Wolf Spirit Meaning, Symbols, and Totem

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Picture of wolf animal totemWolf Spirit Symbols:

Teaching, Guidance, Loyalty, Intuition, Discipline, Order, Community, Freedom, Guardianship, Prudence, Respect, Communication, Patience, Teamwork

Wolf Spirit Animal Meaning and Medicine:

The wolf spirit animal brings with it many different meanings. If the wolf spirit totem has entered your life recently take a moment to stop and reflect on some of the following messages:

  • Teaching, Guidance: Have you recently been faced with a difficult choice or do you feel you lack the information or experience to make an important decision? Wolf is regarded as one of the most powerful spirit guides of all, and its presence is a message of guidance. If the wolf spirit animal has appeared to you, seek wisdom from those you respect and pause to extract meaning from the subject that faces you. Once the wolf spirit animal equips you with knowledge you may take action with confidence.

2 Wolfs Kissing Relationship Meaning Photo

  • Loyalty, Community: Have you become alienated from your loved ones, are you staying at home all of time? The wolf animal totem urges us to ensure that you are playing your part in the community and that loyalties are properly maintained. Pick up the phone or hit the keyboard, get in touch with the people you’ve been neglecting. Get out of the house and invest some time and energy in that hobby you’ve been thinking about.
  • Intuition, Prudence: Is a strong desire or passion stopping you from thinking clearly, is an opportunity being dangled in front of you? The wolf spirit animal is strongly connected to lunar power which symbolizes intuition. It is well known that wolf spirit packs subsist almost entirely off old, sick, and the lame animals, meaning the pack does not take unnecessary risks. Wolves are also known to give a spirited chase after prey for dozens of miles while taking turns in hot pursuit. The meaning here is to conserve your strength and be cautious in your approach to any difficult or tempting situations. Do not overextend yourself and instead trust your heart. Take time to fully consider the situation from every angle and don’t be afraid to say no.
  • Discipline, Order: Do you feel lost, has your life strayed completely off track? The wolf spirit totem carries a message of discipline and order. Like howling at the moon and greeting pack members upon return, wolf spirits maintain many rituals. The structure and order of the animal pack has great meaning and ensures security and purpose for all of its members. An important message that the wolf spirit animal brings is to take account of your schedule and daily routines. If you’ve allowed yourself to live impulsively and aren’t really accomplishing then sit down and commit to changing. Take small steps at first and soon you’ll find things falling into place.
  • Communication, Teamwork: Are you going it alone, are the challenges of life beginning to overwhelm you? While the concept of a lone wolf is a popular one, it is extremely rare. Wolf spirit animals invest their very survival in their pack and their social structure is both complex and varied. If the wolf pack has shown itself the meaning is that you must stop and take account of your relationships. Don’t be afraid to seek assistance and fresh perspective on a project. Don’t bottle up your feelings and communicate, you’ll be surprised by the amount of resources that wait in the hands of friends and family.

People with the Wolf Totem Animal are…

  • Patient
  • Loyal
  • Intelligent
  • Intuitive
  • Good Communicators
  • Wise
  • Creative Problem Solvers


Wolf spirit people are often social butterflies and are respected for their advice, wisdom, and are seen as animals of meaning and insight. People with this animal totem have a lot of good thoughts to share and find themselves being consulted when friends or family are in trouble. The wisdom of the wolf spirit animal also creates patience and you can almost always count on a loyal ear when times are hard. The loyalty of this spirit animal is so great that once you are in the pack they will bend over backward for you, for life.

Wolf Symbolism PicturePeople with this power animal will prefer diplomacy and retreat over open hostility or fights but this is not because of cowardice, this is because of a powerful intelligence. Do not expect their spirits to be defeated easily as the wolf totem maintains a network of loyal friends and family for when the going gets tough.

While wolf totem’s spiritual intelligence demands respect it can also cause problems in certain social situations. Wolf spirit people are often very competitive and people with this animal medicine can become upset if the pecking order is disturbed, especially if it happens in their own home. Try not to push them or rub it in if you best them in a competition or you might get snarled at.

If the wolf spirit is your totem don’t overplay the patience or it can nip you in the butt. While seeking information and making an informed decision is a hallmark of this animal totem it is important that wolf spirit people don’t dally overlong in choosing what to do. More often than not, your seeking will lead you to the same conclusion that your animal intuition did in the first place.

Wolf Spirit Animal Messages:

The wolf spirit totem symbolizes your inner teacher. Trust in your many senses and intuition and you will connect to your meaning and blaze your own path on the journey of life.

Wolf in DreamsWolf Totem in Dreams:

If you see a wolf spirit animal in your dream she is guiding your to first find great Medicine through inner work, and then to return to your pack to serve as a teacher, guide and spiritual healer.

If the wolf totem animal is hostile towards you in the dream it symbolizes that you have strayed from your true purpose in life, stop ignoring the signals around you and get back on track.

To see a pack of wolves in your dream is a powerful symbol of spiritual kinship. Be thankful for your loved ones and see to it that they are getting your full support.

To hear the howl of a wolf spirit totem in your dream means that someone in your life needs to be heard and they may require your assistance.


Cultural and Spiritual Symbolism of the Wolf Spirit Animal:

Wolf Meaning in World Cultures

  • Native American: In Native American lore, the wolf animal totem fulfilled two roles. At a tribal level, the wolf spirit lived in a way that made the tribe strong. Food was provided for all animal’s in the pack, including the old and sick. They also saw to the education of cubs and defended their territory against other wolves. At a personal level, Native American’s with wolf as a medicine animal or personal spirit totem understood the qualities that made the wolf stand out as an individual. They admired wolf’s stamina, ability to track well and go without food for long periods.
  • Egyptian: In Egyptian Mythology, the wolf spirit was a symbol of Wepwawet a war deity. His name means, opener of the ways. The wolf totem was seen as a scout, going out to clear routes for the army to proceed forward and later as an opener of the path to victory. Eventually, the wolf totem also became associated with death and an opener of the underworld.
  • Celtic: Two wolf totem’s drive the time as they chase the sun and moon. Their image accompanied many clans as a symbol of strength and victory. The great wolf Fenrir is the harbinger of Armageddon.
  • Greek/Roman: In Greek and Roman mythology the wolf symbol and meaning is associated with the Gods of war, Ares/Mars. The wolf spirit totem was also seen as the Great Goddess or Mother and many Greek and Roman heroes claim wolves as their ancestors.
  • Chinese: The Chinese saw the wolf totem animal as a guardian of the heavenly palace.
  • Christian: Early Biblical sources represented the wolf totem as destructive and associated with the evening (Jeremiah 5:6, and dishonest gain, bloodshed and destruction (Ezekiel 22:27, The Holy Bible). However, when the wolf and lamb were depicted lying down even though they were considered traditional enemies, together they represented peace and the coming Messianic rule (Isaiah 65:25 The Holy Bible).




  1. Please see Howling For Justice. The Grey Wolf needs help. The Grey Wolf has been recently removed from the ESL. In many US States the Grey Wolf can be slaughtered in an horrific manner. PLEASE pass this information to those who CARE for our World.

    • hello, just thought i might put this out there… the grey wolf is only endangered in careless places like USA therefore, in Canada the grey wolf is apprietiated so much that its almost like a pet.

      • I live in Canada- there is currently open hunting season on the wolves here in my area and there have been countless culls this year in Alberta and BC.

        • Nicola Smith on said:

          Yes I’ve been reading about all the wolf culling. it just seems to be getting worse… Seems to be more about sport.\

          • My power animal is wolf. Always has been and always will be. Recently did I truly connect with the wolf’s true spirit. Speaking first hand, wolves are natural born pathfinders. They lead the way and also take care of who is needed. I can honestly say that once I stopped fighting my “wolf” the pieces came together and that which I was searching for is being worked towards. Wolves definitely are the type to look at both sides, but make a decision in the best interest of the wolf. The pack plays a role, yet the true wolf knows what is in their own heart. Wolves are also the most misunderstood as they tend to be able to jump on many paths and very few can jump on theirs. I posted a while ago searching for other “wolves” only to now realize how far ahead I really was.

  2. hey I have been having hallucinations some of animals that glow and when i take my medication all of the hallucinations go away but the animals. oh and a wolf follows me around ,Wjhat does it mean

  3. I love timber wolf dog. Becuz I grow up with one from a puppy. I miss my baby her name was teddy bear. She was funny. She learn how to play football. Plus she gave birth of two litter of puppies. She had a den under a cement floor that she call her home and for her babies. But I didn’t take any picture of her. I’m real stupid on that part. But I have alot of good memory of her.

  4. A few years ago, I was coming home from school (I attended an out-of-state university). I believe it was the end of my sophomore year, so it was spring, early summer. There were about 4 or 5 cars in our pack (my boyfriend at the time was also coming home so both our families drove up to pack us up and drive us back home). When we got to an intersection to get off the highway, at the entrance of an old cemetery I saw a big, beautiful wolf. It peered over its shoulder and stared directly at me. We made eye contact, and we maintained it until the car turned the corner. When I asked if anyone had seen the wolf, they started laughing at me and said they didn’t see anything, and I was probably mistaken, that it was just a big dog. I looked back and didn’t see him, thinking he was probably spooked or annoyed with all the traffic around and headed into the cemetery. When the caravan pulled in front of my house, I jumped out, my mom jumped out of the car she was driving and my brother jumped out of his car and in unison we each said “Did you see that wolf?!?” No one else saw it. We each described it the same way -big, the face was dark, the body was dark, not fully black but mostly, and they eyes were a bright, piercing yellow. So bright yellow that we could see the perfect pupil in the center. And though we weren’t that close to it, it was like we were face to face with it. Everyone looked at us like we were slightly mad, and we never really talked about it in mixed company after that. Some time later, after certain events occurred, we looked back on that day and took it as a sign. I haven’t seen any other wolves in the area (I live in the city) since that day and didn’t hear anything about anyone else spotting one that same day, or after.

  5. I am writing a book that has to do with wolf symbolism and finding your inner connection to the wolf totem. This article has helped me greatly; I am going to acknowledge it in my book for certain! Thank you for the insight and meaningful words about wolves. They are fascinating and beautiful creatures.

    All my love,

    P.S. Do you know of any books that are about what wolves symbolize/the wolf totem? Please let me know, thanks.

  6. A wolf has been coming to me for a long time now. I believe about 6 years ago; I would have been laying in bed and my eyes were closed and a wolf appears (I see colour and energy), and presses his head against me. I felt it, but my eyes were closed and it went deeper than feeling it…..it is so very hard to explain.. This is the first time I looked into what the wolf means and it speaks volumes to me. Thank you to whom ever wrote this and published it online.

  7. Do you know what it means to be chased by a white wolf?my dream was like I was outside with my two sisters than we saw the wolf and we started running inside the house. When I got there since I was the last one we shut the door. But the door had a little window on it and we could see the wold snapping at us looking like a rabid dog. After that I don’t remember much since I woke up. If you do know what it mean s I would appreciate it. Please and thank you.

    • I hade a dream about a white wolf and black once.The black one reprzented Ying and the white one yang.The wolf could for me ment great good and the black one for me ment great evil…Maybe your wolf means theres something good in your life that you just don’t know about or don’t give a flying hoot about.

  8. I recently had a vivid dream involving a large wolf, in fact it seemed like something other than a dream. The wolf at first instilled a sense of great fear but when it approached it extended its neck over me as if to comfort me, then proceeded to bite my hand as if to drag me somewhere. I had a very similar dream about 3 months ago involving a skunk that was exactly as surreal, where again i was bitten. Anyone who has any insight they would care to share with me would be appreciated.

  9. This maddy is different from the one above. Well… the wolf was being hostile towards you Alice. You haven’t found your true meaning in life or have been keeping away from it. It is telling you to stop and try. Follow it. In my dreams I have always been surrounded by wolves. I could see them but they couldn’t see me. The air around them was warm and almost energizing. I have see what seems like wolf shadows out of my dreams. Running beside me in my car or staring at me from the edge of the woods. Never an actually wolf but a transparent color with peircing yellow eyes. They watch my every move.

  10. I dreamed that a white wolf approached me. At first I was scared, but then looking in it’s eyes, I saw a desire to connect. i reached out for it and the wolf licked my fingers.

    Any ideas on what this might mean?

  11. Patrick Shelton on said:

    My great grandmother was Cherokee and lost an arm while escaping after being held captive. Family tales said she literally cut it off. And I do a lot of whitetail hunting ever since I was six but as my hunting trips grown and as I got older I have experienced a hawk land on a branch beside me take a look at me and didn’t bother to attack the five doves from below it just woke me up looked at me and tilted its head sideways and flew away. I’ve also experienced dreams of a grey wolf attacking me. And then later on had one of a dark night and seeing a black wolf on a hill attacking me but in the dream I yelled back at the wolf and still don’t know weather the dream meant anything or not. And one day at the back of my dads house the dog started barking so I naturally ran to see if it was a deer hopeing to get a glimpse of a tail flickering and ended up falling on a branch getting a scar on my arm and immediately looked up to watch a grey wolf run over the hills at my house in the woods and run off. I had heard it howling in the woods a day or so before but never expected to see one. And after returning from the Army my Uncle recently passed away and I saw a spotted looking hawk behind my dads house. My uncle died of leukemia and so there is this type of connection I am starting to believe and the strangest thing about it I dreamed of a nurse drawing my uncles blood. My uncle was a Torus the same as me and also shared in hunting times like the time a car hit a deer and he cut the deer up tailing jokes laphing and enjoying the time and to this day I miss him and my mother and know that one day I can get the chance hopefully to meet them and ask them and know immediately there names and be able to be in there presence.

  12. Simone on said:

    Well a few nights ago I had a strange dream…There were two wolves a Black wolf and a white/gay one. I Went up to a window in my dream and the Black one was the closest, He seemed to Growl at Me So I stepped away From the window and they were there. The White/Gray one Never growled at me she Would just Watch my every movement. The Male continued to Growl at Me the She Dropped a virtual Cat from the game Feral heart. Lately I’ve seemed to Play FH A lot and barley do my homework, or chores. I’ve been on my computer a lot and not being that social out of school…….plz replay if you know what it means

  13. Hi my bames helen and iv just found my spirit animal i havnt had any dreams yet but i have a incredibly strong connection and through meditation i have almost spoke to my spirit animal his name well i dont know if he has one and he told me to be careful every time i meet him he always howls before he fully appears any i deas what that means and if i have any dreams ill be sure to let ya know!?