Goose Meaning and Symbolism
Nov 17
Discover Goose Symbolism

Goose Meaning and Symbolism

Overview of the Goose Spirit Animal


Goose symbolism heralds belonging and family.  This spirit animal understands the importance of family and community and will remain loyal to it’s loved ones through thick and thin.  This totem calls you to stretch out your wings and take flight and begin your journey!  Goose symbolism is also a sign of releasing of existing perspectives embracing creativity and seeking higher knowledge.  Just as geese ascend to great heights and undertake ancient migration patterns this is true for your own journey.


Embrace Your Spirit Animal


Encounters with the Goose

What is the meaning of goose symbolism? Find out what symbol the goose spirit animal is trying to teach you, and gain some insight into your life.

Have you grown tired of your surroundings?

Geese are migratory birds they migrate to breed, find food, or to seek shelter from harsh winters.  When your surroundings feel empty the goose totem calls you to make a change – whether it’s simply across town, across the country, or somewhere new in the world.  Take a journey to discover where you belong!

Are you lonely?

Geese symbolize community and companionship.  When you are lonely the goose totem calls you to explore and find community.  Take time to seek out meaning for friendships and relationships.  Listen to your inner guide and it will lead you to your spirit family – these people will build you up and help you in life’s journey.

Have you become held down or trapped?

Whether it’s a job, living situation or lifestyle choices feeling like you can’t move is never good.  The goose totem is calling you to freedom.  Stretch your wings and take steps toward changing your life!  Don’t be afraid of change or stepping out in faith.

Have you noticed an increase in your libido?

The goose is also a sign of reproduction and family.  When this totem appears to you it can be a sign for you to settle down, find your mate and start a family.  Raising a child or children can be a great journey.  Because geese are a sign of undertaking worthy journeys this may just be the thing you must do!

Have you been putting off starting a relationship?

Relationships, mating and family are important to geese.  In fact they mate for life.  If you’ve been holding back and avoiding starting a relationship the goose totem invites you to step out.  Begin searching for the one you’ll spend the rest of your life with and don’t be afraid to love.  It’s a natural part of life!

Goose Symbolism: The Goose Spirit

Could the Goose be my spirit animal? What are the traits of the totem? This might be your spirit animal if you are:


In the wild geese have been documented flying thousands of miles to reach breeding and nesting grounds.  As they fly in formation the geese in the back of the flock actually honk to encourage the leaders.  When your spirit animal is a goose encouraging others will come naturally.  Don’t hold back and speak your mind – encourage others around you!

Open Minded

As geese fly to great heights during migration we learn to ascend to greater heights in our understanding.  Geese are a symbol of releasing perspectives and seeking greater knowledge.  As your spirit animal you will find yourself seeking higher understanding.  Give yourself time in meditation to allow your mind to ascend toward the heavens.

What is: Goose Meaning?
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While domesticated geese are content to stay in one place and live out happy lives wild geese are a different story.  Over their lives they will travel thousands of miles.  As long as they’re surrounded by their friends or family geese will bravely face the world.  When the goose is your spirit animal you will find yourself open to new and exciting adventures.


Geese are exceptional parents.  They take care special care of their loved ones and goslings.  As your spirit animal they will help you to take care of those around you.  Allow your nurturing nature to come forward and give others some much needed care.

What are the Traits of the Goose Totem?

Lessons from the Goose Spirit Animal

Geese are:

  • Enduring
  • Opinionated
  • Free Spirited
  • Team Player
What is Goose Meaning?

When it comes to goose symbolism we can truly learn about embracing our life journey.  These birds are enduring by nature understanding that the destination is worth the lengthy journey.  They also teach us to surround ourselves with friends and loved ones.  Because the people you surround yourself with can make a big difference.  Foster friendships and relationships that build you up and bring you life.  These relationships will truly shape you as a person and will either make you stronger.

What does the goose spirit mean? Belonging and journey! Goose totem people will find a strong sense of belonging and will undertake great journeys in life!

Strengths & Weaknesses of the Panda

What is Goose Symbolism?



In the wild geese rely on their instincts to help guide them on their migration.  As your spirit animal you will find this totem guiding you through life.  Because of it’s connection with ascension and heavenly realms allow this creature to provide you with guiding insight.  This guidance will help you navigate your own personal journey of life.


Geese are incredibly loyal creatures.  Not only do they mate for life but they are loyal to members of their flock.  For example if one goose is sick, injured or unable to keep up with the flock two others follow it and stay with their friend until it is better or until it dies.  They will not abandon their friends or family and foster strong lasting connections with others.


Because their migration patterns take them over hundreds or thousands of miles geese understand endurance.  The ability to endure lengthy and time consuming obstacles will come naturally.  This strength makes goose totem people amazing friends or business partners.  Because they understand that great things take time they will embrace the journey and do it with endurance.


Geese are not solitary birds but they prefer to live and travel in flocks.  They rely on the flock for support and protection.  This support and protection is shared and shown by all the members of the flock.  As a totem animal it’s important to listen to your inner voice when it’s telling you to support others and seek support for yourself.



Goose totem people are very opinionated.  While this can be beneficial it can easily become a weakness.  When your become over opinionated and start sharing your thoughts and ideas where they aren’t welcome it becomes a problem!  Don’t let your honking and loud nature get the best of you and push others away!


Because goose symbolism is closely tied to the mouth chakra speaking and speech is important.  Unfortunately for goose totem people this can be a terrible downfall when it comes to gossip.  It is hard for people with this spirit animal to resist gossip.  Don’t let gossip get the best of you – practice self discipline.  While it’s understandable if you still indulge in a little harmless gossip don’t let it become a tool of division amongst friends and family.


Since geese are naturally drawn to company and companionship it may come as a surprise that it can become a weakness!  Beware of your own spiritual and physical health and be sure you’re not becoming co-dependant on others around you.  It’s okay to do some activities on your own.  Don’t let others define who you are and assign you your worth.


Because geese need supportive family and friends around them this is the most common weakness.  When you find yourself in a lonely place you need to evaluate your decisions and see where you went off course.  When you are where you’re supposed to be friendships and relationships will come naturally.

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The Goose in Dreams: What it Means

When a goose appears to your in your dreams it’s important to differentiate whether it is a wild or domesticated goose.  Domestic geese tell us to settle down into our routine and nurture those around us.  Wild geese tell us to embrace change and the journey we are on.

When a goose is aggressive toward you it is a sign that you’ve shut out your creative voice.  Or that you’ve ignored the universe’s signs to move somewhere new, that you’ve ignored family, or that you need to start your own family.

Since geese are a sign for belonging and journey it’s important to consider this when interpreting dreams.
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Cultural and Spiritual Symbolism of the Goose

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Native American – The goose appears as foolish and gullible creatures that are easily fooled by tricksters.

Celtic – The meaning of geese in Celtic culture is loyalty to home and family.  As well as nationalism and patriotism.

Asia – Geese are important symbols in poetry. They are also seasonal indicators and are believed to be physical representation of yin and yang.

Historical Facts

A “wild goose chase” is just that – right?  Learn more about the origins of the popular phrase.

Animal Quotes

The snow goose need not bathe to make itself white. Neither need you do anything but be yourself.
Lao Tzu
A goose flies by a chart which the Royal Geographical Society could not mend.


Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.

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