Unicorn Meaning and Symbolism
Feb 09
Unicorn Symbolism

Unicorn Meaning and Symbolism

Overview of the Unicorn Spirit Animal


Unicorn symbolism is known around the world for its power and prestige.  When most people think of a unicorn they image a winged horse with a single horn growing from it’s head.  In world myth, however, the unicorn takes on a variety of shapes and animal characteristics.  One of the most popular descriptions of the unicorn is that it has the body of a deer, head and mane of a horse and a single spiraling horn.  Just as in myth and lore a unicorn spirit animal is just a rare as sighting this creature.  Unicorn spirit animal people live charmed lives that also include their own set of challenges.  One thing someone with this spirit animal can count on is that they soon learn how to connect to their past lives.

Unicorn Symbolism

Embrace Your Spirit Animal


Encounters with the Unicorn

What is the meaning of unicorn symbolism? Find out what the symbol of the unicorn spirit animal is trying to teach you, and gain some insight into your life.

Do you need hope?

When you’re in a place where you feel like you have no options.  And when you’re out of hope unicorn symbolism will appear to you as a sign.  It will appear to you as a sign of hope and that things are able to change.  During this time it is important for you to hold on and don’t lose faith.  Change is coming soon don’t lose heart!

Are you facing the impossible?

When you’re faced with difficult circumstances the unicorn spirit animal will appear to you.  It’s presence will be a sign that a miracle is about to happen!  Around the world unicorn symbolism represents miracles and overcoming difficult circumstances in your life.  Don’t give up and keep your eyes open for your miracle!

Do you feel powerless?

When you feel stifled and oppressed by life and it’s challenges it can leave you feeling powerless.  During these times the unicorn totem will appear to you as a sign.  Known for their power and influence unicorn symbolism will appear to you to give you strength.  You only need to harness its power and the unicorn spirit animal will provide you with the strength you need.

Are you struggling to do the right thing?

When you find yourself torn between doing what is right and what is easy the unicorn totem will appear to you.  Whether you are facing a moral dilemma or simply can’t decide what path to take trust in the unicorn spirit animal to guide you.  Known for their purity and innocence the unicorn spirit animal will appear to you and give you direction and peace about your path.

Unicorn Symbolism: The Unicorn Spirit

Could the Unicorn be my spirit animal? What are the traits of the totem? This might be your spirit animal if you are:


Unicorn spirit animal people are commonly known for being mysterious or elusive.  They don’t broadcast their feelings, emotions, opinions to many people.  While they might be present on social media they will very seldom tell others where they’re going, what their doing or what their future plans might be.  Being naturally elusive is a good sign that your spirit animal is the unicorn.


When you encounter someone whose spirit animal is the unicorn you will typically find yourself describing them as elegant.  This is because of their connection to feminine energy they will move with grace and a lightness unique to them.  Not only that but because of this energy people who spend considerable amount of time with them will begin experiencing feminine healing.  Which will result in them also becoming elegant.

What is the Unicorn Totem?
Define: Unicorn Symbolism


Just like in ancient lore when someone came across a unicorn they understood the significance.  And because of this people spend lifetimes trying to find one!  Similarly, unicorn spirit animal people when found, will accumulate a following.  People love spending time with unicorn totem people and will put extra effort into making plans with them!  This popularity makes them very influential.  Just be sure it doesn’t go to your head!


As a unicorn spirit animal person you are the type of person that is aware of others, their needs and the impact of your decisions.  You aren’t the type of person that will just make a spur of the moment decision without considering the ramifications.  Every choice you make from the simplest detail to the biggest life change is done with care and consideration of others.

What are the Traits of the Unicorn Totem?

Lessons from the Unicorn Spirit Animal

Unicorns are:

  • Noble
  • Pure
  • Pensive
  • Magical
What is: Unicorn Symbolism

Unicorn symbolism teaches us to return to the point in life where we were innocent and pure like children.  The unicorn totem will appear to you to remind you of this time in your life and to beckon you to return.  Take time to practice playing and enjoying yourself freely like you did as a child.  The unicorn will be a guide to you and help you as you begin your journey toward purity and innocence.  Don’t resist but embrace your true self as you embark on this worthy journey.

What does the unicorn spirit mean? Celestial power and purity! Unicorn spirit animal people are known for their purity and incredible celestial power.

Strengths & Weaknesses of the Unicorn

Discover the Unicorn Totem



Unicorns have long been a part of myth and lore as evasive creatures.  Able to out maneuver, out run and out wit hunters or those unworthy of their presence.  Likewise anyone with the unicorn as their spirit animal will be able to quickly make decisions in order to achieve their goal.  Not only are their minds quick but typically this speed is transferred into their physical body.


For ages unicorn symbolism has been known for its incredible magic and power.  So much so that even a fragment of a unicorn horn, hair or hoof have been sought out by people throughout the centuries.  All because of it’s remarkable power! As a unicorn spirit animal person you will find that your life is connected and linked to not only power but magic.  Things that might seem impossible for others are done by you simply because you have the heart to believe.


Numerous legends say that unicorns can only be found or seen by a person of purity, that is wholly good or someone who is innocent and needs help.  As a unicorn totem person you will find that you have the unique ability to sense others intentions.  This sensing will help you navigate relationships and will help guide you through life.  Be warned- when you get the sense that someone has ill intentions you should listen to that sense!

Dream Healing

It is said that unicorns belong not only to the earth but to the heavens.  And are guardians of innocent dreams.  When the unicorn is your spirit animal you will begin to find dream healing.  Especially if you’ve experienced a season nightmares or disturbing dreams.  The unicorn will help heal this area and bring you into a season of peace and wholeness during dream time.



Because of their raging popularity and that fact that people are instantly enchanted with you it’s easy for you to become too flirty!  With all of the positives that draw people to someone whose spirit animal is a unicorn it can be easy for it to go to their head.  This results in them becoming so flirty it can be unbearable.  Unfortunately when you become this way others will start to see you as shallow and you will begin to lose your reputation.

Self Absorbed

Another thing that can happen when a unicorn totem person becomes unbalanced is that they can become self absorbed.  This attention and focus on themselves can be a major turn off and result in them losing their caring nature that makes them so special.  A unicorn spirit animal person that is only focused on themselves will cause them to miss out on the full potential of their spirit animal.

Out of Touch

As a unicorn spirit animal person it’s easy for you to get caught up in your charmed life.  Because of this it’s easy for you to lose sight of reality.  Between being able to sense others intentions, being popular and having extra magical help you have it easy.  As a result you can start to treat others poorly, because you simply forget how hard life really is!


Another weakness of an unbalanced unicorn spirit animal person is when they become selfish.  This is when they use their position and influence to exploit others.  They’ll take advantage of friends, coworkers and even family members simply to get what they want.  When this happens it’s important for them to correct their alignment and seek balance.  Take extra care that you don’t become a bully!

Discover the Unicorn Totem

The Unicorn in Dreams: What it Means

When unicorn symbolism appears in your dreams it’s important for you to take note of its color.  Traditionally when you see a white unicorn it represents purity and innocence.  A gray or mixed colored unicorn means that there are areas in your life that you need to sort through in order to find balance.  A dark colored unicorn will represent a great journey that you will begin.

Another thing you will find when unicorn symbolism appears in your dreams.  Is that it is a link between you and the spirit realm.  It will appear to you as a sign that you need to embrace and begin empowering your spiritual self and seeking messages from spirit realms.

A unicorn is a sign of miracles and past life awareness. It’s important to consider this when interpreting dreams.
animal symbolism in dreams

Cultural and Spiritual Symbolism of the Unicorn

animal meaning in your life

In European lore unicorn symbolism is said to represent a pure spirit.  It was believed that only virgins or those truly pure of heart could see them.  When used in heraldry unicorns represent strength, virtue and extreme courage.

In Celtic mythology, the unicorn symbolizes bravery, purity, innocence, healing powers, vitality, intelligence, pride and joy.

In Asia they have their own unicorn like creature – the Qilin.

Around the world the unicorn is a symbol of purity and vitality. As well as past life connection.

Historical Facts

Perhaps the closest thing we have to proof that unicorns existed is in an ancient species of Siberian Unicorn.  Go here to learn more about this unique species and what researchers have found.

Animal Quotes

Magic is believing in yourself, if you can do that, you can make anything happen.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Peace demands the most heroic labor and the most difficult sacrifice. It demands greater heroism than war. It demands greater fidelity to the truth and a much more perfect purity of conscience.
Thomas Merton

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