Squirrel Meaning and Symbolism
Mar 23
Discover Squirrel Symbolism

Squirrel Meaning and Symbolism

Overview of the Squirrel Spirit Animal


Squirrel symbolism is one that is widely recognizable with over 200 species found worldwide.  This friendly, playful and often mischievous rodent can be found in woodlands, neighborhoods and city parks.  As omnivores they are able to make due with whatever food is available to them. Which makes it easy for them to adapt and thrive wherever they need to live.  The squirrel spirit animal brings with it powerful energy medicine. Which can help you in many different areas of your life. The squirrel totem is a playful and energetic animal guide that thrives on spontaneity.  The squirrel spirit animal heralds the importance of preparation and organization. This creature also brings with it a message of change and will help guide you through new situations and circumstances.

Discover Squirrel Symbolism

Embrace Your Spirit Animal


Encounters with the Squirrel

What is the meaning of squirrel symbolism? Find out what symbol the squirrel spirit animal is trying to teach you, and gain some insight into your life.

Have you been holding onto things from your past?

Squirrel symbolism will appear to you with this message.  You must purge and let go of things from your past! Negative experiences, material possessions, emotions as well as positive things can hold you back from your future.  You must let the past go in order to prepare yourself and allow yourself to be open to what your future holds.

Do you feel worn out and exhausted?

The squirrel totem is a symbol of energy medicine.  When you are exhausted and completely worn out the squirrel spirit animal will appear to you.  You must be open to what this spirit animal is trying to tell you. Allow yourself time to rest while embracing the energy of this totem animal.  In time the squirrel will provide you with the energy you need in order to accomplish all that you will.

Are your thoughts scattered and disorganized?

When you can’t seem to focus or remember important details look for the squirrel totem.  It is a less known fact that squirrels are in fact highly intelligent, organized and intentional.  As your spirit animal squirrel can help you regain your focus. And help you organize your life whether at work, home or in relationships.

Do you feel like you’ve been chasing empty dreams?

There will be times in your life when you feel like you’ve been wasting your effort.  That’s when the squirrel totem will appear to you with this message. The squirrel tells you to keep chasing your dreams.  Even though it feels like you’re wasting energy your effort is not in vain. Keep working hard and focusing your energy. You will reach your goal and earn your reward in due time.  Call on the squirrel spirit animal to harness this strength.

Are you stressed out and unhappy?

When the squirrel is your spirit animal it can be easy for you to get completely obsessed with your work.  While focusing on your goals isn’t a bad thing it can lead to stress if you miss an important component to your life, fun!  The squirrel totem will appear to you to remind you to have fun! Make time to socialize with your friends and do things you enjoy.

Squirrel Symbolism: The Squirrel Spirit

Could the Squirrel be my spirit animal? What are the traits of the totem? This might be your spirit animal if you are:


A sign that the squirrel is your spirit animal will be in your organization.  People with this spirit animal are able to prioritize their time and energy. In the wild squirrels store food for winter in hidden caches.  And are typically able to find them all when they need them. As a squirrel totem person people will marvel at your ability to keep track of countless projects and details.


When squirrel symbolism is present in your life it will be marked by your curiosity.  People with this spirit animal are eager to learn and eager to discover new things. This keeps their minds sharp and open.  It’s important for you to foster this hunger for new information and discovery. Because of your natural curiosity you are the type of person that will spend your whole life learning.  And your life will be better for it!

Learn about the Squirrel Spirit Animal
Learn about the Squirrel Spirit Animal


Most people have seen squirrels at play and the way they dart around chasing and teasing each other.  Likewise, squirrel spirit animal people are known for being very playful. And in fact, are often described as being flirty.  Whether they mean to or not it is true. Their playful and flirtatious behavior is how they relieve stress and express their fondness for others.


In the wild squirrels can run 20 mph and when in the treetops can leap up to 20 feet.  These creatures are incredibly nimble and quick by design. As a squirrel spirit animal person will be able to make up your mind quickly and move from one thing to the next.  You don’t need time to make decisions or discover what is right, you just instinctively know what to do. Others might think you’re impulsive but the truth is you are able to process situations and circumstances quickly.

What are the Traits of the Squirrel Totem?

Lessons from the Squirrel Spirit Animal

Squirrels are:

  • Fun
  • Energetic
  • Brave
  • Intentional
Define Squirrel Symbolism

One lesson we learn from squirrel symbolism is gathering.  In the wild squirrels take care to store numerous caches of food to help sustain themselves during the cold winter months.  This ability to plan ahead and prepare is a marvel of nature. As your spirit animal squirrel it is important for you to focus on gathering.  This is not referring to material possessions or food but things that cannot be stolen. Like energy, vitality, joy, fullness and love. These are valuable resources that you must store away in your heart and memory for when hard times come.  And there will be hard times that you will need to draw on your hidden caches. The squirrel totem teaches us this lesson and it is wise to learn it well!

What does the squirrel spirit mean? Energy medicine and preparation!

Strengths & Weaknesses of the Squirrel

Define Squirrel Symbolism



Because of their ability to think and move quickly it’s no surprise that squirrels are spontaneous creatures.  As your spirit animal they love having the ability to be spontaneous. Being able to make a decision, change directions, or start something new at the drop of a hat makes them feel free.  Just like how squirrels preform tree top acrobatics being able to act spontaneously comes naturally to them. They love the feeling of not being weighed down and being truly free to do what they want when they want.


One strength of squirrel symbolism is because of their connection to emotion they are very compassionate creatures.  In fact, in the wild, they are known to adopt orphaned kits (infant squirrels) that have lost their parents. This is a strength because it gives this spirit animal a sense of grounding.  While they seem content to enjoy the highs of life in the treetops they won’t hesitate to come to ground level. In order to care for someone in need.

Energy Medicine

When you need efficiency whether it’s in your work or personal life the squirrel totem can help.  This spirit understands the importance of preparation and completing tasks. This strength makes them a highly valuable spirit animal because you will be able to accomplish anything you put your energy toward.  This is because of the squirrel spirits energy medicine!


As a squirrel spirit animal person you will find that others will deem you as trustworthy.  People you don’t even know will value your opinion and entrust you with important information or responsibilities.  It is important for you to be aware of your own capabilities in the situation, however. If you are unable to complete or properly handle the information or responsibility you must say so.  That way you will not ruin your reputation by taking on more than you can handle.



When squirrel symbolism becomes unbalanced they can fall prey to a compulsive act of hoarding.  This is a weakness because when you start to hoard material possessions or even emotional baggage it can weigh you down.  Because the squirrel is a creature that needs speed and lightness to maneuver and survive this is not good. It can cause you to act unusually and miss important messages and meanings from the universe.  As a squirrel spirit animal person you must have faith that you will experience abundance in the right season. Stop trying to control everything.


When the squirrel totem is unbalanced you can find yourself in a place where you can’t keep track of your things.  It is not uncommon for a squirrel to forget a few of their hiding spots. When you are struggling to keep things in your life organized and in order call on the squirrel totem.  Take time to strengthen your connection and find balance.


Because squirrel rely on their food caches for survival keeping it safe from thieves is important.  Researchers have observed squirrels pretending to hide food when being watched – a clever lie used to throw off potential thieves.  While this is useful in the wild squirrel totem people can struggle with compulsive lying. It is a sign that you are unbalanced or that something is causing you to feel cornered or threatened.


Anyone familiar with squirrels can tell you they are chatty creatures.  In fact, they have very unique and specialized voices and dialects. Talking to each other is a very important part of their social structure.  As a squirrel totem person don’t be surprised when you find yourself gossiping. While a little gossip isn’t bad be careful you don’t become obsessed with the attention you receive.  When this happens you can quickly ruin your reputation and get to a place where others no longer trust you.

Define the Squirrel Totem
Learn about the Squirrel Totem

The Squirrel in Dreams: What it Means

When squirrel symbolism appears in your dreams it brings with it a few messages.  One of them being of abundance. When you see a squirrel happily chattering in a tree it is a sign that you don’t need to worry about life.  Things will work out for you and you are entering a season of abundance.

Dreaming of a squirrel digging, burying or hiding food carries this message.  Your season of life is about to change. Take care and time to store up on things that you need.  Not just material possessions but spiritual and emotional things like vitality, joy, happiness, fullness.  Store them in your heart and memory so they can serve you in the upcoming season.

To dream of multiple squirrels especially playful or working together is a sign.  It is a sign that you need to spend more time with your family and friends. Make time to do the things you love with your loved ones and let go of stress.

When you dream about a squirrel it can also indicate that you’re about to enter into a season of abundance. And that you need to spend time having fun and socializing.
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Cultural and Spiritual Symbolism of the Squirrel

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In many Native American Tribes the squirrel symbol represents thriftiness, trust and preparation.

In European heraldry the squirrel symbol represents a family that loves the woods.  It also represents someone who is cautious, thrifty and conception.

Around the world squirrel symbolism represents preparation.

Historical Facts

Tommy Tucker was a pet squirrel that was most famous for his cross dressing and modeling work.

Animal Quotes

You will enrich your life immeasurably if you approach it with a sense of wonder and discovery, and always challenge yourself to try new things.
Nate Berkus
The energy of the mind is the essence of life.

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