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Spider Spirit Symbols

Creativity, Fate, Destiny, Balance, Wisdom, Communication, Interconnectedness, Responsibility, Infinity, Possibilities, Inspiration, the past and future, Caution, Planning, Industriousness, Design, Artistry

Spider Spirit Meaning and Medicine:


Do people keep trashing your work, or do your plans keep getting disrupted? Do you have unfinished projects that you know would improve your life? Then it’s time to clear out the spiritual cobwebs, start fresh. Clean out the old dusty debris that have filled the spiritual web of your life, it’s not attracting positive change! If you’ve ever cleared away a spider totem spirit’s web or put a hole in one, chances are you’ve seen a brand new one spring up overnight in the same place. Spiders, as animal spirits, are diligent workers and put painstaking efforts in both choosing a location, and in constructing their webs. You need to buckle down, weave through the night, and patch up any holes in your life. You can’t expect success to just fall into your lap, you need to be making the right choices in order to attract that juicy morsel or meaning.


Are creative opportunities passing you by, does inspiration keep slipping through your grasp? Do you feel like you’re on the edge of breakthrough? If you’ve seen the spider totem spirit recently, especially during a time where you are engaged in a creative activity, it means you should continue weaving and creating what you are currently working on! Even if you don’t feel 100% confident in what you’re working on, push through, you may not realize it now, but all the tiny threads you are spinning will come full circle and connect in ways you never imagined. Even if you find spider spirits repulsive, consider them as a sign of inspiration. Don’t squash the creative part of yourself, grab a cup and a piece of paper, and set it free! Dust off that old novel you were writing, or revisit that business plan you were working on, your past works are intrinsically connected to your present, and your future. Don’t forget the planning and industrious part above… you can’t expect inspiration to fill in for hard work.


Do you feel like your life path just isn’t going anywhere, have you become entwined in your own devices? Have you lost sight of where you are headed, or are others in your life throwing you off balance? Spider spirit animals are masters of walking the “in between” spaces, the spirit threads between life and death, sleep and waking, spiritual and physical. The symbolism and meaning here is to maintain balance. Remember that all aspects of your life connected in spirit, if you are unbalanced in even one area, the impact can be widespread. Start small, establish the most basic of routines, trace the tangled threads to their source and lay down the framework of a new beginning.


Are you not weaving your hopes and desires into reality? Are you overwhelmed by the infinite possibilities and choices that make up your life? When the totem animal spider appears, it may be a sign to connect with your higher purpose in life. The spider totem brings the message that we must accept responsibility for our part in weaving the web of our own destiny. Spirit spider can help guide you to the right path when choices seem overwhelming or infinite; your situation is not unchangeable. Though you may find yourself at the center of a web, with threads leading in every direction, subtle vibrations will lead you right where you need to be. If you are having difficulty tuning in, then take a moment to write down your aspirations, meditate, make a plan, and then take responsibility for moving forward towards your goals.

People with the Spider Animal Totem are:

The Good:


The spider animal spirit is considered by many cultures to be the great weaver, the creator of the very fabric of destiny, and is attributed with introducing clothes making, and the first written letters. Talk about exhaustive work. As mentioned above, spider spirit totems make webs very quickly, and work very hard to maintain them. As roaming hunters they will search for prey relentlessly. As patient ambushers, they will wait motionlessly for days on end. Seeing a common theme here? The spider animal spirit is one of amazing devotion and patience. If you have spider as your personal animal spirit or totem then you most likely have an unshakable and unnerving patience for doing the required work to get things done.


In addition to weaving fate, the spider spirit totem is the keeper of knowledge and of the ancient alphabet. Persistent industriousness + creativity = an amazing combination. People with this powerful animal totem can weave amazing stories, paint delicately beautiful pictures, and produce works that have both utility and beauty. If you have this animal spirit guiding you maintain awareness that your past is interwoven with your future, draw from your own experiences to create something special and unique to you.


The spider animal spirit is incredibly in tune with its surroundings. Subtle vibrations, tricks of shadow and light, instantly alert these gentle spirits. Because of these heightened senses the spider animal totem is known to be a great listener. People with this animal totem can read between the lines, see the connections between words and this makes them very empathetic and understanding.


The spider totem teaches. If you or someone you know is guided by the totem spirit of spider you’re likely to notice a calm assured confidence in everything that you do. It takes incredible gentleness and strength to navigate the razor thin threads of life with such speed and grace.

The spider web reminds us of our connectedness with the world – that we are strung together in everything that we do. The geometric patterns within the spider’s web symbolize the links between ourselves, the Creator, and all things. It is important that any web you weave be solidly anchored and balanced.

The Bad:


Many with the spider animal spirit get lost within their own story. They get caught up in the weaving and become distant from the world around them. Instead of being preoccupied with creating meaning and making something beautiful it is important to remember the above, stay balanced. The person who becomes entwined in their own web has not yet grasped this lesson and has become entangled in a reality that appears to be unchangeable. Don’t ignore your connections, or you will miss the symbols, the tiny vibrations that signal important messages meant for you alone.

Over Cautious

Spiders, as animals, have a incredible sense of sight, sound, and touch, but is important to avoid become engrossed in these senses. Many with spider as a totem will focus too greatly on reading the signs, and waiting for the right vibrations. Again, balance yourself, if you focus too greatly on waiting for everything to come to you, that energy, the energy of waiting, will create just that …. More waiting. Some spiders set up shop in places where no food will ever wander, you find them long afterwards, just empty dried up husks that never reached their potential. Don’t be stubborn, if the web doesn’t suit you, then go on the hunt!


The many arms of the spider animal spirit reach into the webs around them, pulling and adjusting strings to their own ends. These totems most often set up their homes in places sure to attract prey. Be careful if you’ve fallen into a spider totem person’s web, you could be in serious danger. Cautiously extract yourself without creating a disturbance. One bite from this animal spirit could turn your solid foundations and personal securities into liquid!

Spider Totem’s Message

As the spider spirit weaves its web so we weave our own fates. Spider totem medicine teaches to remember that we create everything in our own lives. Like the spider, we must be relentless in our pursuit and crafting of our own destinies. Spider also reminds us to be gentle and thankful for the smallest gifts of the animal spirit realm. Even the tiniest morsel, a miniscule gnat, is a source of nourishment and sustenance.

Spider Animal Spirit in Dreams:

If you’ve dreamed of a spider spirit’s web it is a warning to stay clear self-destructive behavior and temptations, lest you become trapped within them.

When this animal spirit bites you in your dream it often means you’ve been poisoned by something in your life. Something is eating you up inside, seek meditation to purge yourself of the venom.

If a spider has come down from above this represents spiritual inspiration, creative energies from a higher place.

Cultural Symbolism of the Spider Totem:

In Native American tradition, the first dream catcher was made by the Spider Totem to catch the bad dreams of children. The story symbolizes the removal of negative energies from your life, and reminds us to keep the connections between ourselves, the world, and the great spirit strong.

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