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Fox Spirit Symbol:

Cleverness, Cunning, Intelligence, Observant, Stealth, Playfulness, Mischievous, Deception, Persistence, Adaptability, Wisdom, Nobility, Good luck.
Fox spirit animal

Fox Totem Meaning and Medicine:

All these attributes are associated with Fox symbolism. The fox spirit is special and displays strong and likeable features with a mix of some attributes that could be deemed as being a little alarming. In essence the fox spirit can act as a guide and teach you to cleverly evade obstacles in your life and develop a sense of quick thinking in dicey situations. Being cunning, clever and intelligent are the most common attributes associated with the fox spirit in most cultures although some cultures do interpret the fox as being deceptive and rather mischievous but ultimately the positive aspects outshine the rest.

The Fox Spirit Animal

Having a fox spirit animal in your life might also indicate that you need to be more careful about the people around you who are tricking you and learn to be more discerning in your relationships. The fox totem animal indicates a helpful symbolism with association towards attaining good luck and being more playful in your life to extract the beauty in it.

Encounter with the Fox - Fox Spirit Animal

What is the meaning of Fox symbolism or some lookalike other creature? Find out what symbol the fox spirit animal is trying to teach you and its symbolic meaning, and gain some insight into your life.

Have you been feeling challenged lately, or like you are being tricked?

Keep in mind the fox totem animal wisdom and protect yourself from deception, be sharp when dealing with matters that require quick thinking and keep a strong hence of humor.

Have you been unlucky in your relationships and feel lonely?

The fox symbolism teaches that you need to self-reflect and harness the sadness into productivity so you can better understand your own potential. For future relationships you should be less critical of your partner and be more understanding.

Have you been struggling with sleeping at night?

Fox animal spirits are more adept to the night life, it is the time of the day where you are most productive and can take that time to work on self-growth and plan out your dreams.

Are you experiencing lack of control in your professional life?

It is never possible to control each and every aspect of your life, the fox spirit teaches you to be persistence and live your life to the fullest in order to be able to create the opportunities that you can cleverly pounce upon in order to be successful.

The Fox Symbolism Spirit animal

The fox might be your spirit animal if you are:

This animal totem has striking attributes that are easy to identify, if the fox is your spirit animal you are likely a charismatic individual who is adored by the people around them for their intelligence and beauty. If you are able to embrace yourself then you will most likely stand out as an individual and people would seek advice and wisdom from you on matters which require critical thinking and persistence. You like a fox are likely to be more active at the night where your creativity peaks or fox appears and you can work on your dreams and aspirations.

What are the Traits of the Fox Totem?

The fox animal totem holds great association with wisdom and self-awareness in regard to your surroundings. When a fox symbolism wanders into your life you must focus around you to identify how others treat you and harness more wisdom to make the right choices for yourself.

People with Fox Totem Spirit are…

The Fox in Dreams:

When the fox symbols animal spirit guide enters your dreams it can have two potential interpretations depending on different cultural prospective with no negative light. Some cultures derive a positive interpretation of the fox as a symbolism in dreams, suggesting that it is a good spiritual omen which indicates good luck and better foresight in future endeavors. In contrast a common interpretation of this occurrence has a negative connotation; it is seen as a manifestation of danger surrounding you. Typically if you experience the presence of a fox in your dreams whilst starting a new endeavor it might be an indication of things falling apart for you. This interpretation comes from the symbolism of dark magic and deception surrounding the fox and can be reminiscent of you getting deceived by the clever fox-like people surrounding you. In some cases this symbolism might also indicate a cheating partner.

Cultural Symbolism of the fox totem:

Native American:

the fox in different tribes but the commonality lies in how it is seen as a compassionate spirit. Some perceive the fox as a god like entity whereas others interpret it as a creature who stole the fires of heaven to provide them to mankind. In essence the fox is seen as a helping hand and a creature which imparts its wisdom upon mankind.


In both Japanese and Chinese folklore the fox is seen as a supernatural creature which can prove to be a strong ally who can assist in driving the evil away. The context has slight variation in the Chinese culture where majority associate the fox with afterlife and view it as a symbol for longevity whereas others perceive it as the evil itself and believe that the fox tempts people to cheat in their relations.


The fox animal spirit holds great significance in the Greek mythology where it is seen as the sacred animal of the goddess Ninhursag and is perceived as being an entity that can out smart evil and symbolizes the superiority of intelligence over hatred and brute strength.


The mention of the fox in the bible is generally in the negative connotation as can be seen in the Song of Solomon (2:15), this verse state,” Catch for us the foxes, the little foxes that ruin the vineyards, our vineyards that are in bloom.”. The interpretation of this verse creates an association of negative emotions such as pride and jealousy to the fox which indicates clear negativity behind the animal. The red fox symbolism also has a bundle of connotations and can imply fox clans in a larger context.

In a Nutshell:

There are different perspectives associated with the Fox spirit, symbolism and totem but in essence the connotations can vary but the attributes remain constant. The Methodism which instills a sense of embracing your true potential through the aid of a more critical approach too remains constant. Due to which the person possessing the fox spirit will find these methods very potent in order to better develop themselves and live life to its fullest.

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