Rooster Meaning and Symbolism
Dec 22
Discover Rooster Symbolism

Rooster Meaning and Symbolism

Overview of the Rooster Spirit Animal


Rooster symbolism specifically teaches us about male chickens and their traits.  This colorful and showy fowl is a sign of new beginnings and power.  As the sun rises who is up and announcing it’s arrival?  The rooster!  This spirit animal ushers in with it a voice to rise above the rest and tells you to step out and embrace your voice. The rooster totem is grounded in sun healing and medicine.  People with this spirit animal will have a strong connection with the sun and the energy it provides.  This spirit animal reminds us to practice gratitude for the seasons and keep a close watch on the sun and it’s cycles.

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Embrace Your Spirit Animal


Encounters with the Rooster

What is the meaning of rooster symbolism? Find out what symbol the rooster spirit animal is trying to teach you, and gain some insight into your life.

Have you been avoiding the spotlight?

It doesn’t matter if you’ve had past failure, anxiety, or low self esteem the rooster totem is calling you out.  Don’t be afraid to step into the spotlight and strut your stuff!  When others are praising you or you need to speak up don’t be afraid.  Embrace your spirit animal and step into that spotlight, you’ve earned it!

Are you looking for community?

By nature roosters need a flock to call their own.  Being isolated or lonely can cause depression in rooster totem people.  Because of that it’s important for you to find a community that you can thrive and grow in.  Seek out a community that you can express yourself openly and without fear of judgement.

Have you kept your talents hidden?

Rooster totem people are naturally talented and gifted.  Whether artistically, literary, scientifically they have a knack for exceptional talent.  When you’ve been keeping your talent hidden that’s when rooster symbolism will appear to you.  It’s during this time that it will tell you to share your talents with others.  Don’t hide your gift from the world but share the light within you.

Do you feel like you’ve been working for nothing?

Roosters are hard working by nature, they can’t help themselves.  When they know what needs to be done that won’t mess around they commit themselves to their work.  There will be seasons when you feel like your work is for nothing.  Don’t give up!  It is the fate of the rooster totem to work and toil.  They will reap a benefit but it won’t come easy.

Rooster Symbolism: The Rooster Spirit

Could the Rooster be my spirit animal? What are the traits of the totem? This might be your spirit animal if you are:


A sign that the rooster is your spirit animal is in your strategic nature.  Being a hard worker you don’t just work hard you work smart.  You are always on the lookout for ways you can do the same job more effectively and efficiently.  When you work with a team you strategically evaluate their strengths and weaknesses and assign people to the task that they will best preform.


People with this spirit animal are known for their integrity and trustworthiness.  At work they are the type of employee or boss that will do what they say they’ll do.  In relationships they support their significant other and remain true to the relationship.  They can be trusted to keep secrets and they won’t embarrass people with juicy gossip if they’ve promised not to tell.

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What is: Rooster Symbolism


Rooster symbolism is known for its fierce and unrelenting courage.  People with this totem can call on it in times when they need courage until it becomes second nature.  Over time they won’t even think about being courageous they will simply act.


This spirit animal is widely known for providing relevant insight.  This is not a deep rooted wisdom that is naturally gleaned but learned intelligence.  People with this totem animal gain insight and knowledge from books and literary works.  Because of this over time they become vast resources of information that compliment their intelligent nature.

What are the Traits of the Rooster Totem?

Lessons from the Rooster Spirit Animal

Roosters are:

  • Helpful
  • Trustworthy
  • Attentive
  • Outspoken
Is the Rooster your Spirit Animal

The rooster teaches us to embrace ourselves, to strut our stuff, to share our views and opinions with the world.  This totem tells us to help others when we can  and to embrace the golden rule.  It also teaches us to not stay in the shadows but to share our light with the world around us.

Rooster symbolism also fosters a physic aptitude that can be tuned.  When this connection with other realms is strengthened they will be able to speak and share insight in order to benefit others.

What does the rooster spirit mean? New Beginnings and Hard Work! Rooster totem people herald new beginnings and achieve success through hard work.

Strengths & Weaknesses of the Rooster

Learn about the Rooster Totem



In their natural habitat roosters appear to be on guard 24/7!  Diligently they watch over their flock keeping an eye out for predators that may want to make a meal out of an unsuspecting chicken.  When a predator appears the rooster will do everything in its power to ward of the foe and protect it’s flock.  Likewise people with this spirit animal will stand by their friends and family.  Fiercely protecting them from anything that may be threatening.


Rooster symbolism represents someone who is an exceptional leader.  People with this totem animal will naturally fall into leadership roles.  Like a rooster strutting and looking out for the well-being of the flock people with this spirit animal have the groups well-being in mind.  They will do everything in their power to assure the work or project is done and that the flock is happy and cared for.


Along with their physic aptitude rooster totem people have a gift of proclamation.  They can proclaim things into existence that weren’t there before.  Just as the rooster proclaims the rising of the sun don’t be afraid to proclaim things in your life.  With each new day take a stand and speak out what you want to see come to pass.


Rooster symbolism is known for its incredible magnetism.  People from all over are attracted to rooster totem people for unexplainable reasons.  When rooster spirit animal people speak or share their talents others are drawn to them and often marvel at their gifts.  This strength is another reason why rooster totem people make great leaders.  Whether in work or in their personal life they have favor with people.



Because this totem is known for it’s strength and power it can be easy for them to fall into this weakness.  Rooster totem people can become pushy and unfortunately bullies when they are unbalanced.  When they are in a position they are no longer passionate about or if they are working with a new group of individuals who don’t understand how they work or communicate there can be serious problems.  Which sadly leads to the rooster totem person feeling like the only way they can succeed is by pushing others around.


Another weakness of an unbalanced rooster totem is its draw to be aggressive.  This happens when they don’t have a constructive outlet or if they are starved for social interaction and community.  Because they aren’t exercising their leadership skills and talents any glimpse of an opportunity causes a frenzy.  They will claw, scratch, scrap and peak until they have secured the position for themselves.


Everyone knows roosters welcome the day by crowing loudly.  While this isn’t a problem it’s when they begin singing their own praises and voicing their opinions when they aren’t welcome that it becomes one.  Rooster symbolism can get you in trouble when you aren’t careful to check your pride and ego regularly.  No one likes to spend time with people who only talk about themselves and their achievements.


Roosters are beautiful creatures that come in a variety of colors and patterns.  As far as domesticated fowl go they offer a beautiful variety.  Unfortunately for rooster symbolism they know this and when they are unbalanced that can become incredibly vain.  Pleased with themselves they can’t help but strut and show off their good looks.  Because physical appearance is something that they keep in mind and work on consistently they have reason to boast.  Sadly, this vain behavior can be exhausting for friends and family to endure.

Is the Rooster your Spirit Animal
What is Rooster Symbolism

The Rooster in Dreams: What it Means

When you hear a rooster crowing in your dreams it is a symbol of new beginnings.  Take a chance and step out of your comfort zone.  Look for new opportunities and don’t be afraid to speak out for yourself!

When a rooster appears in your dreams it is a sign to embrace your talent and power.  Keep working for your dreams and don’t give up.

A rooster is a sign of new beginnings and courage. It’s important to consider this when interpreting dreams.
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Cultural and Spiritual Symbolism of the Rooster

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China – The rooster is the 10th symbol in the Chinese zodiac and represents someone who is punctual and honest.

Japan – In Japanese culture the rooster represents kindness and hospitality

Native American – Some tribes say the rooster is a symbol of protection, new beginnings and fertility.

Portugal – The Barcelos Rooster is the unofficial symbol of Portugal.  This emblem is found in many forms all around the country.

France – Since 1848 the Gallic Rooster has been the symbol of France. When roosters were used to decorate French flags during the Revolution.

Historical Facts

Did roosters evolve from dinosaurs?  Learn more about the link between birds and prehistoric giants.

Animal Quotes

A rooster crows only when it sees the light. Put him in the dark and he’ll never crow. I have seen the light and I’m crowing.
Muhammad Ali
Wise man is the rooster of the universe: He awakens the unawake!
Mehmet Murat ildan

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