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Giraffe Spirit Symbols

Farsightedness, the future, goals/determination, vision, practicality, success, reach, balance, spirituality.

Giraffe Spirit Meaning and Medicine:

The giraffe carries several significant meanings. If giraffe has suddenly entered your life, you may want to ask yourself the following questions:

Are you afraid of what lies in your future?

Giraffes can see far higher and further than any other animal around them, so they are often a reminder to look forward to the future. Are you concerned, timid, or fearful of the future? Or are you avoiding deciding on a future path in life? You may be ignoring what is right in front of you.

Do you feel resistant to change?

If giraffe’s presence in your life is consistent, it is possible you are resisting a necessary change or rite of passage in your life. Remember that the path that lies ahead of you may not be very different from where you are now, but that change and growth are natural and unavoidable parts of life.

Are you speaking out too much or too little?

Because of the long neck and long tongue, giraffes are often a symbol of communication. Are you not speaking up about something that needs to be brought to the surface? Giraffes rarely make any noise. On the other hand, has giraffe entered your life to remind you to quiet down because you are speaking or gossiping too much?

Are you more comfortable focusing on the future than living in the present?

Giraffes can go days without bending down to drink water, and do so in order to remain with their heads in the clouds. Are you so focused on your future, that you are missing out on the present? Maybe you are taking advantage of what you already have, because you are so focused on what you want for the future?

People with the Giraffe Animal Totem are:

The Good:


Giraffes can live with less water than a camel, and they sleep for only 1-2 hours per day. People with the giraffe totem tend to be the same way with their resources – they can make a delicious feast with only a few simple ingredients, or achieve more an a single hour than most people can in a day. This resourcefulness contributes to their knack for success in life.


The giraffe always has all 4 legs on the ground, and at the same time can see for miles around them. Giraffe people tend to keep their focus steady and aren’t prone to jumping from one thing to another or living life with a careless spontaneity. You can rest assured that if you are close friends or family with a giraffe person they will do their best to watch out for you and keep you safe and secure.


Giraffe people are quiet and pensive, and when they speak they always have something intelligent to say. While they are practical people, they also have their “head in the clouds” and have the distinct ability to follow through on their creative ideas. This provides a strong advantage over other creative types, who may get overwhelmed by their own creativity and unable to make their ideas become reality

High-Reaching and Successful

Because giraffe people can see so far into their future, they are excellent when it comes to planning ahead for their future. They are ambitious, far-reaching, and determined people. They tend to find success easily while others struggle to find a path that leads them to their goals.

The Bad:


While giraffe people tend to be more on the quiet side, they can sometimes get carried away in their communications. They may take advantage of their ability to see more than those around them, leading to gossip or speaking more than they should. Giraffe people need to check that they don’t speak to others in a bossy way, because being able to see so much of the world that others tends to make them feel that they know “better” than others or “talk down” to them.

Energy Levels

Energy level can sometimes pose a problem for people with the giraffe totem. With feet on the ground and head in the sky, their energy is usually balanced somewhere in the middle, experiencing few high or low energy moments. This can be frustrating when in an exciting situation where others expect high levels of energy and excitement, but the giraffe person remains somewhat neutral


The giraffe is most vulnerable to attack when bending low to drink water. Because of this vulnerability, the giraffe can retain water for days at a time without needing to take a drink. If giraffe feels there may be even the slightest risk of danger, the animal will refuse to drink. Instead of taking too many risks in life, giraffe people may tend to avoid situations of emotional, mental, or even physical vulnerability in favor of keeping their head held high and proud at all times. Also, if a giraffe person loses sight of his future by keeping his head down low for too long, he may easily become depressed or confused in life. Giraffe people need to be able to see their path clearly and know (or at least have an idea of) what lies ahead

Lessons From Giraffe


Giraffes have not 2 but 3 antlers on the top of the head. Horns and antlers on any animal are symbolic of higher spiritual ability, and the fact that giraffes have 3 of them heighten their spiritual awareness even further. The 3rd horn represents the 3rd eye, or “inner eye.” This is the eye to the soul and deeper levels of understanding. This is a reminder to keep the mind aware and introspective. Don’t get overwhelmed by the external world around us, when there is a deeper realm within.


Every giraffe has a unique set of markings to separate it from the rest of the herd. This reminds us that even though we may feel at times as though we are blending in with the crowd, we are all still unique individuals at heart.


The neck is not only the most distinguishable feature of the giraffe, it is also their strongest body part. Males show dominance by fighting and entangling other males with their powerful necks. This is a message to us to use what is natural to us to our greatest strength, and to embrace our god-given abilities to the fullest

Giraffe in Dreams

To see a giraffe in your dreams suggest that you need to take some time to look at the “big picture.” Before acting on a new opportunity, take a deep breath and consider your options from all angles. Remember to stay planted with your feet firmly on the ground, don’t lose yourself in your thoughts or let yourself get “lost in the clouds.” Try to stay practical and keep a cool, calm head. If you see a giraffe in a dream that is scared or frightened, it may allude to you “sticking your neck out” for someone in your life, or that someone is doing the same for you. It is intelligent to look out for yourself and for others, but don’t let it consume or overwhelm you to the point of stress or fear. If the giraffe in your dream is running from something, it may be a metaphor for knowing information that you are not supposed to know. Giraffe’s can see all around them, and it isn’t always pretty. You may know something negative that others around you do not yet know, and the knowledge is wearing you thin

Giraffe Cultural Symbolism

Giraffes have been marveled through many ancient cultures in history. The ancient Egyptians had one of the most impacting relationships with the giraffe, their cave paintings indicating that they thought of the magnificent creature as peaceful, spiritual, and docile pets. The Egyptians were accustomed to living near giraffes, and some giraffes would live within their towns. Because of the spiritual meaning that giraffes held, they were good for trading between other tribes. They also believed that the giraffe had the power to cure headaches, and their is evidence of a “giraffe dance” that was performed when members of the tribe suffered from serious migraines or head injuries.

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