Spiritual Growth

Here are some of our favorite products/resources for further spiritual growth:



People from all around the world and in all walks of life are discovering a secret to changing their lives.  Through personal numerology reports you can find direction and purpose.  Numerologist provides you with just that – personal reports to help you find your purpose, create a plan and keep your life on track!

Numerology Matters

Are you looking for love, control or the ability to understand others?  Did you know that your birth date is the key to unlocking unlimited potential in your life?  Through Numerology Matters you can discover why certain numbers resonate with you and begin opening doors in your life!


30 Day Self Love Journey

It’s no secret the world is filled with conflict and strife much of this is caused by our inward struggle.  Change your world by taking the 30 Day Self-Love Journey!  Learn valuable lessons on how to turn away from practices that prevent you from loving yourself and begin experiencing divine love.

7-Minute Mindfulness

Did you know you can change your life by practicing meditation for just 7 minutes a day?  Through the 7 Minute Mindfulness program you will learn how to meditate without the mental resistance and without the struggle.  This program makes meditation accessible and easy by taking only 7 minutes to destress, find clarity and improve your life.

Law of Attraction:

Law of Attraction & Manifestation Planner

Just like gravity there is a law of attraction!  This planner includes a 10 minute daily practice and a 30 minute mental diet that will help you unlock your manifestation power.  This planner will change your life!


The Gratitude Workbook

Do you want to feel happier, love yourself and be able to achieve your dreams?  The Gratitude Workbook is a 30 Day Planner to help you do just that!  Through this 30 day program you will learn how to choose peace, joy and love while overcoming negative thoughts and self sabotage!  A must for anyone who is ready to change their life!

Relationship Compatibility:

The Cosmic Compatibility Profile

Are you looking for answers about a relationship, your or a loved one?  If you want answers about your compatibility get your Cosmic Compatibility Profile.  You will be given a personal report that is unique to you and through an ancient code will provide you with impactful information.

Free Soulmate Reading

Relationships can cause us to have more questions than answers about ourselves, our future and our relationships.  Get answers about your past, present and future by a Free Soulmate Reading.  It only takes a moment to learn all you need to know!

Tarot Reading:

Ultimate Online Tarot Reading Course

Tarot Reading is an ancient art that takes a lifetime to master – or does it?  Through the Ultimate Online Tarot Reading Course you will learn all that you need to know to master tarot reading.  This program offers a quick, easy and revolutionary way to learn all that you need to know to confidently read tarot cards.

Spiritual Knowledge & Growth

Cosmic Energy Profile

Energy is all around us, guiding us and providing us with insight into our lives.  Unlock your Cosmic Energy Profile now to discover insight into your future.  Reveal prophecies and discover your mayan day and what it means for your life.

Chakra Bliss Kit

Do you need to balance, cleanse and realign your energy?  The Chakra Bliss Kit will help you do just that!  Insightful, beneficial this program will help you renew physical, mental and emotional self.  Bring balance and radiance to your life through this program!