Grasshopper Meaning and Symbolism
Dec 08
Discover Grasshopper Symbolism

Grasshopper Meaning and Symbolism

Overview of the Grasshopper Spirit Animal


Grasshopper symbolism is found all around the world and has many different meanings.  The grasshopper totem is a sign of change and courage.  While mature grasshoppers have strong wings this insect tends to prefer to leap in order to travel.  A grasshoppers strong back legs act as catapults that send them soaring through the air at distances up to 20 times their body length.  Just as this insect sits stationary and peaceful only to go soaring off a moment later – this is reflected in a grasshopper spirit animal person’s life.  One moment it will seem as if you’re standing still with no direction or movement.  The very next moment you surpass all expectation achieve your wildest dreams!

What is Grasshopper Symbolism?

Embrace Your Spirit Animal


Encounters with the Grasshopper

What is the meaning of grasshopper symbolism? Find out what symbol the grasshopper spirit animal is trying to teach you, and gain some insight into your life.

Are you looking for direction?

In life there will be times when you feel like you can’t find your way and you just need a little direction.  The grasshopper totem can help you find your way.  This insect is known for its keen inner voice and having the ability to know which way to go.  As your spirit animal it will guide you – you only need to learn how to listen and silence the noise around you.  Once you learn to hear your inner voice it will help guide you!

Do you feel stuck?

There can be times in life when you feel like you’re not going anywhere like your hard work and dreams will never amount to anything.  When the grasshopper is your spirit animal don’t let times like these get you down.  After all the grasshopper doesn’t move backwards but to the side or forward.  And when the grasshopper finally makes it move it can be up to 20 times the length of it’s body!  That’s the equivalent of a human being able to leap nearly the length of a football field!  If you are feeling stuck trust your legs and your wings – change is coming.

Is your integrity being tested?

Often times life will present us with opportunities where you can take the high road or compromise your integrity.  Grasshopper symbolism is known for its nobility and listening to your inner voice.  When you’re in a place where your integrity is being tested hold on tight to what you know is right and don’t give in.  Take the high road and you will reap a benefit in the end

Are you tied down by obligations and routine?

When you find yourself in a place where other people are controlling your time and priorities the grasshopper totem will appear to you.  The grasshopper is a symbol of freedom and setting healthy boundaries.  You need to stand up for what’s important to you and create boundaries that you are able to keep.  Make sure you’re taking time to exercise your freedom!

Grasshopper Symbolism: The Grasshopper Spirit

Could the Grasshopper be my spirit animal? What are the traits of the totem? This might be your spirit animal if you are:


People with this spirit animal have a natural sense about them helps guide them through their day.  This sense is intuition!  When the grasshopper is your spirit animal you will have a subtle ability to know what direction you need to go.  Your intuition will help you make quick choices and will come in handy when you need to make major decisions.


A sign of the grasshopper totem is an independent soul.  You don’t like being held down or constrained to group activities and schedules.  You are an independent thinker and you like to spend time alone to your own devices.  This doesn’t mean that you don’t do well in a group setting – you simply need your own time to explore and pursue the things that you love!

Learn About: Grasshopper Totem
Is the Grasshopper your Spirit Animal?


The grasshopper totem accompanies someone who is very thoughtful and meditative.  When they aren’t on the move they have the incredible ability to sit, focus and meditate.  They can choose to incorporate chanting or repetitive mantras into their routine to find peace.  At times it can seem as if they are off in their own world – this is true!  Grasshopper totem people need time to process and work through ideas and problems.


Grasshopper symbolism is known for it’s daring nature.  Imagine being in one place and suddenly leaping forward with all of your might into the unknown.  Grasshopper totem people are known for taking chances and living on the edge.  They are known for being bold and making what seems like risky chances on a whim.

What are the Traits of the Grasshopper Totem?

Lessons from the Grasshopper Spirit Animal

Grasshoppers are:

  • Old Souls
  • Wise
  • Daring
  • Intuitive
What is: Grasshopper Symbolism

Grasshoppers teach us to have faith that things will work out.  Trust your intuition and follow your dreams.  In this world it will feel like the odds are against us but grasshopper symbolism teaches us to be daring!  And take a leap of faith!

What does the grasshopper spirit mean? Intuition and progress! Grasshopper totem people have a keen sense of intuition and will either move to the side or forward!

Strengths & Weaknesses of the Grasshopper

What is: Grasshopper Symbolism



Aside from their strong legs and wings grasshoppers are known to have incredibly strong jaws.  They use their jaws to help chew and break down plant matter.  As a spirit animal this is represented by your ability to process or chew through ideas and problems.  With time  you are able to work through complex problems or perspectives.  It’s important for you to constantly be seeking and learning as much as you can in order to keep your mind occupied.

Inner Voice

Another strength of the grasshopper totem is it’s unique inner voice.  This voice will guide you and help you decide what is right for you.  You have the ability to decide for yourself without outside counsel.  Instead of wavering between different choices you are able to tune into your inner voice and inherently know what you need to do!


Grasshoppers are known for their ability to leap great distances and soar through the air.  This ability would be useless if they didn’t have the faith that they would land safely.  As a grasshopper spirit animal person you need an abundance of faith.  Faith that things will work out.  Trust that your intuition will guide your decisions.  Faith that you will land safely.

Old Souls

Grasshopper symbolism is known around the world.  Where these creatures are revered as being ancient beings.  Because of this people with the grasshopper totem are known for being “old souls”.  They have a keen sense of the world around them and will often know how things will play out before they happen – simply because they have experience and know how to look at the world around them.



In the wild there is a destructive phenomenon that happens at unpredictable intervals.  When millions of grasshoppers swarm together creating a swirling cloud that devours any kind of vegetation in it’s path.  It’s important as a grasshopper totem person that you think for yourself and don’t get caught up in hype.  Be sure you’re not letting someone else’s motives sway you and lead you down a destructive road.


Being insects grasshoppers have many predators.  They have to keep watch and be ready to move at any moment in order to escape being someone’s lunch!  When it comes to grasshopper symbolism it’s important for you to avoid being weighed down by unnecessary ties and responsibilities.  When you find yourself in a place where you can move freely it’s time to evaluate what you need to keep and what you need to let go!


Grasshoppers are found in nearly every continent and climate.  While hardy a sudden and harsh drop in temperatures can kill unsuspecting insects.  As a grasshopper totem person it’s important for you to avoid the sudden chill of someone’s hate and harsh words.  This type of chill can dampen your spirit if not kill all of your momentum.  Avoid people who fill your heart and mind with hate.


Perhaps the greatest weakness of the grasshopper totem is the way it avoids commitment.  People with this spirit animal can be flaky and noncommittal.  This comes from their desire to be independent and free.  While it’s fair to avoid unnecessary commitments there comes a point when you have to buckle down and do what needs to be done!

What is: Grasshopper Symbolism
Learn about the: Grasshopper Totem

The Grasshopper in Dreams: What it Means

Grasshopper symbolism can bring a multitude of messages in your dreams.  One of the most common meanings is that you are about to achieve amazing success – especially after a season of stillness.  Hearing a grasshopper’s song also means that a season of change is upon you.

Another sign of the grasshopper is for you to trust your intuition.  Be assertive to your feelings and senses – allow them to guide you!

A grasshopper is a sign of intuition and progress. It’s important to consider this when interpreting dreams.
animal symbolism in dreams

Cultural and Spiritual Symbolism of the Grasshopper

animal meaning in your life

Japan – The grasshopper is a good luck symbol.

China – Grasshopper symbolism is a symbol of fertility.

Native American – Grasshoppers are a sign of immortality and good tidings.

Around the world grasshoppers can also be a bad omen – representing destruction.

A green grasshopper symbolizes new beginnings, growth and youth

Historical Facts

There are over 11,000 known species of grasshoppers.  This ancient insect first appeared during the Carboniferous period over 300 million years ago!

Animal Quotes

The heaven of a grasshopper is the wheat field; the heaven of man is the same place, the very earth itself where we get our food and build our happiness!
Mehmet Murat ildan
A grasshopper that sleeps about will be soon awake in a lizard’s mouth.
African Proverb

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