Hi! We are: Brittany, Josh, Sarah, and Susanna.

My husband (Josh) and I (Brittany) started this website back in 2012. It was Josh’s idea really, because he spent a lot of time with his grandma when he was a boy – and she was always very knowledgable about the deeper meaning and symbolism that animals represent in life.

Josh carried that meaning with him into adulthood. He has always maintained a constant awareness of the animals around us – whether its birds, squirrels, monkeys (yes monkeys in Costa Rica), bats, and even raccoons! Josh always knows the specific coloring of the animals, where they live, where they like to hang out during the day, and how many there are (if they are with a mate, or if they are on their own). I don’t know how he finds time to notice all these intricate details throughout the busyness of our lives (we have multiple businesses and 3 children!), but for him, its just natural.

We started gaining traction with the website rather quickly, despite not really knowing what we were doing! Soon we had our readers commenting in, asking deep questions about animal sightings in their own life, including a few who even requested a full dream analysis!

Eventually we started selling animal jewelry so that our readers could keep their animal close to them, acting as a reminder of the kind of energy and personality that they want to bring to their lives.

Several years later, we are now a small team of 4! Together we research, write, manage the store, and maintain presence in the community.

We are not superheroes. We are 4 regular people who manage an internet blog and e-commerce store! If we can do it, so can you. Here are the services we use to make All Totems come to life:

For hosting, we use Hostgator.

Our favorite registrar is Godaddy.

We manage our products with Woocommerce.

We donate 10% of all profits to Rainforest Trust, a conservation project that uses 100% of donations to protect animals all over the world.

If you enjoy our website, please consider supporting us by shopping in our store, checking out our recommended products, or making a donation.

From our spirit animal to yours, we thank you for your support!

-The All Totems team

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