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Dolphin Meaning and Symbolism | Spirit Animal

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dolphin symbolism and meaningDolphin Spirit Animal Symbolism

Communication, intelligence, emotion, harmony, spirit.


Dolphin Totem Animal Meaning

Dolphin symbolism is filled with positivity and joyful spirit.  If the this totem animal has recently entered your life, you must discover its meaning.

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Shark Spirit Totem Animal

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shark totem and meaningShark Spirit Animal Symbols:

Energy, motion, primal instinct, survival, power, mystery, truth, confidence, spirit.


Shark Totem Animal Meaning:

Shark spirit is a very mysterious and powerful animal totem. Its symbolism urges us to search deep within the core of our being in order to find our true selves and true motivations. Consider the following if shark spirit has entered your life.

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Frog Spirit and Toad Totem, Symbolism, Meaning

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Frog totem and meaningFrog Spirit Symbols:

Transformation, Cleansing, Healing, New Life, Hidden Beauty, Adaptability, Luck, Power, Peace, spirit, totem, animal


Frog Totem and Toad Spirit Meaning:

Because the frog lives in water, it is linked closely with the element of water and rain. However, toads spend the majority of their lives outside of water, and have less of a connection to water and emotions. Frog and Toad people feel the best during Spring and Summer when their energy is highest. If frog or toad totem has recently entered your life, consider the following points:

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Salmon Symbolism and Meaning

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Symbols: Determination, Courage, Passion, Hardworking, Familial Ties, Transformation, Goal Oriented, Intuition and Instinct

Meaning:  The Salmon spirit carries with it many powerful meanings and symbols, examine the circumstances in which salmon visited you and consider any obstacles you may currently be facing.

The salmon totem brings the message that the most valuable things in life must be fought for. Are you locked in one of the hardest struggles of your life? Do NOT give up, despite seemingly impossible odds and struggles your dreams are close, the most resistance is just before you succeed!

Are you feeling pressure from friends or society? Ignore it! While we often see salmon swimming upstream in large groups these fish are actually lone survivors, it is every fish for himself. You need to swim against the current and distinguish yourself; don’t just go with the flow. Follow your intuition and instincts if something doesn’t feel right.

Do you feel like you are stagnating, not going anywhere? Salmon go through several transformations during their lifetimes, if you are feeling lost you may have outgrown your former self. If salmon has entered your life recently, she may be telling you to transform and point yourself towards that next big goal. Get back on track and move forward with renewed passion and vigor.

Are you ignoring your family? Defying even scientific knowledge, salmon often return to the exact spot they were born to continue the cycle of life. This strong instinctual drive is one of core factors behind salmon symbolism. Do not ignore your roots, connect with your history and take some time to reconnect with your loved ones like the Salmon totem.

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