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Dragonfly Symbolism – Totem Meaning

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Symbolsim of the dragonflyDragonfly Totem Animal Symbolism:

Carefree, imagination, higher aspirations, avoidance, dreams, illusions, transformation, emotion, maneuverability, whimsical, perception, elusiveness

Dragonfly Symbolism Meanings:

Emotion/Whimsy: Have you found yourself being carried by the currents of your emotions? Are you changing your mind frequently and having difficulty being consistent? The dragonfly spirit is symbolism of both water and air. This symbolizes a great influence of emotion and capriciousness. If you’ve encountered a dragonfly the meaning is that you may need to reign in your emotions, get some fresh air, spend some time in the sun near a body of water, and look for a new perspective.

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Spider Spirit Totem Animal | Symbolism and Meaning

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Spider Spirit Symbols:

Creativity, Fate, Destiny, Balance, Wisdom, Communication, Interconnectedness, Responsibility, Infinity, Possibilities, Inspiration, the past and future, Caution, Planning, Industriousness, Design, Artistry

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Ant Spirit Meaning, Symbols, and Totem

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Ant Spirit Symbols: Community, Discipline, Planning, Persistence, Order, Patience, Stamina, Energy, Group Minded, Teamwork, Self sacrifice

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