Jaguar Meaning and Symbolism
Jan 12
Jaguar Symbolism

Jaguar Meaning and Symbolism

Overview of the Jaguar Spirit Animal


Jaguar symbolism unveils a mysterious and skillful hunter that is adaptable to marshlands, wetlands, jungles and mountains.  It is identified by it’s golden, bronze or yellow coat that is decorated in dark rosettes.  It’s known for its short but strong legs and thick muscular body.  Unlike the lion which draws its power from the sun the jaguars essence and strength comes from the moon.  As a lunar symbol the jaguar is shrouded in mystery and psychic power.  It’s feminine energy provides intention and sensuality.  As a spirit animal the jaguar is powerful but marks a difficult road.  The jaguar is a solitary animal that hunts alone it is only social during the mating season or when a female is raising her cubs.

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Encounters with the Jaguar

What is the meaning of jaguar symbolism? Find out what symbol the jaguar spirit animal is trying to teach you, and gain some insight into your life.

Have you been working toward a goal?

Jaguar symbolism is a sign of patience and of reward.  When you’ve been working hard toward a goal and you’ve been patient the jaguar will appear to you to symbolize it’s time to pounce!  Once the next opportunity comes along don’t wait but take your chance.  You’re about to reap your reward you just need to stay focused and don’t give up!

Do you feel out of place?

When you feel out of place whether it’s at a work, school or social setting the jaguar will appear to you to offer consolation.  As a jaguar spirit animal person you will be drawn to solitude.  It is in your nature to be a loner and to want to spend time by yourself.  As a jaguar totem person it’s okay for you to feel this way but it’s important to balance your need for solitude to our human need of friendship or community.

Is your energy out of balance?

When you are in a time of life where you feel out of balance and unaligned jaguar symbolism will appear to you.  This is a sign for you to embrace the lunar power and find balance.  Take time to study the lunar cycles and spend time out in the moonlight.  Meditation spent outdoors in the moonlight will provide you with clarity and balance.   You may also begin a yoga practice to find your alignment.

Have you begun to see into other realms?

Deja vu, dreams or visions that become vivid are a sign that the jaguar spirit animal is at work in your life.  This totem has a strong connection to dark energies and psychic abilities.  When you begin to see into other realms the jaguar totem will appear to you as a guide to help you navigate your gift.

Are you lacking purpose?

No one likes to feel aimless or like their living without a purpose.  As your spirit animal the jaguar will appear to you during these times to encourage you.  Revisit your intentions and seek things that you are passionate about.  Your spirit animal is telling you to focus your energy, shake off anything that is no longer serving you, and begin living intentionally.

Jaguar Symbolism: The Jaguar Spirit

Could the Jaguar be my spirit animal? What are the traits of the totem? This might be your spirit animal if you are:


Jaguar symbolism exudes confidence everywhere it goes.  As an apex predator they have little to fear and the way the strut and stalk reflects that.  When the jaguar is your spirit animal you will likewise have a nature of confidence.  When it comes to new settings or situations you are sure of yourself and have no trouble walking into a room full of strangers.  In the wild this creature demands respect and in your life you will find respect is readily given to you!


A sign of the jaguar spirit animal is someone who is exceptionally focused.  It doesn’t matter if it’s in a professional or social setting they know what they want and they work tirelessly to get it!  Not only do they have the drive and focus necessary they also have the power to accomplish their goals.  This comes from their intense and unwavering focus.

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Define the Jaguar Spirit Animal


People with this totem animal are not the kind of people who enjoy small or meaningless conversations.  One reason why they prefer to avoid large social settings is because of the shallow interactions and conversations.  As a jaguar totem person you will be drawn to depth.  Like the depth of the night and the mysteries it holds you long for adventure and things outside of the norm.  This is reflected in your thoughts, goals and even your conversations.


There are people who naturally have a connection to spirit realms.  Among these people there are those that have the ability to not only sense but to see things as well.  As your spirit animal the jaguar will strength and increase your connection into the spirit realms.  Giving you the ability to clearly see not only for yourself but for others as well.  This is a sign the jaguar symbolism is at work in your life!

What are the Traits of the Jaguar Totem?

Lessons from the Jaguar Spirit Animal

Jaguars are:

  • Focused
  • Intentional
  • Observant
  • Powerful
Define the Jaguar Totem

A lesson we learn from jaguar symbolism is how to become focused and intentional.  This intense focus gives you the ability to multitask well.  Since you are able to keep your focus you are not distracted by meaningless details but are able to study and be aware of what’s around you.  If being focused and intentional is something that you struggle with the jaguar totem can help you find balance and learn to embody these skills.

What does the jaguar spirit mean? Intention and focus! Jaguar totem people are focused and intentional in their lives. While they can multitask well they don’t waste time with needless details or busy work.

Strengths & Weaknesses of the Jaguar

What are the traits of the Jaguar Spirit Animal


Night Vision

A strength of the jaguar is it’s incredible night vision.  These large cats can see 6 times better than humans in the dark.  This strength goes hand in hand with their lunar power.  When the lights go out and other creatures hide and take shelter the jaguar begins their hunt.  Likewise when you are faced with dark circumstances that would send most people running you will have the ability to see in the dark.


Researchers have found that of all the large cats jaguars have the strongest bite.  Their ability to crush their prey is impressive and is not something to be taken lightly.  As your spirit animal you will find that the jaguar will empower your jaws but in an unexpected way.  Your words will have power and will be the deciding voice in many matters.  Just like this large cat that can crush bones your words will be able to crush through falsehood.


It’s amazing to believe that the jaguars spotted coat provides this predator with fantastic camouflage.  The contrasting patterns help break up its form and shape making it harder for prey to distinguish between shadows and a stalking jaguar.  Along with their camouflage coats jaguars also rely on their skill of observation to help move silently through their terrain.  By stepping carefully and paying attention they are able to move around undetected.  Likewise when you are in a tricky situation you are able to step lightly and avoid detection until you’ve established your goals and purpose.

Psychic Power

Jaguar symbolism is known for its strong connection between dark, lunar and psychic power.  As a jaguar totem person you will find that this connection can become a strength and will help you in your day to day life.  It will also help you look out for your friends and loved ones being able to provide extra insight into their lives.



As a jaguar spirit animal person you have the potential to struggle with balance.  In the sense that jaguars are nocturnal hunters you will find yourself struggling to stay awake during the day and won’t be able to shut off your mind at night.  Once your day and night cycles are off balance they can have a number of negative side effects.  Spend time in meditation and practice affirmations while taking steps to realign your wake and sleep cycle.


In the wild jaguars are known for their fierce and aggressive nature.  As a jaguar totem person this aggression helps you work hard, achieve your goals and it gives you a competitive edge.  Be aware that there is a time and place to channel your aggression.  Take care not to harm those that are close to you especially those that want to see you succeed.  In work, play and relationships be sure you’re managing your aggression and that it isn’t ruling your life!


Frequently wild jaguars are hunted throughout the world as punishment for killing farmers livestock or threatening human lives.  However it can be impossible to know if the jaguar killed was actually responsible for the condemning actions or not.  As a jaguar spirit animal person there will times in your life when you find yourself being hunted.  Whether someone is after your job, reputation or relationship you must stand up for yourself.  Especially if you are innocent it is important that you don’t take the blame!


A downfall of jaguar symbolism is its tendency to become over confident.   Especially after success or repetitive achievement it is easy for you to fall into the trap of believing you can handle more than you can.  It is imperative that you carefully and methodically consider your decisions and your motives behind them.  It it important for you to take a rest and enjoy your recent success or do you need to pursue the next thing?  Take adequate time to meditation on your choices and seek the answer.

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The Jaguar in Dreams: What it Means

When jaguar symbolism appears in your dreams carefully consider whether the jaguar was spotted or melanistic.  Because they have different meanings in your dreams.

To see a melanistic jaguar is a sign of your sensuality and spirituality.  Consider the big cats actions was it hunting, resting, calm or aggressive?  These details will help understand the message that it is trying to tell you.

When you see a jaguar with a spotted coat it symbolizes the big cats focus, intention and solitary nature.  Just as with the melanistic jaguar pay attention to its body language and it’s demeanor.   Aggression, for example is a sign that you have become unbalanced.

A jaguar is a sign of lunar power and feminine energy. It’s important to consider this when interpreting dreams.
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Cultural and Spiritual Symbolism of the Jaguar

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Jaguars are an important symbol in many cultures across the Americas.  In fact we get the name jaguar from the Native American word “yajuar.”  Which means “he who kills with one leap.”

The jaguar is an important symbol in regards to shamen.  It is said that the jaguar would act as a guardian for the shamen and protect them from evil.  Many cultures also believe that the jaguar possessed the ability to shift between the physical and spiritual realms.  Which made it a powerful companion and messenger.

It is a popular Mayan belief that the jaguar is a part of the underworld. As well as a symbol and god of fertility.

Historical Facts

Due to hunting and habitat loss it was believed that jaguars no longer lived in North America.  However, video evidence has discovered a lone male jaguar living in the mountains of Arizona.  Go here to learn more about, “El Hefe”.

Animal Quotes

Never poke a jaguar with a short stick.
Portuguese Proverb
Natural ability is important, but you can go far without it if you have the focus, drive, desire and positive attitude.
Kirsten Sweetland

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