Turkey Meaning and Symbolism
Nov 24
Discover Turkey Symbolism

Turkey Meaning and Symbolism

Overview of the Turkey Spirit Animal


Turkey symbolism is representative of a truly selfless spirit.  Family, friendship and community are important to this totem.  It is a natural desire of the turkey totem to give to others and to put the needs of others ahead of their own.  Turkey spirit animal people know what it means to have abundance and it’s out of this abundance that they give to others.  Turkey totem people foster a strong connection with the Earth.  Through meditation and time outdoors they strengthen this connection.  Subsequently because of this experience they make incredible guides or mentors.  Because of their giving and caring nature they enjoy looking out of others and providing them with advice.

Turkey Symbolism

Embrace Your Spirit Animal


Encounters with the Turkey

What is the meaning of turkey symbolism? Find out what symbol the turkey spirit animal is trying to teach you, and gain some insight into your life.

Have you lost yourself?

When you feel like you’ve been untrue to yourself and lost the turkey totem is appear to you.  This spirit animal is a symbol of self discovery and guidance.  When this totem appears it means that you need to evaluate your decisions or change directions.  Spend time in meditation to learn about yourself – the turkey will lead the way.

Do you feel stifled?

Another meaning of turkey symbolism is self expression.  When life feels stifling and you feel like you’re just going through the motions the turkey totem will present itself to you.  It’s message is simple: express yourself!  The turkey meaning is tied to self expression.  It’s important for our spiritual and mental health to allow ourselves the freedom to express ourselves!

Do you have community?

When you think about turkey meaning think of community!  When you find yourself in a lonely place it’s a sign to jump into community.  Start a new hobby or pastime – the important thing for you is to surround yourself with others who care about you.  Or if you’ve grown apart from family and loved ones now is a good time to start rekindling those relationships.

Are you bored?

No one likes to be bored!  A meaning of turkey symbolism is guidance.  As a turkey spirit animal person this not only means that your are receiving guidance but you are also giving it!  Turkey spirit animal people make great mentors and have the ability to provide others with grounded advice.  Look around you and see if there is someone you can take under your wing and mentor!

Have you been keeping quiet?

Do you think that your voice, opinion or ideas aren’t worth sharing?  Turkey symbolism is not about keeping quiet.  In fact a turkey’s gobble can be heard up to a mile away!  This totem teaches us to use our voices and speak up!  Be sure you’re using your voice to guide others, share information, or encourage members of your community.

Turkey Symbolism: The Turkey Spirit

Could the Turkey be my spirit animal? What are the traits of the totem? This might be your spirit animal if you are:


Turkey symbolism tells us that as your spirit animal you are a thoughtful person.  Typically this is not something that you have to think about it just comes naturally.  Whether it’s holding doors open for strangers, picking up trash on the sidewalk, or helping someone in need.  By thinking of others first you have a unique light to shine in the world.  Don’t let circumstances or situations dampen your care for others.


As a turkey totem person you find is easy to give to others.  It doesn’t matter if it’s your time, conversation, gifts or money you are a giver!  It is healthy for you to give even when it looks like you have nothing left.  Because the turkey totem is also a sign of abundance as long as you’re balanced you will always have something to give others!

What is: Turkey Symbolism
What is the meaning of the Turkey Totem?

Earth Bound

Turkey totem people harbor a strong connection with the earth.  This sense and connection helps keep them balanced.  Spending time outdoors surrounded by nature is a natural as breathing.  The fresh air helps clear your mind and center your whole being.  Turkey meaning is to embrace the earth and to care of it!

Family Centered

For a turkey spirit animal person family is everything!  They are willing to drop whatever they are doing to be with their family if they need to.  Because families come in all shapes, sizes and sometimes are made by us this can look different to different people.  Turkey totem people value their family relationships above all else.

What are the Traits of the Turkey Totem?

Lessons from the Turkey Spirit Animal

Turkeys are:

  • Vocal
  • Thoughtful
  • Expressive
  • Selfless
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Researchers have found that turkeys have “accents” based on where they’re from.  Not only that but they say individuals have unique voices within their own family.  As a turkey totem person your voice is unique to you!  Don’t let others convince you to keep quiet or that your ideas don’t matter – speak up and speak out!  Another thing the turkey totem teaches us is to strengthen our connection with Mother Earth.  This totem is deeply rooted and can be used to draw strength from the earth.

What does the turkey spirit mean? Be selfless and embrace your earthen connection. Turkey totem people are incredibly selfless and cultivate a close connection with the earth.

Strengths & Weaknesses of the Turkey

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It’s no secret when people think of turkey symbolism they think of bravery!  That’s because these birds will fiercely protect their flock.  When a rogue turkey or a small predator gets too close to the flock without hesitation these birds will defend their family.  Fluffing out their plumage the males will intimidate the intruder until they back down.  As a spirit animal they offer us protection from unfriendly spirits.  They also teach us to bravely stand up for our loved ones.


Among beginner and experienced hunters alike the turkey is considered a difficult bird to hunt.  That’s because they have an incredible sense of smell and vision that helps them know exactly when a hunter enters into their territory.  As a turkey spirit animal person you will have the ability to “see” when things are going to occur.  Not in a clairvoyant sense but more of an instinctual awareness.


A strength of the turkey totem is its expressive nature.  In the wild the light skin on their head and neck can change color to indicate how they’re feeling.  For example when threatened, sick, injured or courting their head and neck can change to blue, gray and bright red.  These birds have been known to blush!  This ability of self expression is a strength because it makes communicating easier!


In the wild because of their natural predators turkeys have learned a creative way to keep themselves safe at night while they sleep.  They will roost high up in trees and sleep perched on branches.  This keeps them safe and when they wake up the next morning they are able to survey the area for any potential threats.  Once they see that there are no predators they fly down and start their day.  Just like they retreat to heights and survey the land we must take this strength into practice.  Seek heights for times of meditation during these times survey your world and be aware of any threats that may be coming your way.



Researchers have found that turkeys are “clean birds”.  This means that they take time and care to maintain clean and orderly plumage.  They use their feathers to display dominance and to court females.  Because of this a turkey spirit animal person can become increasingly vain.  While it’s okay to take care of yourself and take pride in yourself make sure you’re checking your heart.  Don’t let vanity come in the way of friendships or spending time with loved ones.


In the wild turkeys are loud and vocal creatures.  When it comes to turkey symbolism one common weakness is becoming boastful.  While it’s okay to share achievements with others make sure your audience wants to hear it.  Boasting can drive a wedge between friends and it can stir up resentment in co-workers.  It’s important for you to keep this weakness in check!

Lack of Endurance

While brave turkeys are not incredibly strong creatures.  In the wild they can fly over short.  Because of their lack of endurance they need to be tactful in their use of energy.  When you overexert yourself or dive head first into a project this can end poorly.  Once you run out of energy you’re as good a done with your project – whether or not it’s completed!  The lesson we can learn from turkey meaning is to pace yourself!  Don’t let your lack of endurance hurt you in the end.

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The Turkey in Dreams: What it Means

Turkey symbolism in dreams often appear as guides.  Their presence tells us to evaluate where we are and the choices we’re making.  When a change of direction needs to be made the turkey spirit with offer guidance.

They are also a symbol of community and selflessness.  When you are in a season of loneliness or selfishness the turkey will appear to you to remind you to be selfless and to care for others.

A goat is a sign of renewal and earthen energy. It’s important to consider this when interpreting dreams.
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Cultural and Spiritual Symbolism of the Turkey

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Native American – Turkey feathers have been used for clothing and tradition ceremonies for centuries.  In some tribes the turkey is referred to as the Peace Eagle.

Mayan – Researchers have found that the ancient Mayan people raised turkeys for food.

North America – The Turkey is a symbol of Thanksgiving because history has recorded it being present at the pilgrim feast of 1621. Since then it has become a traditional meal during the holidays especially Thanksgiving.

Historical Facts

The wild turkey was hunted nearly to extinction by the early 1900s, when the population reached a low of around 30,000 birds. But restoration programs across North America have brought the numbers up to seven million today.

Animal Quotes

Turkeys know their names, come when you call, and are totally affectionate. They’re better than teenagers.
Elayne Boosler
The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.
Coretta Scott King

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