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What is the symbol of the monkey totem?

Fun, charm, high spirit, energetic, curiosity, unpredictability.

Monkey Meaning – Symbolism of the Monkey Totem

What is the meaning of monkey symbolism? Find out what symbol the monkey spirit animal is trying to teach you.

Are you taking life too seriously?

Monkey totem may have entered your life to teach you the meaning of playfulness. Monkey totem is full of youthful spirit and brings humor and fun to any situation. If you’re going through a tough spot, remember to take some time out of your day to laugh, smile, and enjoy yourself. You only live once.confidence.

Are you feeling stuck or bored?

Monkey totem probably entered your life to remember to feed your curiosity to investigate the world around you and pay close attention to your surroundings. Monkey spirit animal is curious and is constantly learning new things. And remember, when this totem animal gets bored, it gets into mischief, which leads to trouble. The meaning here is to stay busy, active, and out of trouble.

Are you having trouble moving from one place to the next?

Don’t get stuck in a rut! Monkeys swing from tree to tree all day long. The meaning that the monkey spirit animal is trying to tell you is to get moving, because staying in one spot for too long makes for a sad monkey! Use the monkey symbol to motivate yourself to get out of your comfort zone, have some fun, and work toward your goals.

Monkey Meaning: The Good


Monkey totem people have a good sense of humor and love to entertain. They are natural performers and are sure to make you laugh. Monkey spirit people have a talent for being on stage and love to be the center of attention, but rarely do they get too cocky or boastful. Its all in good fun. themselves being consulted when friends or family are in trouble. The wisdom of the wolf spirit animal also creates patience and you can almost always count on a loyal ear when times are hard. The loyalty of this spirit animal is so great that once you are in the pack they will bend over backward for you, for life.


Because monkey totem people are innately curious, they are highly intelligent and have knowledge in a vast amount of subjects and specialties Go to a monkey spirit person with a problem, and they will surely be able to help you figure out a solution.


Monkey spirit animal enjoys playing pranks and jokes on their loved ones, but even more than that, a monkey totem person will stand by your side. Monkeys are highly social and live in groups, and depend on each other for safety and food. Once you become friends with a monkey totem person, you know you have a loyal friend for a long time.

Monkey Meaning: The Bad


Like the animal in the wild, monkey spirit people tend to care little for authority figures. They know that they are witty and sly enough to wriggle out from authority, and that is what they intend to do. Monkey totem people avoid situations where they are under the authority of others, and if they do end up that situation, they end up being the typical “trouble maker”, meaning that they play pranks and/or start fights.


The monkey totem tends to act before thinking, meaning making spur of the moment decisions that are based on their own desires in the current moment. They don’t always think about how their actions will effect others, or even, themselves. Monkey totem people also have a more difficult time with the principle of “delayed gratification” because they usually don’t have the patience to wait for a better outcome.


Sometimes monkey totem people can take their silliness and practical jokes a little too far. It can be difficult for a monkey spirit person to know where to draw the line when it comes to “playtime” and may end up hurting the feelings of others. Their immaturity can also lead to deception when they take their mischief too far.

Monkey Spirit People Are:

Monkey Meaning and Symbolism in Dreams

The monkey in dreams is a symbol for the more free-spirited, playful version of yourself. Perhaps you have wondered too far away from the inner child within you, and you sub-conscious mind is trying to awaken your playful, youthful spirit. Or its meaning may be the other way around – that you have been behaving childishly and that its time to grow up and take responsibility for your actions.

Are you chasing the monkey? Is it chasing you? Is the monkey cute, or is it unfriendly or scary? The monkey is a symbol for fun and playfulness, so think about what implications the answers to these questions suggest, and how they might make sense in your life.

Cultural Meaning of the Monkey Spirit Animal

What is the meaning of speak no evil, see no evil, hear no evil?

The three wise monkey’s originate in Japan, and were used as a symbol for daily code of conduct. And why the monkey symbol? Monkeys were used to depict the message simply because the Japanese word for “no evil” sounds almost exactly like the word for “monkey.”

The monkey is also a powerful symbol in the chinese zodiac, representing one year every 12 years. Those born the year of the monkey are believed have the symbolic qualities of playfulness, curiosity, and high intelligence.

Lessons From the Monkey Spirit Animal


The playfulness of the monkey is a symbol to take live life in good spirit and to find happiness in even the little things.


The monkey spirit animal is full of mischief, which can sometimes lead to trouble. Rather than focus your energies on mischievous behaviors, use the monkey symbol to remind you to turn that positive energy into curiosity and growth.

What is the true monkey meaning?

Have fun in life! Monkey totem people love to enjoy life.