeful energy to start over.  You great each day with hopeful possibility for what could be in store!

Is the fly your spirit animal?
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Emotionally Aware

When you look at fly meaning it’s important to understand it’s connection to emotional awareness.  Because flies live off of and rely on decay they are connected to the cycles of life and in this case emotion.  Fly spirit animal people are able to detect not only their emotional state but that of those around them. This emotional awareness is not always welcome but it is always able to rightfully detect emotions.


Because the fly totem is an insect they operate in the element of speed.  Connected to the fairy world they seem to buzz around at unsuspecting speed.  This is also due to the fact that flies live such short lives in comparison to others in the animal kingdom.  A fly totem person will be able to make decisions on a moments notice. Everything they do can be done quickly and without much deliberation.

What are the Traits of the Fly Totem?

Lessons from the Fly Spirit Animal

Flies are:

  • Focused
  • Decisive
  • Forward Thinking
  • Driven
Discover the Fly Meaning!

Fly symbolism teaches us the lesson of emotional awareness.  This is because our emotions mirror that of a fly’s life cycle.  When something new is created or grown it brings with it life and light.  However, everything is only for a season and over time what was once full of life will begin to die.  And after it has died it begins to decay. Each part of the process is important and valuable and must be embraced in it’s own time.  This is true for your emotions! There will be times when you experience something new in your life. Over time it will eventually reach its peak and then begin to wither and die.  Because of this enjoy everything good thing in its season and as it comes to a close be grateful for the time it was in your life. And as it reaches decay allow it’s memory and experience to enrich your life and help you nourish your future.

What is the true fly meaning? Urgency and transformation. People with the fly as their spirit animal understand that there is a certain amount of urgency to their lives.

Strengths & Weaknesses of the Fly

What is the meaning of the fly?



Flies live short lives that only last around 1-3 months.  Because of this they do not waste their time meandering back and forth or trying to figure out what to do.  They spend most of their time reproducing and eating, a great way to spend one’s life! As a fly spirit animal person you will find that it is easy for you to make decisions.  You won’t be the type of person that can’t decide between one thing or another because you understand how important time is!


When fly symbolism is in your life it is a symbol that your future will be bright.  A fly’s greatest purpose in life is reproducing/laying eggs in hope to secure future generations.  You are the type of person that will sow a lot of seeds for your future. And after time you will reap the benefits of your hard work.  You only need to stay focused and continue to faithfully invest in your future.


A strength of a fly totem person is their range of view!  Thanks to the elaborate design of their eyes a fly can see 360 degrees.  As a fly spirit animal person don’t be surprised when you are able to see things and the motives of others from multiple points of view.  This ability will help you approach and solve problems, overcome obstacles and avoid harmful situations. Take care that you listen to your instincts.


Each and every aspect of a flies life is surrounded by speed, they go from eggs to larvae, to flies in no time at all.  In fact, they undergo transformation so quickly they have become a symbol of transformation. People with the fly as their spirit animal will experience recurring seasons of transformation.  This means any past faults or failures will be left behind and you will form new habits and strengths. Embrace the transformation that comes with the fly totem.



A fully realized fly totem person will often find themselves embodying this weakness.  That is that they become increasingly annoying to others. Whether it’s through their constant changing of hobbies or interests.  Or the fact that they change so much over the course of time or that the operate at such a high energy level. Fly spirit animal people can be annoying.  It’s important for you to pay attention to others around you and look for indicators that they are becoming annoyed by you.


As a fly spirit animal person you will be comfortable with decay.  Knowing that from it new life is born and that is is a part of life. Others, however, will struggle to accept that decay is necessary to life.  The way you embrace change and things coming and going will look strange to others. After all, nobody likes the smell of decay. You must be sensitive to those around you and try not to put them off to change.


When fly symbolism is in your life you will be drawn to quick changes.  Because of this others will say that you are not consistent or that the only consistency in your life is that you are not!  It’s true that being reliable and consistent are one of the flies greatest weaknesses. Because of this you must be careful when making commitments and be sure that you are not letting others down.

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The Fly in Dreams: What it Means

When fly symbolism appears in your dreams it has a variety of meanings.  When a fly is buzzing around other animals and the other animals are annoyed or upset this is what it means.  Your persistence is annoying others. Step back from any relationship that you seem to be engaging in soley. That person may need a break from you.

Fly symbolism will also appear in your dreams when you need to embrace the cycle of life.  When you see a fly or flies around a carcass or rubbage heap it is a sign that things that once had life are now reaching their end.  And instead of grieving this loss you must learn from the experience and find the lessons within. Take comfort in knowing that wherever there is decay there is the possibility for new life!

The fly is a symbol for transformation, so think about what implications the answers to these questions suggest, and how they might make sense in your life.
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Cultural and Spiritual Symbolism of the Fly

animal meaning in your life

In tradition Navajo teachings the Big Fly is an important spirit.

Ancient Babylonian seals have been found depicting Nergal, known as the god of death.

The expression “Fly on the Wall” refers to being able to witness an interaction or event without being seen or noticed by others.

Around the world, flies carry both negative and positive images.

Historical Facts

It was discovered that Flies and Mosquitoes share a close evolutionary connection!

Animal Quotes

Change your life today. Don’t gamble on the future, act now, without delay.
Simone de Beauvoir
Once you make it to your point of making it, you’ll appreciate the struggle.

Embrace Your Spirit Animal


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