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Dolphin spirit animal meaning, all about dolphin animal totem.

dolphin symbolism and meaningDolphin Spirit Animal Symbolism

Communication, intelligence, emotion, harmony, spirit.


Dolphin Totem Animal Meaning

Dolphin symbolism is filled with positivity and joyful spirit.  If the this totem animal has recently entered your life, you must discover its meaning.

Are you taking life to seriously? Dolphin symbolism may have entered your life to remind you that if you take yourself too seriously, you will miss many opportunities to laugh and have fun. The meaning of the dolphin totem is to bring forth happiness and playfulness, so try to smile and let go of the things that keep you tied down.

Are you afraid to try something new? Dolphin symbolism brings about images of a happy dolphin splashing around in clear waters. Do you think a dolphin has ever feared playing in new waves? Don’t be afraid to jump into unfamiliar waters, and try to enjoy it in all its newness. Think of new things as an exciting adventure waiting to be had, and you will be more willing to take the leap of faith.

Are you finding yourself stuck by too many difficult obstacles? Dolphin meaning reminds us that a simple change in energy flow can quickly help to get us out of sticky situations. Change your rhythm, pace, or direction slightly and you will find that the obstacle is not near as difficult as you once thought. Remember this totem symbol next time you are too scared to “jump in” to a new situation.


dolphin meaning to peopleDolphin Spirit People Are:

  • Social
  • Playful
  • Kind
  • Affectionate
  • Free-spirited
  • Generous


Dolphin Symbolism – The Good:

dolphin symbolism and meaningLoving

Dolphin totem animal people are both loving and loved by many. It is because these people have so many admirable qualities; they are kind, caring, and generous. They are innately caring people and will risk their lives to save their loved ones.


If dolphin is your totem animal, you probably have a lot of friends and find it easy to make new ones. This totem is liked and adored by almost everyone, so they never have trouble connecting with others and have a large social network.


It is extremely rare that a dolphin totem person will say something pessimistic or get in a depressed/negative mood. This totem animal is almost always happy and will always “look on the bright side.”


Dolphin Symbolism – The Bad:


This totem animal is a symbol of being very social – which also brings about gossip and drama. Be careful what you tell a dolphin totem person – you may find out that they cannot keep much to themselves.


Dolphin totem people are highly intelligent – and they know it. Sometimes they can “show off” too much and demand to be the center of attention. They are good at almost anything they do, meaning that sometimes they let it go to their heads. They love to perform and they love a good audience even more.


Sometimes dolphin totem people can get too caught up in their social life and performances that they forget what the true meaning and purpose of life is. When all the intelligence and admiration goes to their head they become disconnected from their inner selves and can be difficult to talk to on a more meaningful level.


Dolphin Meaning and Message:

what is the meaning of dolphinPlayfulness: This totem animal teaches us to be curious, inquisitive, and to enjoy life. The meaning of life is unknown to most, but the dolphin totem is a symbol to enjoy life while we have it.

Communication: This animal communicates in high-pitched squeaks and sounds. This spirit animal is reminding us to not only listen to the words that are spoken, but to pay close attention to the tone of voice that is used. Tone can communicate just as much, if not more, than words. Be thoughtful and listen carefully to those you care about.

Smiling: The dolphin nearly always appears to be smiling, by the shape of its jaw. Take this as symbolism to smile often! Smiling can never hurt you, so do it as often as you can.


Dolphin Meaning and Symbolism in Dreams

Seeing a dolphin in dreams is often a symbol for the need to communicate more clearly between your subconscious and conscious minds. These animal spirit dreams are inspirational and have a positive meaning. The dolphin is a symbol of growth and intellectualism on a higher level.

Riding a dolphin in a dream is symbolism for being connected to your true self, meaning that you are happy with where you are in your life and are enjoying who you are.

If the dolphin in your dream is hurt or even dying, it may be a symbol that you feel hopeless or depressed about something in your life.

Cultural Meaning of the Dolphin Spirit Animal

cultural symbolism of the dolphinThere is some scientific evidence to prove that dolphins are one of just three sentient beings on Earth (the other two are whales and humans). They have a complex language and an extremely high level of understanding. Because of this high level of intelligence, Native Americans have always believed that the dolphin spirit animal’s meaning is that of a higher connection with one’s self.

The dolphin is an adored symbol of joy and playfulness that thousands of people connect with.

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