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Raven Spirit Symbols

Advice, Power, Wisdom, Protection, and Lessons
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Raven Totem & Spirit Animals

Totems and spirit animals are mentors that appear to you in the form of an animal. You do not have the power to choose what animal you connect to; instead, the spirit animal chooses you. These spirit allies reach out to you to offer you advice, power, wisdom, protection, and lessons. Many spirit animals reach out to us. Here’s what you should know if you encounter a Raven Totem:

Raven Symbolism

Ravens are powerful and influential spirit guides. A Raven approaching you will only bring benefit to you one way or the other. The appearance of a Raven totem is an excellent time to achieve all your dreams. Ravens fly from the darkest of places and navigate those obstacles with great power. A Raven totem will also show you the darkest moments embedded inside yourself, only to open the door of strength and healing. It helps you encounter moments you may be hiding from yourself on purpose. It helps you step outside of your comfort zone, and help achieve something that might really benefit you. Hidden, dark corners can be intimidating, which is why the raven totem appears to guide you.

What do Raven totems symbolize?

People typically stereotype raven symbolism with negatives remarks; however, they are known to be one of the most intelligent breeds of birds. Ravens are perceived differently from culture to culture; however, they are still known to be good magicians, bringing their symbolic meaning: magic. Their abilities overpower other birds. These intelligent birds represent wisdom, transformation, and adaptability.

How do I know if a raven totem is my spirit animal?

Though raven spirit animals tend to appear constantly, we may mistakenly not notice them. Ask yourself these questions, and the answer to who your spirit animal might be will appear in your head itself. Have you ever seen a Raven nearby while taking a stroll or going for a jog? Have Ravens grasped your interest several times? Do you specifically notice Raven symbolism in different mediums of art or media? Have your relatives, friends, or family friends ever called you extraordinary or psychic? Have you ever looked into the culture of Ravens? Have Ravens ever made an appearance in your dreams? Would you rather call yourself an introvert or an extrovert? By now, you would understand how big of a connection you have with Ravens and if they may or may not be your spirit guides.

When a Raven appears in your life:

A Raven appearing to you would ensure a transformation or change in your life according to the situation you would be in. It symbolizes rebirth and healing, which means that the Raven will pull you out of the problematic situation, guiding you towards the decision you need to make at a difficult time. At times of darkness, things could be overlooked, which is why the totem reaches out to you. It brings you forth from the blackness into the light. This itself symbolizes a powerful change in the person's life.

Raven Totem

Healing Power/Wisdom

Raven Spirit people are empowering. Though they are not huge fans of being around a crowd, they are still often admired for their uniqueness, intelligence, and strong decision-making skills. People going through a dark patch in their lives will often reach out to them for guidance, healing, and growth. The Raven spirit will grab their hand and guide them towards the light with their wisdom. Once you meet a Raven spirit, they will turn your life around, helping you create a powerful transformation. Ravens are known to be black as midnight, which could give a negative meaning to some people; however, these intellectual Ravens embrace the darkness with grace overpowering it with its superiority.

Are Ravens Social or Solitary?

Ravens are known to be solitary. They do not like being in a crowd; instead, they accept the lonely path. However, being alone does not symbolize weakness of any sort. In fact, Ravens are highly aware of their surroundings. They do not like their privacy to be invaded and are also intellectually sharp enough to manage survival. Ravens, one of the most intelligent birds to exist, do not trust others easily, not even their own kind. Ravens like to keep themselves under the shadows only to protect themselves, transform themselves, and heal themselves over time.




People identifying with the raven totem are focused, determined, and disciplined. They search deep into the situation to identify what the issue might be, only to protect themselves and guide themselves accordingly. Moreover, these people are determined to connect to their inner-self and heal from their suffering from their dark phase.


People consisting characteristics of this spirit animal also tend to be patient. They deal with their distressed situation one step at a time, leading themselves to the light. They believe that rash decisions only lead to more downfall; therefore, they patiently guide themselves with their wisdom.



Ravens can be a bit selfish at times. They typically understand a situation to their own advantage, not realizing if someone else is being harmed under this specific process. Due to their insensitivity to another person's emotional state, Ravens are frowned upon, targeted by others, and eventually left to suffer alone.


If you see a Raven Totem in your dream, then your spirit guide is trying to communicate to you and advise you to be aware of your surroundings. She'll guide you to connect to your inner self and bring out the wisdom buried inside you. A Raven spirit pushes you forward from the darkness in your dreams, towards the light.

If the Raven totem is antagonistic towards you, it will symbolize a misfortune, sorrow, or failure making its way to you. This negativity can, however, also be changed according to the actions you take against the situation. Thus, the Raven may only be warning you of what could be entering into your life.

If you hear a Raven totem in your dream then it symbolizes you fighting against a source of negativity. Even though it would be difficult for you to stand up against a negative situation, you will still find courage in yourself for your betterment and success. Furthermore, this empowerment will give you strength and victory.

If you see a flock of Ravens, then they're trying to symbolize progress in your life. This progress will be a result of people positively seeing you. Your skills and determination will not go unnoticed. Instead, it will only bring you towards the success that you have been dreaming of long.

If you see a dead Raven in your dream, it symbolizes someone doing wrong to you and getting away with it, but finally getting caught over their actions. This could be any form of accusation, injury, and anything offensive that causes you discomfort. However, the Raven totem also helps you understand people who think bad of you, and also the people who were supportive throughout your rocky journey. This would make it clear to you who you want in your life and who you don't.

If you find yourself scared of a Raven totem, that would mean that you're very near to figuring out a deception. Someone may be making everything seem right on track for you. However, that may not seem as how it looks. This symbolization will help you face a harmful situation that could lead to your downfall.

The Raven Totem symbolizes guidance and wisdom. After reading all these different symbolizations, try to make yourself understand which one could be applied in your current life. This could help you in ways you may not be thinking about before.


Ravens are widely known for their stories and symbolizations. However, they can be found in different cultures as well.

Native Americans:

Native Americans have their own traditions, beliefs, and stories revolving around nature and animals. One of these animals is also a Raven. In Native American culture, Ravens were known for their power and wisdom. They were known to be shapeshifters who could turn from a human to a raven and vice versa. In this culture, they were also known to be the "wisest" amongst birds for their intellectual behavior. They were admired for their mimicry and ability to talk, unlike other birds. These intelligent birds were known to be tricksters who could outplay their enemies during strenuous situations. Native Americans also believed that Ravens were a sign of good making its way towards them as Ravens were famous for bringing light into the world's darkness.


Ravens were also known to symbolize prophecy. This was derived from the ancient Greeks as they associated Ravens with their God, Apollo, who was the God of prophecy. It is believed that Ravens developed their dark skin after being burnt from Apollo's curse, which was towards his lover, Coronis; however, it touched the Raven as well.
The Romans and Greeks were among those cultures who associated Ravens with bad omen and death.


In Egyptian mythology, animals were given a higher status and admired by them. The Egyptians even had hybrids of animals and humans only to show how powerful they both can be together. Every Egyptian was associated with an animal. In fact, in many Egyptian tombs, you would find mummies of animal companions next to the mummy of the Egyptian. The Egyptian goddess Nephthys was known as the goddess of the dead. Just like the Greek and Roman mythology, Ravens were also associated with death in Egyptian mythology.


Ravens have been mentioned several times in the Bible. They are known to be God's messengers who are sent to provide for His people. The prophet Elijah was told that the Ravens were instructed to feed and provide food to him. Ravens were also mentioned in the story of the Flood that Noah and his people faced. Noah sent out a Raven to find a suitable dry land for the survivors. The Raven did not return, as to which Noah assumed that no dry land was found. In the story of Abel and Cain, a Raven advises Abel how to bury his brother after he murders him. Ravens have been known for their intelligence in almost every culture.


Ravens were also associated with the dead in the Hindu culture. However, this was not taken negatively. Hindus feed Ravens and crows as they believe that the birds would then bring feed to their ancestors who have passed. Some Hindus also believe that if Ravens take your offerings before crows appear, it is considered a sign of good luck.


In the Chinese culture, Ravens were once again associated with bad omen. They were often said to bring misfortune to their culture. Ravens were also talked about disparity to the bird of good omen known in the Chinese culture which was called magpie.

The symbolization of Ravens variate from culture to culture. Some of them are more or less related to the same symbolization; however, some cultures do not stereotype the Raven.

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