Dream of Darkness – What Does It Mean in 7 ways?

Dreams are not just simple visions that you have while you are asleep. Each of them has an array of meanings behind them. The meaning behind your dream can tell a lot about your state of mind or even about what is coming.

A dream of darkness is not an uncommon dream. What does it signify? What does it reveal about the state of your mind and spirit? Is it a good sign?

Read on to find answers and ease your mind.

What exactly was your Dream of Darkness?

The first step to understanding more about your dream is to remember it in detail. The interpretation of your dream can change with the slightest detail. The more accurately you remember, the more in-depth your interpretation will be.

Your dream of darkness can have many details. The following are some questions to qualify and filter your dreams.

  • Were you in a dark room?
  • Were you suddenly left alone in the darkness?
  • Were you in a dark cave? Or a tunnel?
  • What kind of dark was it? The impenetrable kind? Or did it seem not that heavy?
  • Did you see the light after darkness? Did you switch on any light?
  • Did it feel like the darkness was engulfing you? Was it closing in on you?
  • Were you alone in the darkness, or was there someone else with you?

What Can a Dream of Darkness Mean?


Dream of Darkness


There are a lot of negative meanings attached to dreams of darkness. From the fear of the unknown to uncertainties and even death, it can mean many things. The following are some of the things your dream can indicate.

  • Confusion and stress
  • Fear
  • Feelings of injustice
  • Worrying about a new situation
  • Unpleasant experience
  • Unexpected situations
  • Feelings of loneliness and helplessness
  • Existential crises
  • Emotional overload
  • Thoughts of death

Like these, there are many things that your dream can mean. You should evaluate your thoughts and situation carefully. Usually, the answer to why you are dreaming of darkness can be found around you. Most of the understanding behind dreams of darkness is negative.

If you have been feeling down, with a barrage of negative thoughts, you might have dreams of darkness. They are indicative of situations where there might be a complete lack of hope.

There is nothing to look forward to, nothing to laugh about. If you feel this applies to you, try to dispel such thoughts and try to look for sources of joy and hope for you.

If you find comfort in the darkness, it might mean that you do not want to move away from the situation. This again is a different kind of fear.

Are you scared of what might lie ahead of you? Are you staying in a negative situation because you don't know any better? Self-evaluation will help you find answers.

Why Do You Get Dreams of Darkness?

The fear of unknown situations is a common cause of dreams of darkness. Maybe you are confused about what to do or who to turn to. If you see yourself scrambling in the dark, it can suggest you are possibly in the midst of a new change. One that you are unsure of.

Are you curious about something? Have you been trying to find answers? Your dream of darkness can hint at such situations. If you are not able to trust someone or something, it can also lead to such dreams.

If that is true, perhaps it is better to look around you to find the source of such feelings. It might also indicate there are going to obstructions in your current path.

Maybe you have subconsciously already realized the fact. Even if you have not, it is better to be more careful while moving forward.

Feeling of Ignorance

Darkness also means ignorance. This can be about external situations that you are not getting satisfying answers to. You are unable to find the truth about something.

Not only do you not know what might happen to you, but you also don’t know about your loved ones or the people around you.

Such intense feelings of ignorance can lead to you feel disoriented and unstable. It can make you feel out of place. Such situations lead to feelings of darkness and, subsequently, of similar dreams.

Again, if you feel like you do not want to discover what is beyond this ignorance, it means you prefer the darkness. Although you feel like you would like knowledge, deep down, maybe you do not want to face the truth.

If you have a fear of going blind, you might have similar dreams. This is a common occurrence, especially with children and among older adults. The fear of going blind probably gives way to negativity. This again makes them dream of darkness.


Is There Hope?



Depending on the details of your dream of darkness, there might be some positive aspects. Suppose you have seen that you switched on a light in the darkness. This can mean you are ready to accept the truth about things, and you are ready to move forward. Darkness can imply a bundle of other things as well but mostly negative connotations.

It means acceptance and eager readiness.

You might also dream of yourself trying to escape the darkness. On the one hand, it means something dangerous or negative is coming your way.

On the other hand, it can also mean that you are trying hard to dispel negativity. You are trying to move away from people or situations that are not beneficial to you.

In case you see darkness in front of you and do not approach it all, it means you are probably in a good position in life. You are trying to steer clear of any cynicism. You are ready to find answers and to know more about everything around you.



Dreams usually go away as soon as we wake up. However, sometimes they linger in our minds. This cannot be very pleasant. If you know what it means and what it tell you, it might help you.

There is no one fixed meaning to a dream of darkness. It varies from person to person and various individual factors. Now that you know what all it can mean, it's time to think in terms of your own life and situation.

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