An Insight into Hummingbird Medicine

A tiny creature with immense power that is a hummingbird! There is a lot to learn from hummingbirds. They give us strength and heal us. With Hummingbird medicine, you will be able to move through all hurdles in life.

Hummingbird medicine helps you with jest and courage. It will help you grow independent and move forward, expanding your wings.

Without further ado, let us get ready to know more about Hummingbird medicine.

Hummingbird Medicine: The Essence of Life and Joy

Hummingbird Medicine

Have you ever observed a hummingbird? There is much to learn from its actions. Hummingbird medicine helps you effectively incorporate these for your personal development and betterment. It is said that Hummingbird Medicine can bring you unparalleled happiness and joy.

The hummingbird is an interesting creature even to observe a bird that brings love, joy, and happiness. It is the smallest bird but the fastest one.

Life goes on at its speed, and to keep up, you need to adapt. It might be hard, but like the hummingbird, which is so small but still speedy, you too can keep up.

Like this, hummingbird medicine also teaches us to find joy in life. Hummingbirds feed on flowers for their nectar. They always look for the flowers with the sweetest nectar. Not only that, but they go beyond the bitter outer layers to find the sweet essence nestled deep in the flower.

Like this, you too should strive to find joy in life. Bitter thorns may arise in your path, but to find true happiness, you might have to go beyond that.

Essence of Nature

Draw energy from the most beautiful moments in your life. Plus, like this, Hummingbird Medicine also encourages us to find natural medicines and medicinal properties from flowers and plants.

Hummingbird medicine, therefore, helps us understand the very essence of life. The essence of flowers translates to the essence of our lives. That, in turn, works as an impetus for you to strive harder in life. What it also teaches is independence.

Self-dependency is the hummingbird’s key to survival. To be independent-of burdening thoughts as well as of becoming a burden to others. That must be a goal for having a well-rounded and sustainable lifestyle. With joy and freedom, you will not only help yourself but others too.

Wings that Teach

Hummingbird Medicine is inherently linked to the hummingbird’s flight and hovering pattern. It is a unique pattern too. When was the last time you had taken a close look at this? Have you noticed how it beats the wings in figure eights?

This is the symbol of infinity. It also holds the meaning of how life has infinite possibilities in hold for you. Often, you might feel stuck in what seems like an infinite loop of unhappiness. Misery and regret form a dark cloud that might seem to hover around you.

The Hummingbird Medicine, with the beating wings of the hummingbird, will dispel these thoughts. It urges you to instead look at the infinite possibilities lying ahead of you. Just as the past is a part of our being, so is the future. Our reflection on both of them helps us to forward.

Reflection on Life

We must reflect on our past for lessons. However, we should not be stuck in it. No matter how painful the past is, it is important to move on. It is the past that makes way for the future and brings fresh changes and ideas.

The most important moment, however, is now. It is crucial to look inwards and reflect on ourselves-what we are and who we will become. The hummingbird’s hover shows how you should drink in the essence of life in the present.

What this also gives is courage. Hummingbird Medicine, therefore, urges us to move forward with determination and reflection. When we know ourselves, we will be able to make the best decisions.

Not only is the hummingbird small, but also light. Hummingbird Medicine derives from this lightness to remind you not to get weighed down by unnecessary worries. That will only further impede you from succeeding as you want.

If your spirit feels a dead weight around its neck, it will hamper your ambitions and plans. Also, if you have Hummingbird Medicine, you will adapt and easily cross any hurdle in your way.

Helping Hand

If hummingbirds are your spirit or power animal, you will be highly energetic and eager to spread joy, among others. It is a delicate medicine, but its powers are far-reaching. With the right utilization, it can give wonderful benefits.

When you have Hummingbird Medicine, kindness and helping others comes naturally to you. No matter what the situation is, you look for the silver lining.

You also try to look for the best in everyone. Even if they are not the most approachable, you break past the barriers to find the beautiful inner mind.

As you experience the essence of life, you lead others to do so too. If there are too much chaos and ugliness, you either move away from it or try to solve it. Like the hummingbird, which dislikes disharmony, you do too.

Hummingbird Medicine, therefore, also promotes healing. On the one hand, this indicates physical health. Aromatherapy and herbal medication are well suited for you. You can also equally impart them to others.

It also indicates psychological well-being. This applies not only to yourself but also to the love and support that you give to others.

This free spirit that lends so much joy and thrives on being free should never be restricted. A hummingbird dies if it is caged. Similarly, such a spirit should also be let free. Like we mentioned before, allow it to expand its wings.


The world of Hummingbird Medicine is a wonderful one. It is full of possibilities, of new beginnings and hope. Although it is fragile and stems from something small and delicate, it can help you achieve new heights.

Not only does it help with personal growth, but it also helps others around you. It makes for good leaders who are kind, compassionate, and considerate to everyone. Therefore, not only does it come with power but also a responsibility.

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