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Overview of the Salmon Spirit Animal


Salmon symbolism carries with it many powerful meanings and symbols, examine the circumstances in which salmon visited you and consider any obstacles you may currently be facing. The salmon totem brings the message that you must fight for the most valuable things in life. Instead of focusing on the goal or the reward at the end of the journey focus on the obstacles and the experience of the journey. Salmon symbolism teaches us about the power of thought and emotion because of its connection to the element of Water. It represents the spiritual journey of life and the increase of knowledge.

Embrace Your Spirit Animal


Encounters with the Salmon

What is the meaning of salmon symbolism? Find out what symbol the salmon spirit animal is trying to teach you, and gain some insight into your life.

What is the meaning of salmon symbolism? Find out what symbol the salmon spirit animal is trying to teach you, and gain some insight into your life.

Ignore it! While we often see salmon swimming upstream in large groups these fish are actually lone survivors, it is every fish for himself. You need to swim against the current and distinguish yourself; don’t just go with the flow. Follow your intuition and instincts if something doesn’t feel right.

Do you feel like you are stagnating, not going anywhere?

Salmon go through several transformations during their lifetimes, if you are feeling lost you may have outgrown your former self. If salmon has entered your life recently, she may be telling you to transform and point yourself towards that next big goal. Get back on track and move forward with renewed passion and vigor.

Are you ignoring your family?

Defying even scientific knowledge, salmon often return to the exact spot they were born to continue the cycle of life. This strong instinctual drive is one of core factors behind salmon symbolism. Do not ignore your roots, connect with your history and take some time to reconnect with your loved ones like the Salmon totem.

Are you locked in one of the hardest struggles of your life?

Do NOT give up, despite seemingly impossible odds and struggles your dreams are close, the most resistance is just before you succeed!

Are you in need of a spiritual breakthrough?

Salmon symbolism is closely linked with ancestral knowledge and spiritual journey. When the salmon appears to you it is a sign that change is coming. You must begin looking for ways to grow and increase your spiritual self. Seek new experiences and paths to increase your spiritual knowledge. Take time and enjoy studying and researching to find new truths.

Salmon Symbolism: The Salmon Spirit


Could the Salmon be my spirit animal? What are the traits of the totem? This might be your spirit animal if you are:


In the wild salmon rely on their instincts to help guide them through their life’s journey. Likewise salmon totem people are very instinctual people. They rely on their feelings, intuition or gut to guide them through life’s decisions. When they have a good feeling about something they will follow it through even if they can’t explain to to others. They will know the right path and they will follow it no matter what it takes.


There’s no doubt that salmon symbolism represents someone who has begun or is beginning a great spiritual journey. People with this totem will find themselves seeking out spiritual experiences and knowledge. It’s easy for them to connect with their spiritual side whether it’s through incense, chanting, meditation or other rituals. The spirit realm comes easy to them and they find peace and fulfillment in the pursuit of all things spirit.

Knowledge Seeking

Another sign of the salmon totem is it’s pursuit of knowledge. People with this spirit animal will find themselves seeking knowledge in all forms. They have a hunger especially for ancient knowledge such as the knowledge of life itself and the beginnings of life. When given adequate time they will find themselves researching for hours on end the wonders of the natural world.


True to the salmon in the wild people with this totem are determined and unwavering in their journey. When obstacles appear in their path they don’t hesitate or wonder if they’ve lost their way. Instead they trust their instinct and continue on their journey. They won’t quit even when the odds are stacked against them. Because of this people wonder at problems they are able to solve and overcome.

What are the Traits of the Salmon Totem?

Salmon are:

We learn from salmon symbolism to ignore and reject the pressure of the world and seek our own fulfillment. Salmon totem people don’t seek knowledge and spiritual experiences to educate, encourage or guide others. It is done solely for the purpose of personal growth.

When we set aside the pressure of pleasing and doing things for others only we lose sight of what we love and hold dear. The salmon totem encourages us to make a switch from being others focused to self focus. Through this we become true to ourselves and our light shines brighter. This brightness in turn encourages and uplifts others without us comprising our true selves.

What does the salmon spirit mean? Transformation and journey! Salmon totem people experience incredible transformation throughout their lives resulting in a truly unique journey.

Strengths Of the Salmon



A strength of salmon symbolism is its attractiveness. You will find that others are drawn to you because of your strength and positive attributes. Because you only pursue what brings you joy and fulfilment your light will shine brightly and noticeably so! Because you are trying to be accepted or fit into society’s mold this will resonate with others. As a salmon totem person you will find that the stronger your connection with your totem the more attractive people with find you.


It doesn’t matter what the situation or setting is people know they can rely on the word of a salmon totem person. Because study and the pursuit of knowledge comes easy to these people they are known amongst their friends and coworkers as a well of knowledge. Typically they are able to recite vast amounts of information at the drop of a hat. Because they seek knowledge simply out of their own curiosity they seldom develop prejudices or biases on a subject. And so they can be counted on to provide accurate and helpful insight.


You will know a salmon totem person by the people that surround them. Others will see their journey and the way they overcome obstacles and will become inspired. Because of this salmon spirit animal people will be surrounded by empowered and inspired individuals. Since they understand the importance of pursuing their own path they will encourage others pursue their own. This will begin a cycle of inspiration and determination.


Salmon totem people are great at relationships. This is because of their understanding and awareness of their actions, journey and self. Because they aren’t trying desperately to fit into someone else’s idea of perfection you know that who they are is who they are. There isn’t a charade or performance. And when conflict arises they are able to evaluate whether or not it’s because of their behavior and won’t simply place the blame on others.

Weaknesses of the Salmon



When wild salmon begin their journey from the ocean to the rivers to their hatching site to spawn many of them don’t live through the experience. In fact most salmon die shortly after spawning due to exhaustion. As a salmon totem person it’s important for your to take time to get proper rest. Your determination and focus can cause you to lose sight of your self care and result in complete and utter exhaustion.


Unfortunately one of the factors that is harming the wild salmon population is pollution in the world’s water. From unnatural and harmful chemicals to trash and debris all of it is a hindrance to the wild salmon. As a salmon totem person it is important for you to keep your space free and clear of clutter and negative energy. Remove belongings that are no longer serving you and take steps to fill your space with cleansing positive energy!


Because salmon symbolism is known for its intuition and direction it’s no wonder one of its downfalls is misguidance. When salmon totem people become proud or egotistical they can lose sight of their purpose and true self. This leads them to a place where they begin seeking affirmation and approval from others. By betraying their true selves they become misguided and lost.


When your connection with your totem is at its weakest point salmon totem people will find themselves in a place where they are overcome by fear. For many people this is when the totem will appear to you. No matter how daunting or overwhelming your circumstances may be the salmon totem is calling you to begin moving away from your fear. Begin your journey and start facing your fears and problems one at a time. As you begin to make progress your confidence will grow and soon you will have faith in yourself.

The Salmon in Dreams: salmon-symbolism-meaning

When salmon symbolism appears in your dreams it is a sign that you are about to embark on a great journey. A journey that you may undertake for the rest of your life. Don’t worry about the details or the destination. Instead focus on each step of the journey as you go and celebrate where you are right now. The destination is not more important than the journey!

The salmon spirit animal will also appear in your dreams to tell you that you need to open yourself up. Open up to your emotions, healing and your thought! When you store up negative emotions it creates a damn within your spirit blocking the natural flow. Find your strength in the salmon totem and begin taking steps to open yourself up and allow the river of your emotions to move freely once again.

A salmon is a sign of transformation and journey. It’s important to consider this when interpreting dreams.

Cultural and Spiritual Symbolism of the Salmon

Salmon symbolism is a very important symbol for Native American and Inuit tribes. And are held in honor and high respect. They are also important symbols of spirituality.

The indigenous people of Canada and Norway played a large role in creating the global salmon industry.

Salmon are consider a scared resource that is to be cared for and respected.

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