Wolverine Meaning and Symbolism
May 11
Discover Wolverine Symbolism

Wolverine Meaning and Symbolism

Overview of the Wolverine Spirit Animal


Wolverine symbolism reminds us to embrace our primal energy.  This creature has been described as looking like a cross between a bear, wolf and even a badger.  A member of the marten family the wolverine is known for being a tough and fearless loner. That prefers to wander in densely forest regions where cooler weather and snow abounds.  A loner the wolverine has a reputation for being fierce and resilient combined with a bad attitude and tough exterior. As a spirit animal the wolverine invites us to live simply in reflect of it’s own life.  Wolverines spend their days roaming their territory searching for food and keeping intruders at bay. As a wolverine totem person it’s important for you to keep a routine. That way you can keep track of your energy and fight off negative energies when they arise.

Wolverine Symbolism

Encounters with the Wolverine

What is the meaning of wolverine symbolism? Find out what symbol the wolverine spirit animal is trying to teach you, and gain some insight into your life.

Are you being pushed around by others?

Wolverine symbolism teaches us to connect to mountain energy.  And just like a mountain is an immovable force you to can connect to this energy.  Don’t let others push you around especially in work and relationships. You must learn to stand up for yourself and remain steady and grounded.

Do others try to tell you what to do?

The wolverine totem is known for being a loner that is connected to instinctual power.  Because of this you must follow your own path and listen to your own voice. Others will try to tell you what you should and shouldn’t do but only you know what’s best for your path.  Trust your instincts and find your own true path.

Have you become hesitant to move forward because of obstacles in your way?

The wolverine totem has appeared to you to share this message. You must be persistent and call on your inner strength.  Obstacles can be moved or overcome and the wolverine spirit animal has appeared to you to guide you. You must move forward with ferocity and nothing will stand in your way.

Are you preparing to take on a big project or undertaking?

The wolverine totem has appeared to help you work through the project.  The wolverine symbol represents decisiveness and determination. When you encounter projects that seem bigger than your abilities you can channel the strength of the wolverine to help you work through it.

Wolverine Symbolism: The Wolverine Spirit

Could the Wolverine be my spirit animal? What are the traits of the totem? This might be your spirit animal if you are:


In the wild wolverines are known for being loners.  They only interact with others during mating season other than that they keep a very solitary existence.  As a wolverine spirit animal person you will find that you actually do well on your own. You can spend days even weeks in your own world and not miss others or feel lonely.  You are the type of person that can travel alone and enjoys time away from the daily grind. It’s important for you to make time for yourself.


It’s not uncommon for hikers and campers to see a wolverine in the wild and have a hard time describing it to others.  This is because it’s appearance and behavior can seem unusual and odd even to the most experienced outdoor enthusiasts.  Likewise, people whose spirit animal is a wolverine they will be different from their peers. Their appearance and even behavior will mark them as unusual but this isn’t a bad thing.  It’s important for you to embrace your individuality.

Define the Wolverine
Learn about Wolverine Symbolism


As a wolverine spirit animal person you are will be the type of person who is very assertive.  Whether in your personal or professional life you will have the courage to speak out and stand on what you believe in.  It is important that you stay true to this side of your nature and that you don’t let others pressure you be silent. You must always be true to this part of yourself and be assertive in every part of your life.


Wolverines are not social creatures that are easily found or sighted.  It’s true that they prefer to keep to themselves and live a solitary existence.  Because of this researchers are still working hard to learn more about this creature.  Likewise, wolverine totem people tend to be very elusive. Preferring to keep to themselves and not divulging too much information even to their closest friends.  They are not an open book when it comes to express themselves.

What are the Traits of the Wolverine Totem?

Lessons from the Coyote Spirit Animal

Wolverines are:

  • Strong
  • Decisive
  • Enduring
  • Different
Learn Lessons from the Wolverine

Wolverine symbolism appears to you to share this lessons.  You need to be decisive and hold true to your convicts and passions.  Do whatever it takes to achieve your dreams even if it means waiting years for it to come to pass.  You must also be decisive in your actions on a daily basis. Don’t worry what others say or think just trust yourself and your passions and convictions.

Another lesson we learn from wolverine symbolism is the power of walking meditation.  Throughout the day a wolverine will travel miles upon miles. Searching for food and protecting its territory from intruders.  We can adopt this practice into our lives by incorporating walking meditation. By simply spending time outdoors and walking at a leisurely pace you will be able to find a strong connection and be able to meditate deeply.

What does the wolverine spirit mean? Decisiveness and strength! Wolverine spirit animal people have the decisiveness and the strength to make their dreams become reality.

Strengths & Weaknesses of the Wolverine




Wolverines have unique paws that expand when travel over snow creating perfect snowshoes.  This helps them travel great distances and track and hunt prey. As a wolverine totem person you have a unique set of skills that will help you travel and cover great expanses.  As a wolverine totem person you will be able to overcome obstacles and accomplish things others thought were impossible. Because you are uniquely equipped and capable. Trust your instincts and rely on your talents and gifts.


The wolverine is truly a unique animal often mistaken for a bear, a wolf and being called a “skunk bear”.  It seems like it doesn’t fit into any category other than it’s own. This is true for wolverine spirit animal people.  Often times they will stand out from the crowd and not seem to fit in anywhere. This is a strength because it gives them the advantage of audience.  Everywhere they go people look to them because they don’t fit in and this gives them the stage to progress their dreams or own agenda.

Thick Fur

For centuries wolverines have been hunted and trapped (nearly to the point of extinction) by fur traders.  This is because their fur thick, oily and frost resistant. Because of their fur they are able to withstand extreme winter weather.  As a wolverine totem person you will find that the words that others speak, the frost they give you, won’t hurt you. In fact you will be able to withstand harsh criticism and rejection unscathed.



It’s no secret that wolverine symbolism has a reputation for representing aggression.  It’s true that in the wild wolverines are fierce creatures that will do anything to defend themselves and their territory.  As a wolverine spirit animal person you will want to make sure that you keep your aggression in check. If it goes on unbalanced you can end up hurting others and yourself.


Wolverines have often been called skunk bears not just because they resemble these two animals but because of the musky scent they put off.  As a wolverine spirit animal person this is directly related to your pride. When you are victorious and prideful the scent of your victory will turn people off.  Even when your pride is a result of hard work and a victory that you’ve earned others will call you a show off and will have trouble supporting you. You must not let this get to you and continue to enjoy the good things that come your way.


The scientific name for wolverine is Gulo gulo, which means the glutton.  As a wolverine spirit animal person it is in your nature to be drawn to gluttony. You will be prone to over consuming things like material possessions, acknowledgement, praise and attention.  Unfortunately this type of behavior will cause you to become unbalanced and will fuel your aggressive side. You must take steps to avoid gluttony – try spending time doing walking meditation to help find your balance.


When wolverines mate an unusual thing happens to the females.  She will carry zygotes (fertile eggs) within her and her body will delay implantation helping the kits to be born during the right time of the year.  And once they’re born wolverine kits are they aren’t fierce little fighters but helpless and completely dependent on their mother. This teaches us about a wolverine spirit animal person’s dreams, desires and goals.  Sometimes you have to wait a long time for things begin to change. And even then it will take time, care and attention on your part to make sure they reach maturity.

Define the Wolverine Spirit Animal
Define Wolverine Symbolism

The Wolverine in Dreams: What it Means

When wolverine symbolism appears in your dreams it holds important meaning.  Especially when the wolverine is defensive, snarling and on guard. It means that you need to be decisive and stand up for yourself.  Engage your primal and mountain energies in order to protect yourself and your best interests. It is important that you don’t hold back – give it everything you’ve got and don’t give up.

To see a wolverine eating prey or standing over a carcass carries this meaning.  You need to trust your instincts and don’t ignore your desires. In order to live your life to the fullest you know what you need.  You just need to go after them fearlessly.

When you see a wolverine moving through a forest it is a sign for journey.  You are able to undergo changes and will begin a new chapter in your life. A journey awaits you and you must rely on your senses and instincts in order to follow your true path.

A wolverine is a sign of primal energy and cunning. It’s important to consider this when interpreting dreams.
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Cultural and Spiritual Symbolism of the Wolverine

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In some Native American lore the wolverine is seen as a sign of fortune and success.  Often told as a character in stories of gambling and success. While in other Native American the wolverine is portrayed as a trickster or even a bully.  Although they are usually harmless they are also known as shapeshifters and entertainers.

Around the world sports teams have taken on the name, “Wolverines” because of their ferocity.

Historical Facts

Wolverine symbolism has been present in human culture and art for thousands of years.  One of the most famous pieces of art is the “Wolverine pendant of Les Eyzies”. Which displays in detail the image of a wolverine.

Animal Quotes

Your mind knows only some things. Your inner voice, your instinct, knows everything. If you listen to what you know instinctively, it will always lead you down the right path.
Henry Winkler
In solitude the mind gains strength and learns to lean upon itself.
Laurence Sterne

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